Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year

This is not a regular Post. I just had an fantastic Christmas, with all my children here and they are back for welcoming in 2008. So I want to wish all my blogging friends a very Happy New Year.....and wish good health to everyone......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Looks like Fred is stilll in there!!!

As I have stated before on my remarks on blogs stating preferences for our Presidential Primary. I have remained with my primary pick. Fred Thompson. I feel he is sincere when speaking to the issures facing America and He is a strict constitutionist. We have for too long drifted as a nation from our roots. Our fundimental rights as put forth by our forefathers. This might seem like old hat, but I personally agree with his assessments not just in fundimental Federalism. I do not find it amusing that a Supreme Court Justice will venture into International Court decisions rather that going where he/she should go to the Constitution and do what he/she is hired to do. That is to interpret the U.S. Constitution as it relates to the case in question.
Finally, a Representitive has come out in Support of my choice. GOP Rep Steve King of Iowa. In his statement of endorcement. He went through all the reasons why he picked Fred...It was great, I wish I was such an orator. Oh well! See Michelle's Blog for a complete post also Pajamas media Blog has a post on the endorcement. I ramble....stay well....

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hayden is left to answer for Goss, HUMMMMMM

Washington has done it again, they have released a report critical of the CIA's handling of taped interrogations. I say good for them.....It is a wonder the whole classified dossier wasn't released to the News media by a WISTLEBLOWER, prior to this. Many classified programs and material has been given to the MSM over the past few years, causing many breaches of security. If the Security Agencies were worth their salt they would have have many public procecutions over these breaches. After all,,,they do sign statements about their loyality to the US etc and what the penalty is for un-authorized release of classified material.....NOW!!!!The Democrats. and the MSM is screaming for more heads. I will say one thing and one thing only. Wait until the other shoe drops. Believe me it will drop and I hope the Democrats are not around when it hits the ground. First off our military has been desimated....built up by Reagan and downgraded by Clinton, with the PEACE Dividend, The They ripped our intelligence agencies to shreads with reducted funding. They passed laws not allowing them to speak to each other, which lead to 9/11. and since that time they have kept our military mean and lean and other agencies lean......Today they again continue with the Security of our Nation......Damn!!!!!People!!!we are at war, what about this do you not understand... I ramble...........

Middle East questionable deplomacy??

Much has transpired since I last posted. (1) Remember back on Novemeber 16, I posted little publicized massive explosion in Parchin Iran, 30 Klicks from Tehran fires incompassing 8 buildings. Now that is where Nuclear material was being processed along with Missle manufacture and platforms, I think....Wapo had an article on the 16 Nov. and according to google Little green footballs also had a writeup. The source was I have not found anythiing else concerning this explosion,fire or personel injuries. (2)The conference in Annapolis which was a political disaster except for SA and Syria installing a Pro-Syrian General as president of Lebanon and (3) then most recently Washington has released a report saying we were wrong. Iran is not producing a nuclear weapon, they stopped in 2003.
Does any of this fit together at all???? Nothing seems to make any sense. Why are we appearing to strong arm our friends in Israel????Or is it more than appearance????? I have more question than answers and after reading blog after blog to get something of substance, I find nothing. The Vice Pres is much too vague...Bolton is as usual on target with his questions.. I understand, Fred Thompson is questioning the substance of the report also. France and Germany do not agree with the report as well as Israel..They want to continue with trying to push sanctions on Iran, That is France wants to whereas Germany is hesitant about it....I read somewhere,They, the germans, sent goods through the emerites anyway to bypasss the current sanctions on Iran..... Not much on the answers,but I'm sure they will be forthcoming.....???? Stay well.....

Monday, December 3, 2007

update on the Annapolis conference

While crusing around the web I came across an article written by "Debka files". It has to do with events surrounding the conference. It is a must read and if it is correct I think a complete housecleaning is in order. However I have no way of knowing one way or the other, but it certainly is interesting. It is titled " The Hammer and Tongs behind the Hugs of Annapolis" dated December 1, 2007.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hostage situtation in Rochester New Hampshire

The Clinton Campaign Headquarters in Rochester New Hampshire wss held hostage by an individual,Leeland Eisenburg, who stated he wanted to talk to Hillary Clinton. As he entered the building he showed a young girl what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his chest. She ran out of the building and into another store screaming that a man had entered the Headquarters with what appeared to be a bomb. There were hostages inside the building. After 5 hours and the release of his hostages he came out of the building and laid down in the road with his hands behind him ready to be handcuffed. The successful end of a very dangerous situation. None of the hostages were hurt. Obama and Roberts campaign offices were closed after notification of the problems. Kudo's to the Rochester Police Department and the New Hampshire State police for their professional handling of this Hostage situation with no guns fired nor anyone hurt.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What will it take to create the country of Palestine?

A conference is currently scheduled for the last of this month, in Annapolis, Maryland hosted by America between Israel and Palestine. Other Middle Eastern Countries are invited to attend also. I hope that Israel isn't being thrown under the bus, but the US. I have a feeling that this administration wants more lasting legacy than what it has currently. We have been shunned by SA in the past and meetings were held by arab nations with the US not being invited. Rice has been trying to negociating so kind of lasting resolution, but to no avail. Now, what have we planned for our friends. I hope the Administration is not being short sighted???? What has Palestine ever offered in the way of a peaceful solution to the situation that was settled long ago. Anyone care to look at the League of Nations??? then broken by who????????The land in question was won by Israel in a War not brought on by them, but in response to armed intervention. Why should they then give it back after they won it through a just war of self defense. If that were the case....Lets go back to pre WWI and remake history drawing the maps as they were back then....Wow! Kurdistan would be a seperate country.....and so would others. I ask you does this make sense????Well then why should Isreal copitulate????
What makes all other Nations think OH! it's Israel so it doesn't matter they should give back all the territories and especially Jerusalem. I say Make Jerusalem, Israel's capital city. after all it was a Jewish City historically as was the whole area. God gave it to them centuries before Not the Arabs.....the Jeeeeeewwwwwwssssss.. It's in the book.....THe BOOK...... America, the Jewish Nation has suffered enough, and it continues today. Before pushing for reconciliation on the part of Israel look at "The Project" and its reference to A Palestinian state. Then make an informed judgement, not one that will be another disaster. I ramble...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random thoughts

I have had Random thoughts about a program I saw last night on Glenn Beck. During the course of his program he brought up the subject of Mexamericanada or better known as the North American Union, the merging of Mexico, America and Canada. The Elite thinking is that we will not be able to sustain against China and the EU if we do not come together. He stated that, and I'm paraphrasing, In 2006 high ranking military, American business elites, High Mexican officials and elite Canadian official held a high level meeting relating to a North American Union. No press was notified or invited and nothing has been leaked to the media about this meeting of some of the most influential individuals in all three countries. He also stated that the minutes of the conference could not be gained through the Freedom of Information Act because it was a private meeting and the members paid their own way and did not use any public funds. Talk about "connecting the Dots", this information, adding "Open borders" plus Law suits against such poverty fighting organizations as, the Salvation Army, for firing two Hispanics because they couldn't speak English and what do we get??????? The one calling it racist is the EEOC. A branch of our,,,,our.....Government, because of pressure from the Hispanic Community?????? There is a law currently going through the congress over this situation to protect the SA, but I don't think it'll come out the way it went in. Nancy is getting pressure to change it so,,,,,,,Amnesty cities where if you are illegal it's ok. Flying against the current federal laws.(breaking the laws of the land, if you will) we must stop this insanity The Dollar, in freefall is almost equal to the Canadian Dollar. Never in my lifetime has the Dollar been so low, (that I am aware of) Will we need the dollar if we have a new currency??

I think we can scream about Illegal Immigrants, and closing borders all we want. "The Dye has been cast". We talk about soverenty????? Well, we can talk.....but no one is listening. Of course, I could be way off base and all of this could be just that,,,,off base......I ramble.......stay well....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little Activity in Iran??

Last Tuesday, a massive explosion rocked the Parchin Missile complex 30km South of Tehran, as reported by an Iranian Rrsistance web. There were some injuries and 8 wharehouses were damagedc according to the post. Maybe we have been more active in our response to the provocitures than I had imagined. The tiger is beginning to wake up????? I somewhat doubt it. Iran and the news media has been mum on any such activity So....I don't know how valid it is. See the complete post at

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fair Weather Friends! I guess?

"Debka Files" is reporting Russia's Putin is delivering uranium to Iran. I guess he forgot what he had said to President Bush and Israel's Olmert. President Bush should have looked into both eyes and saw what was there. A man who what in charge of the KGB. Someone should inform those who know, a leapord doesn't change its' spots. See Debka Files for the complete article.

What's happening in Egypt??

Looks like the State Department is looking at the Muslim Brotherhood for some answers???? Well, I think that's not the place to look. Egypt itself is reluctant to look at this organization and we in the US need to do it also. But our state department in Egypt has reached out to them. Against the advise that Secretary Rice issued in 2005, according to "Little Green Footballs" They have an excellent post on the latest at I also read recently that the US is witholding millions from Egypt for not following through on certain activities. 'About time they reacted on this bit, but I cannot fathom why we have any contact with the Brotherhood.

A read of "the rantings of a Sandmonkey" blog reveals a bloggger that was jailed last year is being tortured in jail. That is also a good read. I noted that they were asking for help because they didn't know what to do, nor how to do it....

