Tuesday, March 24, 2009

STOP the bus, I need off !!

I thought well, they can't go much further without someone saying, enough! --- I guess we will be waiting quite some time!! --- When is someone going to challange the constitutionality of these questionable moves by the administration that confront us daily...and I mean daily....It really doesn't seem to matter , as it appears our rights are being ripped apart. People are only saying "It could help us out of our present situation", not looking further than their noses, that we could be losing our rights. Now the Government wants to taking over private businesses from individual citizens If it appears they can become insolvent, but, sigh, this is so they won't go bankrupt....Big Brother is here to help!!,,Now that's "Change" one can believe in. I don't think they have been given that authority yet, but Paulson got just about anything he wanted from Bush including Some questionable types of Financing for America.....Anyway..... Speaking of bankrupt.....who will be buying these distressed properties from AIG?????? poor people who need housing and can't afford to pay the going rate??????I don't think sooooooooo!!!! try big business, who will make a huge profit..I wonder if that information will be released to the general public...., Maybe Congress can tax them 90% on the profits.......just joshing!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When does it end or where??

Anne Bayefsky has written an excellent article in JWR, dated March 3, 2009, Titled "The Obama Administration caught Double Dealing on Israel" It is an article concerning our involvement with Durban II. An excellent read as is another Article written by Frank J Gaffney,in the same publication, Titled "S-U-B-M-I-S-S-I-O-N". I haven't read much about this in MSM nor TV?? What is your take on this ?