Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time to relax

I have been away for a few weeks and will probably be gone for at least two weeks more before I come back for a time only to be gone again......Nothing changes, unless it is my questioning my representation in Congress. Now it it my understanding the Dems are trying to block protection for people who come forward with concerns about people who seem to be doing thinks out of the ordinary, Wistleblowers, I think they call it. I hope people wake up and smell the coffee, realizing they are not being represented....Only special interests group seem to matter to the out of touch reps that we have in Washington. I am really disillusioned!!!!really!!!Who speaks for me???Who's watching out for my best interest and the best interest of my country....>??

Monday, July 2, 2007

"Scooter" sentence is commuted by the President

To my way of thinking it it still a travesty of justice but, the prison time 2 1/2 years has been commuted by the president. He could just as easily pardoned him, which he didn't. After all, he was convicted by a jury of his peers, who were not allowed to hear all the evidence. But it was OK, because it was justice and he lied. Of course, the wintesses couldn't remember anything either, but that's OK they were not being charge with anything... WOW!! He is still responsible for the $200,000 plus in fines and all the other parts of the sentence that was imposed on Scooter is till intact. It really burns my tail when I look at the prosecutor and how he manipulated the system to get anything he could, after finding out who the culprit was he still continued, which is where he went totally wrong, to my way of thinking. anyway, Scooter is now home to serve his probation, So is Sandy, OH! he didn;t get jail time did he and what was his fine??? $50,000??? Where is justice served???

illegal Immigrats do not like " No to Amnesty"

I understand the Illegals do not like being turned down for amnesty?? In fact they are now threatening to disrupt the normal flow of economic activity in the US. That and any thing eles they can think of I guess. I do not understand the mindset of these Illegals..What don't they understand about breaking the law? I can understand the confusion they must be feeliing. We gave them everything, befor ewe started waking up to what was going on under our very noses. The congress is selling out their constituents without our even being aware of it. It even got to the point where name calling was done because we did not condone Illegal immigration. People we are a nation of laws. How many times have we heard this and this "The American People demand this or that." They are not representing the American people, they are representing the illegals. Well, maybe homeland security will do somethng about the threat to America being spewed currently.