Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I will be out and about for about 3 weeks.

Well, it's back down East again. This time for a bout 3 weeks. The children will be coming up in shifts. Only one family for the 4th of July dinner we always host. That's one of my immediate family.. The extended family, what we have left will be there except for my sister and brother...Cousins,,,,nieces and nephews.....My Aunts and Uncles are all gone....Not to extended anymore....after third cousins...Ive lost contact. Also, I hope the land issue can be settled once and for all.....see you when I get back....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Were they Lies??

The los Angeles Times has an article by James Kirchick titled "Bush never Lied to us about Iraq." It was an outhstanding read and I suggest it be required reading by everyone who wants to know the truth and not retoric or lies see:,0,7766785.story?track=rss

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Law Making Branch of Government?

The United States of America has a NEW Law Making Branch of Government. I say new but it really isn't. The SCOTUS has taken on a new role. They now establish laws that apply to alien combatants outside our nation bringing them under the protection of our Constitution. That is really presumptous of them to give an enemy of the United States protection under our Constitution. 5 of the 9 justices have taken it upon themselves to create new laws to prove that the Constitution is a living document and hence can be added to or taken from as the case dictates., Does this really fall within their perview? They have taken from the president, his authority as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces and turned it over to the Courts in a time of war. (Stupid me!, this is not a war,people are being killed and The battlefield has become a Court of law) but, we are not at war. This, like Vietnam, is a police action, but are we not overstepping just a bit into the international arena? What is this Court thinking ??
Read the descent from Justices Scilia and Roberts, they certainly tell it like it is, and lay out some of the ramifications of their brothers latest action. God help our military!! the courts certainly will not.
Talk about having oversight, the foxes are in the chicken house, Not to worry, soon there will be no chickens left to raise red flags, only white ones and that won't be the chickens. It will be the foxes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Merida Initiative (update)

I wrote on this on Feburary 11,2008/// They've already allocated the money , Now it is 1.5 Billion dollars Congress has allocated to Mexico with no strings attached and no imput from us how they spend the money,,,,This is to help fight the war on Drugs. It seems they are killing police south of the border and Our loving representatives want to clean up Mexico, and the rest of Central America. As if not enough of our money is going south already. Now lets subsidize Mexico with no followup on the money....Of course everything will be OK, because they said so.....In watching the Legislature today I heard one decenting cry for not writing a blank check, If we indeed want to help keep it here. Another one said if ones neighbors house was on fire wouldn't we help... Again,,,I don't get it If we want Border security then secure our side of the border. Has anyone of these congesscritters gone to Mexico City lately,,,,You had better go with someone who knows the ropes, or you might not make it back. It is corruption......Everything is payola. A relative of mine went to Mexico City the car he was riding in was stopped by police. The driver gave the policeman about 50.00 dollars and when they got where they were going the driver said he had to pay 100.00 Dollars. and that's the way it went. Now send 1.5 Billion and see where it get us. Congress you want to spend that money do it on this side of the border....