Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A temporary withdrawal

I am leaving to open my camp and enjoy the sunshine overlooking Union River Bay for the weekend and possibly longer depending on circumstances. From this angle it seems that nothing will be changing politically for a time....I did read something about the North American Union raising its ugly head again and other rumors of impending doom and emergency meetings of the House of Representatives etc..., but I haven't checked it out. The net that does authentication of the inforrmation have been contacted by the person sending me the E-Mail and by the time I am back he should have an answer either true, false or no information.......I'll be checking in periodically.......

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who is watching out for our interest???

Thursday, I believe it was, someone asked Senator McCain about drilling in Alaska. His answer was not at all what one would expect from a man who is suppose to represent all America. Special Interest seem have put blinders on our Republican candidate. Who is he representing when he likened drilling in the Alaskan Wilderness to drilling in a National park ie: Yellowstone. To me it still wouldn't matter. We are like the lemmings heading for the precipice. It looks like none of our representatives are going to help us. I can remember during WWII, In the U.S. gas was rationed and in short supply, as was many other staples. Germany on the other hand, kept its war machine going with an artificial gas, much like the South African today. We cannot manufacture this product because of restrictions placed on the industry by our elected officials. It is a derivitive of coal, of which we have much, I heard a figure of something, like 200 Billion barrels. Glen Beck had a governor on his TV program the other night. The Governor stated there was one company who was manufacturing this product. Originally, there were 200 planned, but that plan went by the wayside. I believe the cost to put this product on the market was $50.00 a barrel. (not positive on the cost)
When are the citizens of this great nation going to demand representation from those sworn to do so? I can remember the term "coal oil", but that was where it ends. I'll look it up and do an update.....Just rambling and wondering when America is going to hold those accountable, to account????? One of the biggest problems is prices are increasing and I am on a fixed income, that is not increasing. McCain has his gas given to him in Washington, I wonder if he ever stops a normal gas station???????