Friday, November 9, 2007

Satire, the way to go

I just got through reading a post covered by "commonsense & wonder". The title of the post is "Bush Resignation Speech."
I will not exerpt from the original article but instead will give you the address. Please go there for a good read. Written by a Mainiac (person from Maine). It is written as a satire and really hits some high points..excellent read. ....stay well.....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

America's Stanch Allies in the War on Terrorism.

I just came back from reading a Blog titled American Interest. It is a blot that originates in Australia. I find his posts extremely informative as in today's.....He reports that and I paraphrase, Japan, one of America's stronger allies has withdrawn its forces and help in Afghanistan. It has happened. The refueling vessels that were stationed in the Indian Ocean has been recalled. I don't know the full story, but, It doesn't sound good. See "American Interest" for the complete story.
With all this anti-American feelings and Politics world wide. I think once Iraq is completed we should start to withdraw our troops from the world and start to take care of our own interests at home. I am quite sure both Germany and Japan, after WWII, are limited with the type military and probaby the number they can raise, by treaty. What thanks to we get from the World Body. A slap in the face, and not even a thank you. I'll rephrase that, I have read multiple times about Iraqi citizens thanking us for our involvement in that country. That being said. It's time to begin looking inward. We cannot continue to be the world police force with no backing from most of the world community.... I ramble......

Friday, November 2, 2007

Update on Flag folding recital

from Fox news it was learned the Memo has been recinded. As I get more, I will update further....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flag-folding Recitals, Puff !!! gone

With the wave of a pen the reading of the 13 folds on the American Flag to the Triangle shape that is given to the representatives of fallen hero's is no more, or only on special request, but cannot be performed by government workers or volunteers.
The reason being someONE objected to the 11th fold recitation.
According to an article carried by Scripps Howard News Service as written by Joe Vargo of "The Press-Enterprise" of Riverside California: " A single complaint lodged against the words of the 11th fold which clebrates Jewish War Veterans and glorifies the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, prompted the National Cemetery Administration to ban the entire recital at all 125 National Cemetaries.""----Mike Nacincik, a spokesman for the National Cemetery Administration, said the new policy, which was outlined in a Sept 27, memo is aimed at creating uniformed services throughout the military graveyard system." See for entire article Hat tip to "Dragon Lady's Den" for alerting the blogisphere to this outrage.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update on my remarks on the previous thread

Re: Kurdistan, I have taken the parts of the history of Kurdistan as recorded in
the "Wkipedia", the free encyhclopedia, "Kurdistan covers large areas of eastern Turkey, Northern Iraq, Northwestern Iran and small parts of
Syria and Armenia". To continue on quotes from Wkipedia, " In the 16th century, Kurdish inhabited areas were split between Safavid, Iran and the Ottoman Empire. This was formalized in 1639. Before WWI most Kurds lived within the bounderies aof the Ottoman Empire in the province of Kurdistan. After the collape of the Ottoman Empire the Allies agreed and planned to create several countries within its former bounderies. Originally Kurdistan, along with Armenia was to be one. According to the treaty of Sevres, however this treaty was never ratified. The reconquest of these areas by Karmel Ataturk, other pressing issues caused the allies to accept the renegotiated Treaty of Lausanne, accepting the modern border of the Republic of Turkey and leaving the Kurds without a selfruled region. Other Kurdish area were assigned to the new
British and French mandated states of Iraq and Syria under both treaties.
At the end of the first Gulf War, the allies established a safe haven in Nothern Iraq. Amid the withdrawal of all Iraqi troops from Kurdistan there emerged an atonomus entity with its own government and parliment in 1992."
I knew England had to be in there somewhere. And this is it in a nutshell....

Who is trusting Whom??

"Debka Files" has an excellent article concerning US diplomacy and missle defense. The article states and I'm paraphrasing, the U.S. has made concessions, with Russia, on the Europe based missile shield, In exchange for Russia's withdrawal of Nuclear aid to Iran and backing of sactions against them. The announcement, according to Debka was made in Prague by Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates when he proposed a delay in activating the shield. See "Debka Files" dated Wednesday, October 24, 2007 for complete article.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Big brother,uh,,,,Sister will watch out for you????

Not my kid you won't! I say that now, but if this is allowed to continue Government will not only be in our bedrooms, but in our beds also....This situation, in my own humble estimation, is not only illegal, but flies in the face of parental responsibility or the lack thereof and they should be held accountable, not the school. It seems in the City of Portland, Maine the local school committee , after a public hearing is allowing birth control pills to be administered to 11 year old students, of course with parental permission, (to use the Health care facility, not permission for the pill, or shot, or patch, just the facility).
A little history is in order. From what I understand, a middle school nurse had 5 students out of 134 that was sexually active, which was an intolerable situation. It was determined by "the watchers" or whomever, The school in its infinite wisdom should exercise a parental roll and prove "it takes a village to raise a child." (see URL http://www,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who would have thought!!!!

This blew me apart....God help this Nation.....They certainly won't help themselves. i just read a blog post from "Ace of Spades" concerning Wiretapping and the Soldiers kidnapped by insurgents or Al Quida In May of this year. Thinking to myself, self, what does wiretapping and easedropping have to do with the war and kidnapped soldiers??? Logical question, (so I thaught). Another article written in the New York Post,Titled "Wire Law failed lost GI" dated October 16,2007. also confirms this travesty of Justice... It was reported, and I'll paraphrase, While on lookout, 7 soldiers were attacked by Al Quida, of these 4 were killed outright and three were kidnapped. Immediately the machinery was put into action to rescue these three. They wanted to wiretap the terrorist cellphones, but because of the law they were forced to stop and set the wheels in motion for attorneys to get permission from the AG's office to allow this procedure. Setting up this process took 10 hours. A crucial 10 hours that possibly could have led to the rescue of these soldiers, Instead, one body was found later in the river and the other two never found, but it was reported they were executed and buried. Go to both sites to get a good read on this sickening affair. It is my understanding that the Senate or House or both are aware of this miscarriage of justice and still are going to continue this same wiretapping fiesco.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Turks for the Turks (correction)

In my last "Turks for the Turks" post. I think I stand corrected because I was informed that we have indeed voted for a similar resolution twice,,,,I apologize for the incorrect information .....Will be more careful next time, THis however does not negate the damage bringing up this resolution at this time.. Another way to lose the peace in Iraq??? interrupt the supply lines..Great strategy for Americas' enemies...What!!!!!I mean UH!!!!The United States House.....Wake up America.....again!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Turks are for the Turks

We have done it again. Alienating another nation. I know that Turkey delivered a message to Syria about the bombing in their country by the Israelis, the same day that it happened, but it probably was a planned event. Now the house committee has, in its infinite wisdom, against the administrations strenuous objections, completed a resolution at the time of WWI Turkey committed genocide against the Armenian population. This had been talked about since that time, I think, We did not condemn Turkey then, but now.....With much of our military supplies coming through Turkey to Iraq. That and Turkeys'economic ties with Northern Iraq. This could be disastrous.....Really, a lot of thought had to go into creating this mess..Just think of the ramifications!!!!!The Turkish US ambassador has been recalled to Turkey. We are waiting for the next shoe to drop...And believe me it will drop.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Exercises to Maintain Competence

According to "Debka Files",
The US government has two exercises running simultaneously, from Oct15 through the 20th. The first is called "Viglant Shield" conducted by North American Aerospace Defense Command. It is to test our ability to mobilize our resources. The Second exercise is called "Topoff 4". involving 15,000 participants. This includes federal agencies, Australian, Canadian, and the UK. It calls for the deployment of US Warplanes from Canada to Guam. This is an excellent read....
See "Debka Files" blog for complete posting

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oops! something was given to the media that, I think makes Presidnet Bush, er,,,,,Presidental,,

Seems like someone messed up and released information to the Italian press to embarass President Bush and the Italian PM. It backfired, Portraying President Bush as a man not wanting to go to war. Concerned about the loses of life and the money that it will take to go to war. "the rantings of a sandmonkey" blog has the whole post broken down into a good read

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MONEY,!!,,,What makes the world go round????!!

Hello Blog world. Ive been out of circulation for a couple of weeks, but I am back for a week or so.....
I have always heard this said that "money talks and BS walks". I have somewhat believed it, but not totally, until now. It seems that we have become a very legalistic society, that is everything is based on laws and the breaking of such needs a remedy. I am not sayiing that laws are being broken, What I am saying is that there ought to be a law for underminding democracy. In making these laws over the last 40 years, our much beloved, Supreme Court and left wing judges has changed the entire legal system, With the making of new laws, not interpreting the Constitution, which they were created to do. The majority of laws and changes are to the detriment of the public at large. I will rephrase that,,,It has caused the irrepretable damage to the nation as a whole. This has been a slow, but continuous grinding down of our individual and collective rights. Im not to good at explaining what has happened, but an editorial that was posted in the IBD, International Busness Digest Newsletter, on 24 September 2007 says it much better than I; when it come to making money talk to change laws and minds. you can find this post at It is titled "The Soros Threat to Democracy" This is an excellent read......

Friday, September 14, 2007

freedom of assembly???

