Monday, April 28, 2008

Many questions, No answers ?????

I have been at a loss as to how to comment on this situation. It reminds me of a exercise we had in a training session once many years ago..... I can't remember the exact senario, but the trauma is the same. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a 5 year old child sleeping in your own bed with your brothers and sisters also asleep in their beds. It is the middle of the night; All of a sudden, you are startled out of your sleep by loud noises. strangers were taking you out of your bed, away from everything you knew. You are placed in a car and driven to a place where a woman was telling this stranger and others, you can no longer go home, your brother and sisters can't come with you because there is not enough room where you are going for everyone. You are then taken by this stranger to the house of another stranger and told this is your foster home and this is where your are going to be living for a while. In a home that you don't know, with a family you don't know. you have no idea where the rest of your family is, and when or if, you will ever see them again..You say, "What have I done?"..... now open your eyes.....This could be what a child experiences when he/she is taken from their home and ordered placed by the courts..You will note, I said "by the Courts" In most states Child and Family Services cannot remove a child from a home on their own. In many states,however, a policeman, if he feels the child is in eminent danger can put the child under protective custody,to be followed up by a Courts Order. But in general the child is ordered placed by a Courts order after a hearing.
The removal of a child from its home, should never be taken lightly. I cannot speak to the Child Welfare Laws from the State of Texas, but the evidence given to a judge must have been overwhelming to order the removal of 400 plus children on grounds of all of them being abused. We will not know what transpires at the court because these are juvenile proceedings closed to the public. In most States, juvenile abuse/neglect cases are proven by a proponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt.....I ramble....stay well...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

America or Americanistan

The democrats have been quite silent lately, that is until the General and the ambassador were called on the carpet to explain their actions as it relates to Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, and the public perception of what has transpired in these regions. These men's perview is Iraq, Crocker being the Ambassador to Iraq and Petreus, the General in charge of the multinational forces in Iraq. They were asked questions, such as should we attack Iran. The status of Al Quida in Pakistan and similar question outside their area of responsibility. Smart those Socialist.!! As everyone knows they, the Socialist, support the troops, Well, if they support the troops, I don't think we need any more enemies, Of course Pelosi would not see the Pro-troop, Veterans who are traveling the country now. But, she supports the troops by passing bills to benefit the veterans when they come back. Yea, right, She just won't talk to them, but she will pass bills to help them. (What a joke). If it wasn't so pathetic it would be comical. This party crap is going much too far to the detriment of the United, I say again United States. We are no longer United as a nation. They have done an outstanding job of National Separation. The Socialist uh Democrats want Uncle to enter into all aspects of your individual lives. They are continuing to spout the same retoric as Osama Bin laden. In his last, he advised that this war would bankrupt America and the Socialist are propagating his propaganda through their verbal displays current being acted out at the hearings in Washington.
I think what bothers me the most is, they believe this crap they continue to spew. The young votes also are buying into this, because they have been so left wing indoctrinated by their public school propaganderist, they can no longer think for themselves. Individual thought is a word of the past. One cannot go against the masses. We use to call this Communism, and fought wars to prevent its' spread, but now, this concept is taking over this nation without firing a shot....."We will bury you from within" and they did...Many who are religous have not been reached in this manner, so they re-invent Christianity, with a twist of Marxism. You have seen the results of this spreading virus!!!I ramble ......Wow! this sounds depressing!!....