Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where is Turkey heading???

A couple of days ago I read an post on "PajamasMedia" blog Written by a Mr. Eugenides titled "Turkey votes to lift Ban on Headscarf". It has caused an uproar so I hear, among the people. I do not know when this restriction was placed in the Constitution or made law, but I can only imagine that it was a part of the process that followed what Attiturk was trying to accomplish throughout his nation with the outlawing of the Fez, the vail and multiple marriages. Could be wrong, but...He also made a secular nation with religion being removed from government. Now unless the military exerts its pressure to defend the constitution and keep the country secular,???I was really disappointed at the murder of the two publishers recently, where the victims were multilated. This added to the present course leads me to feel this is the start of a long decline after years of progress to enter the modern world, but if that is what the majority of Turks want, It is their country, and they have to live with the results.....I ramble....stay well...

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Merida Initiative

In going through my blog readings today, I came across a post by Michelle Malkin entitled "The White House wants a 1.4 Billion Stimulus/National Security Package...for Mexico. I along with all who read it was really taken back by the whole notion of our country giving Mexico aid to help secure their southern border,,,,,I said, Their southern border. In phase I $550 million has already been appropriated, according to the post...You have to read the whole thing to get what the significance of the post really does and it has been agreed to by our administration. The title of the initiative is "the Merida Initiative". Now will someone start to look southward to see what is transpiring. We can't build a wall, but we can help Mexico improve their security situation....By the way has anyone looked at the graft and paybacks in Mexico lately.Hummmmm where will that funding go........Lots of luck....It's good to know someone is watching our backs, while our southern border is being penerated daily by Mexico's army and illegals. We are helping Mexico secure their border...And I said it couldn't get worse,,,,and it did......stay well.....

Friday, February 8, 2008

123 Meme

I was tagged by Otto at American Interest on 123 Meme. The rules: Pick up the nearest book containing at least 123 pages. Turn to page 123. Find the 5th sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag 5 other people. So....here goes. I had to go to the stairway to find a book and the first one I picked up was"The World's Famous Orations", "Vol V Great Britain III," "Man made rich by the Poverty of Christ", by Spurgeon. Page 123, 5th sentence

"They loved to serve him, and it is not all fiction that when there was war in
heaven, and when God cast out the devil and his legions, then the elect angels showed their love to him, being valiant in fight and strong in power. He wanted not our love to make him happy: he was rich enough in love without us."
"What! was it true that he whose crown was all bedlight with stars would lay that crown aside?"

I tag the following:

I think this is the last one of these things I do. It takes much time......

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sheeeeeeesh, its a secret camp.....

Again!?? In reading my daily news on Comcast.net News.....I read an article....
"AP confirms Secret Camp inside GITMO" It is an article written by Andrew Selsky AP. This is indeed an interesting article. I guess what confuses me is the wording, secret camp.???.....