I guess I am too use to the American Way.....visit blog...the "gates of Vienna" they have a rundaown on an organization who was not allowed to assemble on 9/11/07 to protest the Islamization of Europe. The police have arrested many people who assembled and others that didn't according to the post....The reason given by the Mayor of the city was that it might disturb some muslims.....Wow!!! getting bad, I guess

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

America my Home

We use to have a two party system or so it was known even though we had the green party, and the independents. Now, I'm not so sure. It seems the Democratic leadership is leading them down a path of no return. Before Petraeous made his report to the nation. Their " " people demonized an American hero. This is par for the course with this party. They do not like, nor have they liked the military establishment for many years. The American people better wake up and smell the coffee. The only reason they can breathe the breath of freedom, is because this establishment exists. The military has paid with their lives and reduction of their own individual freedoms to guarantee these thankless seditionist the right to express theirs.
Democrats, where are the Roosevelt's and JFK's among you. When is enough, enough??? When is treason, Treason????? Have we gone so far, that anything and everything is OK, except when it's politically incorrect, as in free speech??? This nation is morally, and spiritually bankrupt and we continue into the abyss.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Attorney General has resigned

Well, it is as everyone predicted, the AG has resigned. He has finally, reached the point of total saturation. I cannot say that I blame him. He has earned every cent that this government can legally pay a servant of the people. He has been the whipping boy of the Democrats and the Mass media for many years and now as a former president said, and I paraphrase, they won't have me to kick around anymore......The shabby treatment he has endured, by the oversight committees is a disgrace to this country. Leastways, they have not run him out on a rail. He left on his own terms not theirs'. They wouldn't know a good man nor a loyal friend if it hit them in the A$$ (pardon the crassness).
When will they start on the last staff member; we all know it is coming. When will the other shoe drop?
A tribute to a good man, Alberto Gonzalas Attorney General of these United States has been done at "the blogway boys" Blog, It makes for a good read.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More on Illegal Aliens

Well, Now the Appeals Court has chimed in on the side of the Illegals. It seems that once the illegals have come in they have to be evicted from the country and come back in to be considered illegal, or something to that effect. I can't understand the legal ramifications of this ruling. I do think it is time to rid our courts of bad judges or of decisions that go against common sense. If indeed, a law is bad. Im sure that there is another that fits the situation that makes it right. I do not see that happening. Judges are given latitude to make decisions and Im sure they can come up with something that is in the best interest of the United States when a justice deals with Illegal Aliens..What say you......

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Special treatment for illegals?????

Watching the News last night, I listened to a report about towns that have passed sanctuary for illegals. Isn't this against the law, to pass laws locally or in states that try to negate federal laws. Seems like the tail is wagging the dog. What governmental agency is responsible for investigating such blatant disregard for Federal law. It is my understanding that local law enforcement cannot even call INS. This is crazy. If they don't like the laws of the land, vote someone in to try to change them, although I doubt if they will get very far in the present climate and Illegal Immigration, but they can try. I say the Federal Government should cut of all federal funding to this town or state until they come in line with our current federal laws. 'The Feds regularly cut funding on states that do not fall in line with their policies and laws, why not now???.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Washinton is like New England Weather

If you don't like what's happening, wait a while and it will change. Well, change it is and by the end of the month Rove is out and I don't know who will be in......As I have stated in previous writings, The President doesn't have very many left of his original team. The only ones left are the Vice and the Attorney General. when is their turn. I heard last night on Hannidy, that new information on the outting of Plume has come to light. As I understand it, E-Mails that were previously classified, which have been declassified as a result of Scooter Libby's trial or investigation that preceeded it, written by her husband and also some sent by her,prior to her husbands trip. Hannidy also had a politician on to speak to what he will be trying to do. Like get both she and her husband in front of Congress again, Seems like there were some untruths being uttered in the chamber. Oh well, I'll believe it when I see it. When are the Republicians going to start speaking up???

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Possible terror attacks in the US

I read "Debka Files" today and they are reportingpossible terror attacks in some major US cities in the near future. They gathered this info from intercepted chatter. visit that site for the complete article. I don't know how reliable their information is, but they do have some interesting articles concerning our policies in the Middle East and particularly Israel.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I have been away for a couple of weeks, but came back just in time to read an essay from"the Fjordman Report" posted on "gates of Vienna" It was an excellent article about what has bothered me for quite some time. In fact, I wrote an article a while back about Multiculturalism. I didn't do the analysis that was done in the article as written by Fjordman. I suggest that anyone who is interested in what is happening in Europe and to a lesser degree America to give this site a visit and read what I have described. I assure you it is a good read. The article is titled "The EU and the Globalist Alliance."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time to relax

I have been away for a few weeks and will probably be gone for at least two weeks more before I come back for a time only to be gone again......Nothing changes, unless it is my questioning my representation in Congress. Now it it my understanding the Dems are trying to block protection for people who come forward with concerns about people who seem to be doing thinks out of the ordinary, Wistleblowers, I think they call it. I hope people wake up and smell the coffee, realizing they are not being represented....Only special interests group seem to matter to the out of touch reps that we have in Washington. I am really disillusioned!!!!really!!!Who speaks for me???Who's watching out for my best interest and the best interest of my country....>??

Monday, July 2, 2007

"Scooter" sentence is commuted by the President

To my way of thinking it it still a travesty of justice but, the prison time 2 1/2 years has been commuted by the president. He could just as easily pardoned him, which he didn't. After all, he was convicted by a jury of his peers, who were not allowed to hear all the evidence. But it was OK, because it was justice and he lied. Of course, the wintesses couldn't remember anything either, but that's OK they were not being charge with anything... WOW!! He is still responsible for the $200,000 plus in fines and all the other parts of the sentence that was imposed on Scooter is till intact. It really burns my tail when I look at the prosecutor and how he manipulated the system to get anything he could, after finding out who the culprit was he still continued, which is where he went totally wrong, to my way of thinking. anyway, Scooter is now home to serve his probation, So is Sandy, OH! he didn;t get jail time did he and what was his fine??? $50,000??? Where is justice served???

illegal Immigrats do not like " No to Amnesty"

I understand the Illegals do not like being turned down for amnesty?? In fact they are now threatening to disrupt the normal flow of economic activity in the US. That and any thing eles they can think of I guess. I do not understand the mindset of these Illegals..What don't they understand about breaking the law? I can understand the confusion they must be feeliing. We gave them everything, befor ewe started waking up to what was going on under our very noses. The congress is selling out their constituents without our even being aware of it. It even got to the point where name calling was done because we did not condone Illegal immigration. People we are a nation of laws. How many times have we heard this and this "The American People demand this or that." They are not representing the American people, they are representing the illegals. Well, maybe homeland security will do somethng about the threat to America being spewed currently.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Palestine shattered/Polititians assasinated in Lebanon

Hamas has taken over Gaza. After a fierce fight, where according to news sources prisoners were murdered after they were taken prisoner is over. Hamas came out the winner in this fight between factions of the Palestinian government. Abbas the president in The west Bank fired the Prime Minister who was Hamas and most of the Hamas polititians. Hopefully, he can make a strong enough West Bank to survive. Im sure the Hamas from Gaza will try incessantly to take ove the west bank also. They didn't do it alone. It is my understanding they got much help both in bodies and weapons and equipment from Syria and Iran who has set up shop with them in Gaza.

That coupled with the assasination of another top polititian in Lebanon. (I wonder if Syria was involved in this one also?) Another couple more killings and there will be a change in the government I think.....Syria can then set up their puppet with the help of their Friends again.... "Debka files" has a good write up on the takeover.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Global Warming HuMMMMMM!!!

Seems the Canucks have another name for it. the study was completed by someone other that Al Gore...If you want to see what is really happening without all the hype, see the go to the following Web site: REA/warming4.htm

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Will Israel do What must be done to Survive?

According to Daniel Pipes' article "Can the Israel Defense Force disrupt Iran's Nuclear Program" writing for the Jewish World Review, He States reasons why Israel could not depend on the US for Help with Iranian threats. See his complete article in Http://Jewish World Review

Blue Angels rebuffed!!

Seems as if people in San Francisco,California do not want the Blue Angles to be performing this summer. Seems fitting they have already done away with the junior ROTC's there. This is just another slap at the military. If I were the Secretary of the Navy I would remove the entire fleet to another location, say San Diago They at least appreciate what the military has done and continues to do for the individual American. I know they don't see it but, every time they spit in the military's face and yell absenities at them etc. The military fought for that right of freedom of speach. When another earthquake comes to destroy San Francisco, and it will, I hope they open the bridges so the military can get in to Help them out again.....

Immigration! Where does it end???

Seems like everywhere one reads about the present situation of immigration it leads to "something is rotten in Denmark"....I am talking about a stacked deck. The courts are hearing cases and passing judgement on illegals all over the country. Or it seems that way. Police can't do their jobs without being sued by Illegals who are being asked if they are legal citizens. Something is wrong with this picture. According to Michelle Malkin's blog

This happened in Mamaroneck New York. The police entered into a court approved settlement of paying over $500,000,oo in legal fees among other things. Read the entire story on her blog.

In other areas the police cannot ask if the person is legal or not. This is wrong and it is not racial profiling. When we have 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country and many committing crimes and having been stopped numerous time by law enforcement and not confronted about his citizenship status, this is wrong and not doing your job.

Only my opinion, but with the cards stacked in this direction and the President of the United States taking the stance that I am Not being American or other than an honorable one, I take issue with that type of statement and question where it's coming from.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Immigration fiasco

Well, for the time being Senate bill S 1348 is off the table. Not dead!! they say, but I think they speak with forked tongue. If it isn't dead it should be. Michelle spoke to the present situation and the whole illegals' right on target when she was a guest on O'Riely's this evening. Bill could hardly control her. She tried to correct him and his 'we can't Kick out 12,000,000 Illegals." She told him to stop saying that about breaking up families etc etc. He then asked her if her neighbor was an illegal, working and not causing any problems, whould she turn him in. She said if he was breaking the law, which he was if he was illegal then YES she would turn him in....and so it went. I'm with her.

