Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is happening in Gaza??

I do not quite understand what I do not understand about the Pais. Are they not capable of running their own country? Can't they make bread. Can't they farm? They destroyed all the green houses and whatever else they could ruin that was jewish, On the Land that was taken by Israel during the 67 war from Egypt and that a couple of years ago was given to the pals. Which, by their actions proves they cannot govern.
Now they are in Egypt and,Who by the way doesn't want them and are trying to undo what they allowed to happen by trying to push them back into the Gaza Strip. They have detained some Pals with weapons, Thousands have made it through the breach blasted open by Hamas militants (Terrorists) Egypt has finally seen the error of their ways and has come (according to some reports)to the realization that they made a mistake and that the terrorists might be coupling with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt...Wow, great deduction......We will know soon enough. But....But.....Bush wants an independent state of Palistine??? How, who will or can run it? For a outstanding post on the breach and the aftermath see the Blog"the Rantings of a Sandmonkey" He has an excellent post on the entire situation....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

McCain's "National Director of Hispanic Outreach"

I have been reading continuously on everyones blogs and am completely overloaded with information. Some good points, some not so good. I went to "Michelle Malkins Blog" and read post concerning McCain's National Director of Hispanic Outreach, Dr. Juan Hernandez. It seems he holds duel Citizen, Mexican and American. He has said in the past when referring to Hispanics, according to the post, "all gererations will think Mexico First." "I want them all to think Mexico first." Nice....I thought Mc Cain learned from what he said about What the American people wanted. Well,,,He didn't learn, as far as I am concerned. He is still for open borders and a superhighway from Texas to Canada .......For a good read go to Michelle's Blog and read the entire post. It is telling....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So much for Conservatism !

Fred Thompson has withdrawn frome the Presidential Race.....I had a feeling this was going to be the case, as I have read a little here and a little there about what his campaign workers were not doing, and that they should be doing and weren't. Then to top it off I got a request to do some telephone canvassing the day of the primary in SC. I got the message loud and clear, but I wouldn't allow myself to come out and say so... I did complete a survey on Hulett, I believe that's how you spell it.....Anyway, It was a survey if Thompson should throw in the towel and be placed on the McCain ticket would I vote for him.. The ansere is a big NO. Unless the has been leading us down the garden path. I can not see his values comparable with McCain's. A person can compromise on most anything, except his morals and values. That is my take......back tracking maybe if Romney would take him in and drop his Universal Health Plan, I could be listening.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are we in for a Recession?????

I was reading about a month ago when all the indicators were positive and the media was spouting gloom and doom. I read one article at that time, that if we have a recession one can blame the media.. Well,maybe it is here?? It looks like the administration is trying to do its part in reducing the effects of one. Isn't it when everyone starts worring about it and stops spending, That was what I have been told, so if the general population is told over and over, day after day that we are going into a recession, we get scared, even though employment is about 5% which is the lower end of normal 5=6%,This is a normal unemployment rate, anyway, the message has sunk in and that is where we are today. Home sales have declined, the government stepped in. I dont know how that has affected the housing market, but....The president has developed a stimulus package as a temporary measure to stimulate the economy. It will range from between 100 to 150 Billion. It will come in the form of an income tax rebate to those paying taxes, although the democrats want to include those not making enough to pay any taxes to be included in the rebate,which is not part of the president's package, so they'll compromise somewhere. It is also to include tax breaks for businesses. Let us hope it does what it did in 01.......And the media sees some "light at the end of the tunnel" I ramble.........

The Thinkers Award

I confirmed with DD2 and indeed, I have been chosen along with 6 others for this sward. Thank You DD2...It took me long enough to get it up and finally, my daugher came by and did it for me......stay well.....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

When isLand taken in Conquest considered Occupied?

That is the question one must consider when reading a blog posting on "Powerline" blog. The article in question,was titled "An Odd and unhelpful Thing" and written by Peter Weber a former Duputy Assistant to the President and Director of Stratic Initiatives. It reinforces what I have either blogs or commented about for quite some time and that is when land is taken in conquest, isn't that considered spoils of war and kept by the invading force???? If indeed that is the case why is land previously won in a war against Israel now considered occupied lands and not land that was won by Israel in a war that they won? 90% of which has already been ceeded back to the countries that went to war against Israel. It seems that Our president made a statement concering occupied lands while in Israel, which, according to Peter Weber was Odd and unhelpful. My question about this whole occupation thing is, Why do we and the rest of the world consider this occupied territory??? Do we consider Texas as occupied? JuST Asking!!!Go to Powerline for a complete read.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to sit back and contemplate ?

Its over in New Hampshire and I was surprised. I had no idea who would come in where. On Tuesday, I went to my COPD therapy class and found out I was in a hive of Democrats. That didn't set too well, because I am not one to sit by and not comment at what I see politically. After I found out they were all democrats, I had second thoughts and just listened. Not much meat there...The only comment I made was something about nothing of substance there. later on I listened to what Obama had to say and, it had NO! NO Substance....He said nothing. Of course Hillary had her close encounter with emotion, Well Almost. At least she made sense with her soundbites, but whose going to pay for all this Health Care?? and other give away projects. Sounds good, but..... So enough ranting.....New Hampshire has spoken and Senator Clinton was the Democrats choice and Senator John McCain was the choice of the Republicans. Fred is still in there. He came in at 1% of the vote, but He's still fighting and currently working in South Carolina. He did an outstanding interview on Fox, but I felt a strain in the air, not with Fred, but with some of the questions, could be wrong, but,,,,,
As I was pondering over the primaries, and the media coverage of the events, Something kept bothering me.....They reported on many of the news sites about Mitt's money and how he will be able to spend much more on advertising than some of the other candidates, possibly, using his own money, I thought Well, it didn't help him in New Hampshire, but Wow! the name of the game is exposure, exposure, exposure....Hopefully, the people will smell the coffee.....I ramble....stay well.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Against my better judgement!

I was going to take the week off, so I sit down to watch the news and what did I find?? Nothing about Fred again.....They did have Ron Paul on and Huck all over the media along with Hillary, Hillary,,Obama,,,,Romney and once McCain, but no Fred. Then I went over to "Dragon Lady's Den" Blog and found a great Video of Fred. He makes more sense in 10 minutes than the rest of those political hacks. I had to say it....Pay a visit to Gayle and listen to a real person speak about the issues and things that matter. Not to just the current generation, but to generations not yet born. I ramble.....