Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Beginning of the End of the War in Iraq???

Yesterday, I was reading an article in "Debka Files". They report that in the VP's last trip to the middle east he told the Iraqi Parliment to get it together because we wouldn't be there indefinately. He also went to Saudi Arabia and outfitted them with F-16s or/and F15's with the lastest equipment to twart any attempt that Iran might have after our withdrawal to take over the area. This was against Isreals strong objection. With the last, Debka reports that the present administration has not listened to Isreal for quite some time. This makes Saudi Arabia second to Isreal in Air superiority. Iran has quite a few aircraft, but they are older ill equiped American aircraft, about 600 of them. Read the entire article on "Debka Files"
America, watch your back and Arab double speak,,,,To me, it sounds like a future blood bath for the region.
It is obvious Washington is on the outs with Isreal, but looking at history, I think the Isrealites have given and given and given thru many administrations since Carter when he threw them under the bus with the Isrealites giving the oil wells back to Egypt. Of course we gave them money, but that went to both parties on that treaty. BE VERY CAREFUL AMERICA, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ISREAL !!! I am not a religous person, but I do believe these are "God's Chosen People", even though they accepted him not.

It seems such a tragedy, after giving so much, our young mens' lives, our time, our talent and our treasures to give birth to a new Nation, that we are now picking up our ball and coming home. God pity them and God help us...

Well !! Now what ?? Which Party Affiliation??

Now the GOP Conservatives are not what they set out to be. To me anyway !. They have veared away to joint the democrats in their zeal to ruin America, as we know it. This has been happening little by little for years. The language,,,Everything you pick up is written in both Spanish and English. The Congress will not vote that English is our National language. Immigration is a big joke !!! Police are not allowed to enforce the current laws. Standard operating procedures are that they cannot ask if they are citizens of this country and worse yet they cannot arrest them if they are. At the Border they catch and release, although they say now it isn't quite that easy. They are allowed to take a child tax credit for children in mexico. They are and have been sending American Dollars to Mexico to their families for years. They are stealing Social Security Numbers and using them to get jobs along with false Identifications. and It ends with the Congress ignoring "rule of law".
Instead of enforcing our current laws they pass another law making illegal Immigrants, LEGAL. 12,000,000 of them, and this number is a government estimate. )Others have estimates as high as 20,000,000 - 300,000,000. I can not imagine what they are thinking. We know now that they are getting everything for nothing as far as the government is concerned. Social Security will be bankrupt in a very short time. Our Welfare system bad as it is will be stretched beyond recognition. And all because The Congress didn't like the current laws so.....they say we will change them. It isn't as simple as that...They wanted the votes that this illilerate population could give them. These Mexicans cannot read English nor can they speak it. That's why in Texas you must be able to speak Spanish in order to get a Teaching job. The polulation is over 50% Mexican (illigal at that).
Big Business wants cheap labor??? When this Bill becomes law These illegals become legal. They will want and the government will insist that they be paid at least minimum wage and be covered by workmans comp etc...etc Then of course unemployment insurance will also be a part of it. and it just keeps going up including our pay for these expanded programs, such as English instruction, free legal representation, low cost housing, Food Stamps, and Welfare payments. This is but a short list of the services they will be ENTITLED to.

I think we need a third party. A party of the people because it seems that the current ones are not listening TO THE PEOPLE

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Reads like a little racism to me

Today, I was reading an article on comcast news, written by an AP writer, Patrick Condon . He reports Vineland, Minn. An 11 year old, native American of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe was arrested at school and locked up overnight. The following morning he was taken to court where charges were dropped and he was allowed to go home. The reason given for the arrest was that he had disregarded a subpoena to appear as a witness against a minor, 13years old, who had assaulted him. They needed him as a witness in order to press charges against the other youngster.
The last I knew it was against Federal law to lock up a minor who was not a delinquent and even then there are strict federal guidelines that a law enforcement officer must follow in order to detain any juvenile, IE: out of sight and sound of any adult locked up etc....\
Now!!! Native Americans juveniles fall under a different set of rules and laws than other juveniles. Don't they have their own separate nations within our nation???. I know we have blurred the separation somewhat since the Feds like to be involved in everything, but are we not still abiding by some treaties, even thought we broke many. I think that when a Native American juvenile is arrested a member of his tribe must be contacted. Could be wrong and if I am I stand corrected.
Well, they have lawyers, tribal ones I assume, working on it along with the ACLU. Looks like a law suit?? Go to Comcast news today and read the entire article.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Ranting of a Sandmonkey has seize blogging

Well, a couple of weeks ago Sandmonkey went to Turkey and when he got back he wrote a blog about his trip and possibly a military takeover if the elections dont go right there. It is a secular Islamic government. a little strange to my way of thinking, but it works well for them.
A Little History::: Turkey has its' Abraham Lincoln, his name was Kemel Attiturk. This was in the 1920's I beleive, He completely changed Turkey from an Arabic Society to a more Western leaning one. He changed the language, money, and laws of the land. Poligomy was outlawed as well as the vail. The men could no longer wear the Fez. He also seperated religion from government, to some extent. The Consitution was also changed to reflect some of these changes and the Military backed up the constitution. Attiturk is still considered the father of Modern Turkey.
Now any time Religion gets too pushy, The military takes over the country. Usually, in a non-bloody coup. This doesn't happen to often but it does happen.
Anyway to make a long story short. When Sandmonkey came back and made his post about Turkey the following day he posted he was getting information that the government was getting too close to him and Egypt already has one blogger in jail for blogging against Islam and President Mubarek (sp). He therefore decided to close down his site.
A couple of days later he came back up stating he was in The USA. Washington DC to be exact and was sorry for having to close his Blog perhaps he would start it up again but he wasn't sure. He was getting to widely read and that would spell trouble for him in Egypt. The reasoning he gave for the crackdown on Blogs from the government was that the US government was no longer coming down on the Egyptian Governments for Human Rights abuses since the Democrats took over It was no longer a priority with the US. I don't know if this is true, but You can read it on his Blog if it is still up. "Rantings of a Sandmonkey"