Illegal is Illegal and the congress is always spouting "the rule of law", "the rule of law." Well, they're breaking the rule of law so let us enforce the laws presently on the books and get on with it.

States, cities, or towns who have passed amnesty laws or provided sanctuaries should be cut from receiving Federal funds and states that have passed laws giving Illegals free medical care should be divested of Medicaid funds also...Only my opinion.... which really doesn't amount to much...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Scooter Libby sentanced--

Scooter Libby was sentanced today. He received a 2 1/2 year sentance with a $250,000.oo fine. This is about an investigation by Mr. Fitzgerald on a crime that he knew the answer too. In other words it was a non-crime, if there is such a word. The longer I live the scareier this country becomes. This country is more worried about a non-crime than it is about ratical Islam. I do not understand why this case was allowed to continue (I would think it would be illegal) once the person who outed Ms. plume was discovered. This nation has lost its moral compass, or at least it seems that way to me...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Beginning of the End of the War in Iraq???

Yesterday, I was reading an article in "Debka Files". They report that in the VP's last trip to the middle east he told the Iraqi Parliment to get it together because we wouldn't be there indefinately. He also went to Saudi Arabia and outfitted them with F-16s or/and F15's with the lastest equipment to twart any attempt that Iran might have after our withdrawal to take over the area. This was against Isreals strong objection. With the last, Debka reports that the present administration has not listened to Isreal for quite some time. This makes Saudi Arabia second to Isreal in Air superiority. Iran has quite a few aircraft, but they are older ill equiped American aircraft, about 600 of them. Read the entire article on "Debka Files"
America, watch your back and Arab double speak,,,,To me, it sounds like a future blood bath for the region.
It is obvious Washington is on the outs with Isreal, but looking at history, I think the Isrealites have given and given and given thru many administrations since Carter when he threw them under the bus with the Isrealites giving the oil wells back to Egypt. Of course we gave them money, but that went to both parties on that treaty. BE VERY CAREFUL AMERICA, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ISREAL !!! I am not a religous person, but I do believe these are "God's Chosen People", even though they accepted him not.

It seems such a tragedy, after giving so much, our young mens' lives, our time, our talent and our treasures to give birth to a new Nation, that we are now picking up our ball and coming home. God pity them and God help us...

Well !! Now what ?? Which Party Affiliation??

Now the GOP Conservatives are not what they set out to be. To me anyway !. They have veared away to joint the democrats in their zeal to ruin America, as we know it. This has been happening little by little for years. The language,,,Everything you pick up is written in both Spanish and English. The Congress will not vote that English is our National language. Immigration is a big joke !!! Police are not allowed to enforce the current laws. Standard operating procedures are that they cannot ask if they are citizens of this country and worse yet they cannot arrest them if they are. At the Border they catch and release, although they say now it isn't quite that easy. They are allowed to take a child tax credit for children in mexico. They are and have been sending American Dollars to Mexico to their families for years. They are stealing Social Security Numbers and using them to get jobs along with false Identifications. and It ends with the Congress ignoring "rule of law".
Instead of enforcing our current laws they pass another law making illegal Immigrants, LEGAL. 12,000,000 of them, and this number is a government estimate. )Others have estimates as high as 20,000,000 - 300,000,000. I can not imagine what they are thinking. We know now that they are getting everything for nothing as far as the government is concerned. Social Security will be bankrupt in a very short time. Our Welfare system bad as it is will be stretched beyond recognition. And all because The Congress didn't like the current laws so.....they say we will change them. It isn't as simple as that...They wanted the votes that this illilerate population could give them. These Mexicans cannot read English nor can they speak it. That's why in Texas you must be able to speak Spanish in order to get a Teaching job. The polulation is over 50% Mexican (illigal at that).
Big Business wants cheap labor??? When this Bill becomes law These illegals become legal. They will want and the government will insist that they be paid at least minimum wage and be covered by workmans comp etc...etc Then of course unemployment insurance will also be a part of it. and it just keeps going up including our pay for these expanded programs, such as English instruction, free legal representation, low cost housing, Food Stamps, and Welfare payments. This is but a short list of the services they will be ENTITLED to.

I think we need a third party. A party of the people because it seems that the current ones are not listening TO THE PEOPLE

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Reads like a little racism to me

Today, I was reading an article on comcast news, written by an AP writer, Patrick Condon . He reports Vineland, Minn. An 11 year old, native American of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe was arrested at school and locked up overnight. The following morning he was taken to court where charges were dropped and he was allowed to go home. The reason given for the arrest was that he had disregarded a subpoena to appear as a witness against a minor, 13years old, who had assaulted him. They needed him as a witness in order to press charges against the other youngster.
The last I knew it was against Federal law to lock up a minor who was not a delinquent and even then there are strict federal guidelines that a law enforcement officer must follow in order to detain any juvenile, IE: out of sight and sound of any adult locked up etc....\
Now!!! Native Americans juveniles fall under a different set of rules and laws than other juveniles. Don't they have their own separate nations within our nation???. I know we have blurred the separation somewhat since the Feds like to be involved in everything, but are we not still abiding by some treaties, even thought we broke many. I think that when a Native American juvenile is arrested a member of his tribe must be contacted. Could be wrong and if I am I stand corrected.
Well, they have lawyers, tribal ones I assume, working on it along with the ACLU. Looks like a law suit?? Go to Comcast news today and read the entire article.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Ranting of a Sandmonkey has seize blogging

Well, a couple of weeks ago Sandmonkey went to Turkey and when he got back he wrote a blog about his trip and possibly a military takeover if the elections dont go right there. It is a secular Islamic government. a little strange to my way of thinking, but it works well for them.
A Little History::: Turkey has its' Abraham Lincoln, his name was Kemel Attiturk. This was in the 1920's I beleive, He completely changed Turkey from an Arabic Society to a more Western leaning one. He changed the language, money, and laws of the land. Poligomy was outlawed as well as the vail. The men could no longer wear the Fez. He also seperated religion from government, to some extent. The Consitution was also changed to reflect some of these changes and the Military backed up the constitution. Attiturk is still considered the father of Modern Turkey.
Now any time Religion gets too pushy, The military takes over the country. Usually, in a non-bloody coup. This doesn't happen to often but it does happen.
Anyway to make a long story short. When Sandmonkey came back and made his post about Turkey the following day he posted he was getting information that the government was getting too close to him and Egypt already has one blogger in jail for blogging against Islam and President Mubarek (sp). He therefore decided to close down his site.
A couple of days later he came back up stating he was in The USA. Washington DC to be exact and was sorry for having to close his Blog perhaps he would start it up again but he wasn't sure. He was getting to widely read and that would spell trouble for him in Egypt. The reasoning he gave for the crackdown on Blogs from the government was that the US government was no longer coming down on the Egyptian Governments for Human Rights abuses since the Democrats took over It was no longer a priority with the US. I don't know if this is true, but You can read it on his Blog if it is still up. "Rantings of a Sandmonkey"

Friday, April 27, 2007

This is a test.......

Time for a new National Party???

The Military Supplimental has been passed by the Senate and the Legislature. The president has said he will use his veto to send it back to congress to work toward more PORK and compromise??? The Republicians have bowed to the rantings of the Dems for 5 years. Most of the Executive Branch have been relieved, fired or quit. Now they are eyeing Condi. I'm sure the Attorney General will succumb to the constant pressure from the left and resign. Talk about micro-management. I would hate to work for one of those Democrats, if they truely believe that an employer should have complete knowledge of his or her complete department on an ongoing basis. That's ludicrous. This administration has been doing nothing but CYA and someone running interference for far too long, while the Chief Executive is still trying to run an effective domestic and foreign policy. When they should be taking the initiative, they are asleep at the wheel. Why are not committees being formed to investigate the Senate and Legislature for sabotaging the war effort and giving aid and comfort to the enemy??? Why is not someone asking for censure on Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? because they are in politics are they protected against hate speech and anti-American retoric? I'm sorry, I cannot buy into this Anti-Military, Anti-American .
People speak of accountability, Where is this accountability when it comes to congressmen/women. Are they exempt, but you say, if you don't like what they do vote them out. Would that I could. I will be voting against the one that represents me in the Senate in 08, but she can do a lot of damage during the time she has left. Hopefully, the State Republican party will wake-up and smell the coffee. Maybe its time for another party more receptive to the needs of constituents and the Nation.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why??? such carnage

Now after the damage is done, people who perhaps could have stopped this mass murder look at the situation and ask why?? Why, I say was this person who it was said in 2005 was a danger to himself or others, released from an involintary emergency admission. He surely had an evaluation and was determined to not be a danger to himself or others. That's why. Otherwise he would not have been released.
Ask any mental health professional and he/she will tell you that the Mental Health System has really gone so far overboard in the protection of individual rights that they have overlooked both the safety of the individual and of others. The procedures involved to involintarily admit an individual to a mental health institution is set in law.
It starts with an evaluation of the individual by a certified counsellor then the condition is verified by at least another psychitrist swearing on an affidavit that the individual is a danger to himself or others. He/She can then be hospitalized. Then a petition is filed with the court with the petitioner, usually the councellor arriving at a hearing with his/her witnesses to prove the case. This hearing is held within 3 days of the initial hospitalization. The reason being to prove to a judge that indeed this individual is in need of hospitalization. If it is proved to the judges satisfaction than the individual is insitutionalized for 10 days. If the hearing does not satisfy the judge that the individual is indeed a danger to him/herself or others based on the evidence he/she is released immediately. If not he/she is hospitalized. Then, after 10 days another hearing is held to prove that the individual is or is not still a danger to him/herself or others. Now if with the medication coupled with the non-hostile, safe enviornment that the individual has been housed, stabilizes an individual at the hearing he presents that certainly he/she is no longer a danger to himself or others and he/she is released.
I'm sure states differ on their requirement for involintary admission to a mental health facility, but they probably are pretty much the same.
Remember when the states released all their patients from the state mental health insitutions?? They are still on the streets in all the major cities in all of the states. and laws were developed to Protect them?? If it can be shown, that they indeed pose a threat to themselves or others than help might be available, however you have to get them to the help to be evaluated.
The purpose of this rant is to let people know its not as easy as it presents to protect an individual who is incapable or unwilling to protect themselves. Certain procedures are written into Mental Health laws in every state just so you can't just lock up an individual who appears to be mentally impared. Its all a matter of law.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ms. Pelosi's trip with the other left leaners

I was really surprised by the reception Ms. Pelosi got from the Media on her return to the U.S. Some of the MSM really called a spade a spade. Finally, some streight forward news. Not all that transpired while she was there but, leastways it wasn't the usual biased reporting expected from them. Isreal was not too happy on her message carrying ability. Lebanon was enraged over the remark she made about the way to lebanon was through Damascus, Not too smart, if you ask me. Seeings that it is suspected that Syria had something to do with the assasination of their much loved leader. Then her speaking for the Citizens of the US. I'm sorry, she is not speaking for me. She was not elected as president she represents the San Francisco groupies not the President of the United States, who is the only person, or his representative, who is mandated to initiate foreign policy. Stay home Nancy, say what you want in this country, but remember, you are judged by your words and actions.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Nancy Pelosi and team are doing the Middle East

Against the advise of the US State Department, Nancy and party are touring the Middle East. She will be addressing Isreali political leaders. Spreading her wisdom on "cut and run" policy which she so blatantly advocates. I'm sure she will tell the Jews how she and the rest of the democratic party support them and the American Troops in Iraq. I don't see why she doesn't visit Iran while she is about it. They will welcome her with open arms. Turkey is not on her Itenirary, Huh! I wonder why.???....I understand Istanbul is beautiful this time of year. ...

Antsy Nancy 's true colors are coming through

It seems that since the 15 British military were kidnapped by the Iranians in Iraqi waters last week, one of our congressmen drafted a bill that condemns the act and calls for their immediate release. Now for some reason Ms. Nancy will not allow the bill to come up on the floor for a vote. Leaseways, that was the way it was up until Thursday morning. I dont know if anything has changed. What has happened to my country. Why would anyone. twice removed from the presidency of the United States, fail to allow this bill voted on to offer our support for the British nation and servicemembers, and condemn Iran for their act of kidnapping and photographing their victims, having them issue statements, completeley diregarding the provisions of the Geneva Convention. Although this shouldn't surprise me, look what they did to us many years ago. They invaded an soverign US embassy and kept us citizens and military, guarding the embassy, prisoners for 444 days.
UPDATE: The house recessed without the bill even coming up for a vote.....Nice

Saudi Arabia speaks out.

Ir is my understanding that Saudi Arabia has stated tht America was illegally occuping Iraq. That's great coming from an alli. I guess that's what we call them. Iraq immediately issued a statement saying we were there at their invitation and I believe the United Nations security council advised that we were there under their direction or something to that effect. I get the impression that we are saying or doing something the Saudi's don't like. That's really sad, after the way our VP was treated by them on his last visit...We should really be more respectful or heads will roll...

The Secretary of State in the M.E.

What's happening with the Palistanian Peace Plan...The PPP so to speak. Why are the sworn enemies of Isreal making decision concerning their welfare without their input and We aquiesce. Maybe they are being thrown under the bus again. How many times must the Isrealis be humiliated and degraded in the name of PEace. Every time they have agreed to a plan. they loose....Now they're giving up what...Jerusalum? Back to the 67 borders?? How much is that going to cost the US....Now I understand the Saudi's are saying they and a committee will decide what Isreal will accept. This should be unacceptable to the US. I hope the diplomates will see this is not an acceptable arrangement. One must remember, arrafat ok'd the murder of US diplomates in Africa in the 1970's and the powers that be in the US knew it but kept it quiet because it would make bad relation with the US. Then we made him our best friend. Of course he threw us under the bus many times, agreeing to terms of a truce then changing his mind....You know the PLO affiliated with the hyjacking of an airliner and the subsequent murder of the navy man shot in the head and dumped out the door onto the runway, for nothing!!!!! In Beirut or somewhere over there. I beieve that was in the 1970's also. anyway, I ramble. point is I hope a constructive arrangement can be made.

funding for the War

Well, they've done it again. The Dems have voted for a troop withdrawal with time lines, President Bush as vowed to veto this bill, but it remains to be seen. I was reading a comment on one of the blogs that said paraphrasing, now is the time for Bush to call for a committee to look into the senate and who is doing what to subvert the war effort. Calling for sworn testimony. There certainly are many people who are unhappy with the present leadership. Both from the Presidency and the Congress. Where this ends up no one knows. One thing is certain someone will look into what made two members change their vote fro no to yes in less than two weeks. Me thinks, something is amiss......both from the same state......Nebraska,,,,I believe.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Democrats are at it again.

Now they want the resignation of Gonzales the Attorney General. The reason being he fired 8 attorneys. Where does this end. Don't they do any work in Washington. This is not the work of the people who they are so concerned about. It is a non-issue. It is the prerogative of the executive Branch to hire and fire as they deem necessary or appropriate. Why don't they get busy and get some work done on Immigration Reform. Get rid of the illegals. Don't allow them any rights. They are not citizens of the United States. If they are looking at Guest Worker permits, I would heartily suggest that they contact Germany and their population of Turks. That came on Guest worker permits. Look at the backlog of Immigration now. How long will it take to process and track a Guest worker program.

Monday, March 12, 2007

State Politics, but!

One of Maine's State Representatives is sponsoring a Bill LD 779. This bill removes the Clergy as Signatories on Marriage Licenses. The purpose of this bill is to remove the clergy from fully performing the complete ceremony of matrimony. Unless I am misinformed, Over 90% of the American Nation is Christian . The sanctity of Marriage is a vow between God and Man performed and certified by Clergy. Why the change? If this is passed, the couple would have to go to a lawyer, judge or a Public Notary for signatures before the State of Maine would recognize it as a legitimate marriage. What is the procedure for marriage in the Soviet Union???
This is in Maine now. Which state is next. Watch out America, another step at trying to remove God from American life.
Wake up people. We have excellent examples of what happens to countries where God is being removed from the public arena. Ask yourself! Why is this even being considered?
President Ronald Reagan made this statement that really fits the situation:

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under".

UPDATE: Yesterday 3/13/07 , a decision was made not to introduce this bill. The reason given me was there was much opposition. We must stay vigilant.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Verdict is in??

Well, the verdict is in Guilty on 4 counts and not guilty on the 5th. I don't get all that I know about this entire situation. It is my understanding that before the investigation got started the Federal Prosecutor, Fitzgerald knew who outed Valerie Plume. Now that is what the investigation was suppose to find out. Why was it continued If he know it was Armatage that outed her to begin with, he turned himself in. Certainly the FBI knew it and probably the CIA also. Why was the investigation allowed to continue? The law wasn't broken to begin with and the prosecutor knew that also, Valerie wasn't a covert operative and hadn't been for years. This man's political life is ruined. why? Is this justice or more appropriately what is the justice?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Public Schools rule.

I wasn't going to write today because I didn't have that much going on, until I read JWR . There I read an article written by Jeff Jacoby. It was titled" Public Schools have right to teach charges whatever they deem appropriate---Parents be damned"
According to Jeff Joccby the ruling was handed down by US District Judge Mark Wolf on a case he dismissed involving two sets of parents against the Lexington, Massachusetts School.

I was totally taken back by the far reaching effect this could have on parents ability to have a say in what is being taught their kids in public schools. It seems by this ruling, we don't have a constitutional right to do so. Schools can teach whatever they like without even contacting you for input.
I have said in the past and I continue to say. Watch out for the Courts. We cannot be a country where anything goes, where morals and values are not taught nor valued. That is where we are heading very fast and we are allowing this to happen. Get rid of these judges who will not allow this nation to be one under God. And enforce the Judeo-Christian ethics, which this nation was founded on. The educators are molding young minds and as parents, I feel, we should have some say in what is being spoon feed to our children. Reagan said something about a nation going under. I'm paraphrasing now...But to goes something like this. A Nation who is not under God will soon be a Nation gone under. I fear we are nearing this point. Diversity be damned and the same with multiculturalism. Lets get back to basics, and assimilate. There's too much separatism. Lets come together as a Nation once more.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Social Security Totalization agreement

I never heard of this agreement and I haven't looked it up yet, maybe someone out there could clue me in????
anyway, my sister from Texas called me today and said have you contacted your rep over this SS mess. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. She said it was a bill presently in Congress that had to do with an agreement concerning illegal aliens and their getting Social Security benefits for their work. Even though they are illegal the government is entering into an agreement that they can retain all the benefits they paid into SS working illegally, I don't get it . I don't get the entire Illegal immigration thing. I think the whole thing is being mishandled by our Representatives and Senators. I don't know where they are coming from. If a person enters this country illegally, they are illegal PERIOD. That is the current law. We have been hoodwinked by our reps. Laws have been passed concerning the rights of these aliens. They are illegal,,,,illegal....they should have no legal rights in this country. Now if the lawmakers want to change the law, then by all means change the law, but do not break the present laws to suit your purposes. when caught. send them back over the border. Someone says well, get a guest worker program. That fine if its administered properly, However ask Germany about their guest worker program with Turkey. I think that went a little out of control, Not sure , but think so... Can we effectively administer a guest worker program. I doubt it. Then the situation will be the same as it is now.
My son in law said, "u know if they let them come in under a guest worker program they have to pay them the minimum wage." Then we will see how many are hired. Not the same folks.
anyway, back to the new law. Ill have to look it up. As of now I can't speak to it because I don't know what its about...

Nothing to add

I don't know what happened. I lose my blogs periodically, I really don't knoow if anyone out there is reading or interested in what I hav to say. I don't have much to say today. The Surge in Iraq seems to be going pretty smoothly, but I kinda don't trust the powers that be especially, when the PM says he is going to oust some polititians and take them to court for collusion and if they like others in the ME take money for doing anything for someone else. This custom probably doesn't set too well with our troops. Even though its been going on for quite some time. I don't know whats it's called, but I remember when I was in Ankara, Turkey years ago. I had a car and it kind of hit a horse and wagon. Well, needless to say it totaled my car. I had to pay the government for them to keep my car. otherwise I would have had to ship a totaled car back to the States. anyway each person that I went through to get a signature or stamp. They loved stamps. I had to pay not for the stamps or signature but for the person to do it. I went through many cigarettes ,gifts for the people helping me to get the government to keep my car. I finally did it after days of negotiations.,,,,,but that was how they worked....I couldn't fight it. I imagine it hadn't changed much. they didn't get paid much and this is how they made anything out of their jobs..

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Democrats trying again

"If at first you don't succeed" The Democrats are again trying to undermine the war effort. Although as of this time they are only talking, it seems they will try to micro-manage or make the president micro-manage in that if there are material shortages he would have to sign a waiver or something to that effect. This would allow troops to deploy without proper equipment or material. It seems to me that the whole trouble with this material shortage and other shortfalls with the military was caused by a "Peace Dividend" Does anyone remember that. Closing all the military bases, the BRAC Commission' Cutting military troop strength enormously. Doing more with less . Everyone got Cut if they had anything to do with Defense. I don't think it happened on a Republican watch. I remember Reagan building up the military where we had a viable fighting force. Then the Berlin wall coming down. After which, Lets talk about implementing social programs, They decimated the defense establishment and now want to blame this administration for any shortfall. Wow.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Presidential Pardons

posting removed by tapline. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused the originator of the posting.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Son of Al Hakim detained and undetained

Debka Files has an article about the Son of Abdul Aziz Al Hakim Top Iraqi Shite politician being arrested at the Iran border returning from Iran. He was released after being detained all day, Friday. According to Debka, "US ambassador, Zalmay Khalalzad apologized for the arrest and advised that he would find out what happen."
Remember? January arrest of two Iranians in a compound in Baghdad???? Charged with complicity???
Read the entire article at Debka Files.

they're at it again.

my God! Let the president command the military. What is the reason for this constant: President Bush can not do anything right as it relates to his policy in Iraq. He hasn't done anything right since the statue of Sadam fell in the Square in Baghdad. Why can't they get it. This is an Amerian Problem, Not POLITICAL. The Democrats started with their anti_Bush campaign and it continues to this day. He has bent over backwards to accommodate any and all criticism to the detriment our troops. ROE were changed, roles were changed, everything that was called to the administrations attention was addressed. This definitely included the MSM, until people started questioning their reporting in many cases as bias. As of late, they have started to clean up their act, a little late, but better late than never.
The latest was a "Surge of 21,500 Troops" advised by the President. Immediately , following the announcement, the Democrats who has called for an increase in troop levels for Iraq, Screamed "No Surge". What is he doing. etc etc. They have, tried to undermine the progress of the troops in Iraq by trying to pass a non-binding resolution to stop funding. It got through the House but, not the Senate. Senator Murtha wanted to draft a resolution to put restrictions on who could return to Iraq and how soon should they be asked to return. Now: Senator Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee want to repeal the resolution of 2002, allowing President Bush to use the Armed Forces against Iraq and enforce the U.N. Security Council Resolutions. In its stead he wants to put forth a resolution that would narrow the role the U.S. Military in Iraq. I feel this is so detrimental to the moral of the troops and the overall success of the mission. At least with Senator Biden's resolution, it can be vetoed by the President.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

John Murtha more from Ann C

the following post is a good write on the current "cut and run" Murtha from Ann Coulter it makes for a good read.

John Murtha: Caving In to Arabs Since 1980
by Posted 02/21/2007 ETUpdated 02/21/2007 ET

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogging in Egypt can be hazardous to your Health

Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman, a student at the University of Alk Azhar in Egypt up until last spring when he was expelled from that University of enlightenment for criticising their rigid curriculum and religious extremism, according to They have an excellent article titled "The crime of Blogging in Egypt" written by Raja M. Kamal and Tom G Palmer. Dated Wed. Feb 21, 2007. Now "the Egyptian Government is pressing charges against this blogger, for criticizing Egyptian Authorities for failing to protect religious minorities and women." According to the Article. He is currently in Jail and could receive up 10 years in prison. I believe they have three serious charges against him. all for writing his thoughts on a blog. God and we take Freedom of speech for granted and squeal when something we say is criticised. If you want to help you can get information from

Update: Feburary 22, 2007. I was just reading in "Rantings of a Sandmonkey" Kareem was convicted on 4 different blog postings. He received 4 years in prison. I assume the attorney will appeal. Where is Amnesty International? Where is the outrage at this miscourage of justice?

Ranting about What's happening in America today.

I had this attached to another post. but once I got started I could not stop.
much that goes on these days is what I use to consider Treason, like cutting funding, materials, personnel replacements,in time of war etc;etc;today is passed off as dissent or politically motivated, then there's the visits to Syria and other countries by our polititians, in time of war.... Undermining the CIC,but that isn't new either because if I remember correctly didn't someone meet with our enemies in Paris during a war, years ago. Oh! that wasn't a war it was a Conflict. Or was it a Police Action,,,,I get confused, Come to think of it, it might have been some of the same people AGAIN.
We have not won a war since WWII and that might have been because we treated Treason as Treason and every writing that came out of a war zone was read and censored. (That's bad, no Freedom of Speech tisk! tisk!) and all. One of the biggest things we had was war correspondants who were pro-american as was the mass media. We won that war. I think we can Win again, but the American people must wake up and become one against a common enemy.

The flap over privately funded Saudi funded schools.

According to JWR dated Feb 21, 2007 the Saudi's are still way behind in stopping the spread of Anti-Semite and Anti-Christian material in their funded school systems. The pigs and monkeys are still part of the curriculum. They have stated that this practice would stop, and books that contained this type of material would be removed from the classroom, but I guess it hasn't as yet. Who is checking this anti-American activity here in the States where everyone is created equal or has this right been taken away by our first amendment. "Freedom of Speech". Is hate speech ok as long as it is done under the first amendment. .

A Troop's view of the fight

If I can get this right. I'm trying to post something I received from a friend by E-Mail..Here goes;

Of course, the message below is only one individual's view of the situation in Iraq, but it is the view of someone who is there--someone who most probably understands what's going on a lot better than I do. It certainly gave me some insight into the situation. Perhaps you will find it interesting as well.


Following the article I sent about Bush's national address and troop increase, I thought it was a good idea to let you all know what the perspective is over here. I'm tired of hearing the media's skewed version, the politicians squabbling over what they read in a report, and the average ill-informed American ranting about things he knows NOTHING about. I've been over here a couple of months now, and I've learned more about this country than a year's worth of watching CNN. I've sat in mission briefs with Colonels, talked with village elders, had tea with Sheiks, played with the kids. And I agree with the President. We need more troops and we need to take greater action. There are 3 major factions here. The Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. The Shiites are in the majority, but Saddam was a Sunni, so he kept the Shiites in check. Everyone hates the Kurds, who are Christian and in the vast minority. The Kurds received the brunt of Saddam's murderous tyranny. Now that Saddam is gone, the Shiites have taken control of Baghdad. The largely peaceful Sunnis are now the victims of radical Shiite terrorism. So the young Sunni men, who can no longer go to work and support their families, do what all young men would do. They join the Sunni militia and battle the Shiites. And thus the country sits on the brink of civil war. But this war is between them. They largely do not concern themselves with the U.S. troops. The insurgents who battle the Coalition Forces are from outside the country. And the biggest problem down here isn't the insurgent Its the politicians. The local politicians. Even though the country is controlled by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, downtown Baghdad is controlled by radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The Shiites follow al-Sadr and thus the Prime Minister does what al-Sadr says. Think of it as if a warlord controlled New York and blackmailed the President into diplomatic immunity. When 1st Cav (mainly 2/5 Cav) came here in 2004, they took downtown Baghdad (known as Sadr City) by force. It cost many lives, but after a year, we held an iron grip on the largest insurgent breeding ground in Iraq. The insurgents were afraid of the Horse People, and rightfully so. But when 1st Cav left, al-Sadr influenced the Prime Minister to kick out the Coalition forces from that area of Baghdad. He said the Iraqi military forces could hold the city. But all that happened was al-Sadr regained control of his city, and it is now a heavily guarded fortress. A place where insurgents and terrorists can train and stockpile arms. And we cannot go back in because the Prime Minister won't let us. Our hands are tied. So where does al-Sadr get his backing? From Iran and Syria. Iran supplies him with money and Syria supplies the terrorists. The insurgents that battle the Coalition Forces are from Syria, Somalia and dozens of other places outside of Iraq . Iraq is literally a terrorist breeding ground. They have terrorist and sniper schools here. Why not? They train by teaching them to attack the military forces here. And they have an endless supply of these training tools. They have factories in Sadr City to build bombs. Both Iran and Syria have openly proclaimed their number one goal in life is to destroy the great Western Devil and the little Western Devil (America and Britain). Iran wants to controlIraq to further this purpose. Al-Sadr will get to "run" the country and live like a king, but in reality Iran will pull the puppet strings. Iran will have access to thousands of radical Shiites who will do whatever al-Sadr tells them to. AndIraq will be used as a breeding ground for terrorism. Terrorism that will be targeted directly at America and Britain. The Iraq Study Group advised we should let Iran and Syria help with rebuilding? Bravo to President Bush for striking that idea down and vowing to keep those two countries out of Iraq. So how do the Iraqi people feel about everything? Of course they don't want the Americans here. But they would far rather have us here than the Iranians. My platoon visited an average Sunni village on a patrol a few days ago. Their only source of income was to farm, as they could not go to the city to work for fear of violence. Many of the young men had already run off to join the militia for no other reason than to feed their families. They had no school or hospital near them and the community was dying. The village elder's granddaughter was very sick and I was able to treat her. Afterwards he invited me and my Platoon Leader to sit in his house and have tea with him, and we talked about the situation. The people want peace. The Shiites kill the Sunnis because al-Sadr tells them to do so. The Sunnis fight back because they have no choice. They are glad Saddam is dead (Sunni or not), but do not want to replace him with another dictator in a politician's clothes (which is what al-Sadr will become). And they especially don't want Iran in charge. Many innocent Iraqis will die if this happens. These are the words that came out of the elder's mouth: "We do not want America here, and America does not want to be here. But you cannot leave because the militias control the country. America must use the might of its giant army and sweep through, root out and destroy the militias. Then Iraq can be free and you can leave." "What appears to have happened within our diplomatic community, is that Prime Minister finally realizes that his days are numbered. If al-Sadr remains, he will be kicked to the curb. So hopefully he is about to allow us to re-enter Sadr City, root out and destroy the enemy. A dramatic troop increase will allow us to do this. And the Horse People are back and ready to finish what they started over 2 years ago." If we leave now, it will be a failure for democracy. Iran will control Iraq and the end result will be more terrorist attacks on America. The American people don't want soldiers dying over here, but its better than American civilians dying over there. Do NOT forget 9/11. They will do it again. The moment we loosen our grip on the noose, they will do it again. And the only way to root out the evil here is to stop beating around the bush, increase troops and destroy the insurges once and for all. The Iraqi government cannot do this on their own. The Iraqi security forces are inadequate for this task. We are the only ones who can stop al-Sadr. Feel free to share this with whomever wants a real soldier's opinion about the war. SPC "Doc" Shurley2/5 Cav, 1st CB

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-TRUTH is Unchangeable, No Matter What is Politically Correct

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Renewed Fighting in Bahgdad

yesterday was not a good day in Bahgdad. more sectarian violence. Two US Troops were killed in Anwar. I read in "Debka Files" that al Qaida was planning attacks on all the oil interests of the USA that is Venes. Saudi, Canada etc. etc. That was to take place this year. It was an interesting piece. It seems that with all the negative publicity against what Murtha is trying to do with his amendments to the military spending bill, hog-tying the troops so they can not relieve the troops already deployed in Iraq, isn't going to do any good. He is still planning to go ahead from what I gather from reading Bob Novak's column. I think He thinks he's in charge of the country. I don't know who voted him president or CIC. Between him and Her highness Pelosi, I don't know who's the troops worse enemy. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. I think it's time for the American People to fish or cut bait. Enough of this ant- military crap. Stand up and be counted.....

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ameica Wins

The Senate has voted and defeated 56 to 34 a bill to undermine the Presidents Surge of the 21,500 troops in Iraq. A vote of no confidence, if you will. When the president advised the American people,that he was putting approximately 21,500 more troops into Iraq with 17,500 going to Baghdad and 4000 for Anwar. He also gave the reason for his decision. The reason being, the last buildup of troops that moved into an area and cleaned it up was successful. They did not remain in the area long after it was cleaned up.
Soon after they left the insurgents re-infiltrated and started operating again. This time the troops would stay in the area until the Iraq Police, or Iraqi troops could effectively Police or otherwise control the area. This Surge, as it is called is already underway. and accordiing to "Iraq the Model",a blog out of Baghdad. It is showing results with an 80% reduction in attacks in Baghdad. They are quoting Defense Ministry Officials. They are also reporting that families are returning to the Baghdad area.
I Titled this paragraph "America Wins". The reason I titled it so is because I see this war as an American War. It was voted on by both sides of Congress and I don't care how you cut it, It's our war. America's War and if we do not start turning off the TV or changing the channel when the defeatist start ranting about Bush and the murdering troops, killing Iraqi children. Our resolve will weaken and we will join the naysayers and defeatist demanding we cut and run. Then God help the Iraqi peoples, all of them. And You talk about genecide. It will be another "Killing Fields". I believe it was last week, I was reading where our troops found an Iraqi man in the river, who had been beheaded. The murderers had tied his 4 year old son to his leg. These radicals have no respect for human life. We must unite as a country,to fight these radicals.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It is San Francisco,,,,Again

I hope they never have a situation where the military must be called in to help ie; a natural disaster. First they kicked out the junior ROTC programs from the School System. Now, someone, I do not know who, has donated 4000 comic books Titled: "Addicted to War" to The San Francisco school system for their High School. According to Fox News,
the reason given is to promote discussion.??? Where does this anti-military indoctrination to our most vulnerable youth stop? How much more of this anti- Americanism, must this nation endure until someone with enough courage to stop this insanity. The Military, who this city and its inhabitants are totally against, will say they are fighting for the rights of them to say and do what they are doing. I'm sorry but with the rights that the military are fighting to protect, comes the right to act responsibly. They have not acted responsibly. I hope that San Francisco gets no Federal educational grants or federal dollars for schools. I do not want to help nor contribute financially to the degradation or destruction of this country.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iraq Undermined again!!!!

It couldn't get worse and it did. the blog "HOT AIR" has a write-up on what Bryan calls "Slow Bleed". Go there for a good read... Rep John P Murtha, according to Bryan's writing, is saying that he will attach an amendment to the military spending bill, due next month, that will "limit or sharply reduce" the troops eligible to deploy by placing pre-deployment requirements on them. Limiting the time frame between deployments for the units,etc etc,,,,and the beat goes on. Perhaps if there were laws on sedition still on the books it would curtail the vial verbiage that is being spewed today by those who should be backing the troops, instead of building stumbling blocks. and trying to irradicate America's resolve to win this conflict in Iraq. Although the president has not spoken against this behavior. I feel it should be condemned by the entire Senate. Instead we have some Republicans applauding and joining with the Democrats and other Republicans making up their own bills of the anti-Bush Surge and defeatism. Not even giving the presidents change of Direction, which the Democrats have been yelling about, a chance to work. Then we have a would-be Democratic Commander in Chief in 08 saying that 3000 lives were wasted . Obama, Wow! that's bad, but typical.
I read today, Syria has turned over to the French 11 Al Qaida operatives, 2 caught at the border, trying to get into Iraq. (The borders have been closed. Al Sadr is in Iran. Seems it might be getting hot for him in Iraq. The "Rules of Engagement" have finally changed for the betterment of our troops. I'm sure they will still have to make up a report every time they fire their weapon, but the rules make it easier to shoot at a targets previously off limits.( Maybe that has changed also.) I wish our polititians were as behind our involvement in Iraq as the Iraq brothers at the blog "Iraq the Model".

Monday, February 12, 2007

Diversity instead of Unity

The nature of the beast is to constantly throw stones at America. I won't say it is strictly White America, although, It sometimes feels that way. It started many years ago. I'm talking, 40 or so Years ago. Liberal was a good word. It was a way of living that was a live and let live world. That world has gone. the way of the old liberal. Slowly, Slowly we as a Nation have changed. It was so subtle most did not see the changes. I was living in Europe in the mid 60s'and returned to the United States for a visit. Anti-military, Anti-establishment, Anti-Everything was just starting at the Universities and Colleges. At that Time I remember saying to my better half....Wow, don't they arrest people for anti American propaganda? I guess not...... Anyway that was my introduction to hate -America crowd, from America.
As time progressed so did the Anti-Americanism. The Vietnamese conflict was the war then. The news media, as it is now was anti-war and the people were like sheep. They listened to the bad bad news of the war being fought in their living rooms for the first time. It was in almost real time. Nothing was good news from the war front. The nation turned with all of this negativism, we had actually won the war, but with all the anti-war rhetoric the Communist listened and said "All we have to do is wait". "America is defeated at home." They did and we lost. The Anti-Military crowd was awful to the returning servicemen and women. They spit on them at airports and kicked the ROTC offices off campus. The new liberals started rearing their heads. We were starting to become a service economy, that is our raw materials were being shipped overseas and the product made there and shipped back into the states for sale. Services were in, Social Workers Health Care workers, Doctors Lawyers, these were the up and coming vocations. Religion was out, anything that related to religion was removed from the public arena. "Separation of Church and State" That was the law of the land. No more manger scenes in public square. There were law suits abound over religious articles being in the public and must be moved and they were moved. All Religion was removed from the Schools. No school Prayer no reading of the bible. "The disassembling of One Nation under God."
The removal of Religion from public life was ordered by the Supreme Court of the United States and condoned by all of the individual States.
In the late 50s' the federal government had to make sure that desegregation of the public schools was followed by all and they passed laws to that effect. They made young children travel up to 10 miles away from their homes to allow for integration of the schools. They passed laws that told employees that they must hire a certain percentage of minorities. If you were a landlord, you had to rent to minorities, whether or not you wanted, it was the law.
These laws were forced on the total population by our government. Are you starting to get the picture.
Now don't get me wrong, I did not condone segregation, in fact, I didn't know it existed. That is, until I went to Mississippi in 1954 and was told to get up from my seat in the back of the bus. That was where Negroes sat. I had to stand until I got to the next town, because there were no seats in the front of the bus. So....It was my first touch of segregation. I don't know but this law is probably still in effect. It was made to equalize the workforce. I think it was for minorities because women were included in this requirement. There were few women in upper management positions except for the social sciences. This has now changed or is changing.
Next came the politically correct. All of a sudden, it wasn't OK to say he did such and such. It would have to be He/She did such and such. Prior to politically correct the unknown gender when writing was masculine, he. The politically correct crowd stated this was not correct it had to be he/she if the person wasn't known. As an employer, you could not appear to be to familiar with your employee and definitely could not say anything that might be construed as sexual or overly familiar. An employer could be sued for sexual harassment and many were.

Negroes were not be be address as Negroes. They were Blacks. Indians were Native American, and so it went thoughout the races. Years ago, Italians went to Italian areas when they came to this country. They worked learned English and some retained their Italian, some didn't. Some children were forced by their parents to speak English. This same senerio was played over many times in many places throughout the United States. The Irish, the French, the Portugese, Spanish, Germans, Chinese, Japanese, and many others They each had their little communities, learned English, while in many instances retaining some of their nations of birth customs. they still more or less interacted with the other american populations.

Then there was a switch. Now Multiculturalism was in. and the foreigners have now decided they do not want to become like Americans. They do not want to learn English. They want to retain there own culture. They fly the flag of their homeland. They speak against american values and culture. The government is condoning these actions and will not listen to the citizenery.

While all this is materializing, the Colleges and Universities are molding young minds into thinking we, the white man is responsible for all the ills of mankind and had done it for generations. Well, fine This might have been the case in years past. We know that history, and that is what it is. History. No one is making excuses for our ancestors behavior, good or bad. Laws were also different back through history. They too have been changed. Get over it. Things have changed. Some for the good , Others, I'll have to think about it. Are we perfect HUH! almost....

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cultural Norms vs Political Correctness

Wow! Talk about getting it with both barrels. I just got a comment on one of my blog remarks: "Everything is acceptable, as long as it fits a political agenda." " What happened to America first?" The person who commented on my blog is taking a course (I'm assuming, an Education Major) in "Teaching Diversity in the Classroom".
Bialy, (that is part of the person's login) had points taken off the report he/she submitted to the professor because of its title The title contained the word Christmas Parade instead of Holiday Parade. This is, I'm sure not the first time a professor from a place of Higher Learning has taken liberties, to insert their own beliefs while deciding what is politically correct, or not. This is not custom and has nothing to do with such.I would say it has something to do with political agenda. My own personal opinion, such as it is, This is bull. I"m sure this student is not the first to title a Christmas Parade, If indeed that is what it was, a Christmas Parade, not a Holiday parade. It accurately described what kind of a parade this was. It wasn't a May Day Parade or a Halloween Parade, but a Christmas parade. This was a big problem a couple of years ago and this year, Christmas came back into vogue. IT always was Christmas, but the politically correct people decided Christmas was out because it COULD offend someone. Ordinary people came forward and made it known it was Christmas, so Christmas came back into the stores and parades. Educational Institutions will still maintain it is a holiday parade. They teach "Jeffersonian" separation of the church from the state. They want to bring nothing smelling of religeosity This interpretation was given by liberal Justices of our Constitution, to illiminate religion from the public sector. I believe the writings on this are found in the Federalist papers. (could be wrong, but I think so). President Jefferson was the first to put forth, separation of church and state, however throughout America's history religion was intertwined with the state. I believe it was Ronald Reagan who stated and I'm paraphrasing, If we reject being one nation under God, we will be one Nation gone under.
The Constitution states that we have freedom of religion, not from religion. That's my take on religion
Back to the questions raised by these comments, Todays' teacher will face a great variety of individuals from different cultures, and lifestyles, therefore a teacher should be aware of these challenges. It sounds as if you have taken a class that will make you think. It could be very stimulating, If that is the intent of your instructor. If however, it's their way or nothing, you will learn very little and it will frustrate you to no end. If free debate is allowed and encouraged. It'll be great. Given the reduced grade you've already received however, I think maybe debate is not part of this class, too bad. Give her what she wants and go forward.

To speak to the issue of foreign nationals being given preferential treatment or accommodations, I can only say, I think the federal government is making a huge mistake in not effectively addressing illegal immigration. This population should be made to speak English and assimilate. Until and unless this is done we could be in for a huge backlash. I spoke to a person in Texas today about this situation and she stated , Even the bread labeling there is written in both Spanish and English. And it only gets worse....
Bialy also spoke to a book the class was assigned to read and how anti-white it presented. It's close to the truth when it speaks to the slaughter of the Native Americans, probably many more died from disease brought by the white man from Europe. There were also indentured servants.
Arriving here as servants, not free men, they worked for the people who paid for their boat passage to America. This was anywhere from 5 to 7 years. You might say they bought their freedom. they still couldn't vote unless they owned land. Women also could not vote.
file://Negroes/ were brought here from Africa and sold as slaves. They were not free unless set free from the person who bought them. It is my understanding that the North was the first to see that this was wrong and set out to free them. The Underground Railroad was initiated in the North. This system rescued runaway slaves and help them navigate to the Northern states, where they would be safe. The South needed them to work on their plantations and were not about to give them up. Even after Revelutionary War and the Emancipation Proclamation under President Lincoln, Freeing the Slaves , the Black man in the South although freed by proclamation, was treated very badly. How badly, I can only speak to what I have heard and it was brutal. They had apparently no rights. The Klu Klux Klan was an organization that was nationwide. This organization was anti-Black, and anti-semite. They murdered, intimidated and assaulted Blacks for years. They have finally been brought to justice and many have been jailed.
My first brush with segration was while I was in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1954. I got on a bus to go to the next town and sit in the back, where there was an empy seat. The bus stopped and the driver directed me to the front of the bus. I had been sitting in the black section. I had to stand until I got to the next town, because there were no open seats in the White section. In the South, everything was segregated. Water fountains, schools, restrooms,restaurant stores,everything.

All during this period we,The WHITE people were still coming from Europe and kept pushing the Native Americans further west. This was called "Manifest Destiny" The settlers were killed and scalped by Native Americans. The soldiers went west to protect the settlers as the people moving west. After the Indian war, the army placed them in Reservations. Many still make their homes there. We were at war with them and the Army was full of hate There were instances of outright slaughter Many Indian Nations were chased into Canada and Mexico. In 1956 I was in San Bernadino, California and I met a woman and asked her if she would like a cocktail. She stated she couldn't go into the bar as she was an Indian and couldn't purchase alcohol. They also did not have freedom. On the reservation they pay no taxes and are a nation within a nation.they have their own laws, education and police force. In our drive westward, we gained much land, but I can't say that there was a campaign of genicide against the Indians or the Blacks.
We fought Spain for Florida,Texas thru California. We bought land from New Orleans to Canada from France. That was called the Louisiana Purchase and continued to press westward to California, We purchased Alaska from Russia and annexed Hawaii Enough said;

UPDATE: This could be the answer Baily is looking for. I was watching C-span this morning and the guest was Dinesh D'Souza author of the book,"The Enemy at Home". If I understood him correctly, He spoke of the "New Liberalism", now in vogue at America's Universities. The Old Liberalism is gone, that is the liberalism in and around the 60s' . These Old Liberals allowed for debate on issues, but the New Liberal looks at the world differently. He went on as to the reasons for both. I haven't read his book, but according to him He speaks to the whole problem there. You might want to check it out.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

MORE consequences ???

There are more amendments being penned regarding what we should or should not do in Iraq; it makes your head spin. I am so disillusion. I had never looked at politics before I retired and am now sorry that I didn't. Everything is acceptable, as along as it fits a politician's agenda. What happened to America first, or whats in the best interest of America and the troops? It seems that since the United States Congress voted for the action in Iraq, we have split as a nation. Between deceptive reporting by the "Mass Media" and the Democrats we have been bombarded 24/7 with defeatism. This bashing has been continuous for 5 years now....It has produced fruit. The Republicans lost the senate and legislature.(thank the media). What has happened with "truth in reporting"? I'm not saying that all reporting is lies, but some is outright lies while others are half of what actually happens to fit a false impression.

ramification of disclosure

yesterday, Remember, last year when the NYT released information that the US was illegally, getting financial information from European Banks on transactions by suspected terrorist organizations, Like "follow the money" Well, a couple of days ago hidden in the back pages of the times was an article stating that we are not longer permitted to track financial transaction by terrorist organizations. Nice huh! Well, if you didn't see this coming you have a problem.