Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to sit back and contemplate ?

Its over in New Hampshire and I was surprised. I had no idea who would come in where. On Tuesday, I went to my COPD therapy class and found out I was in a hive of Democrats. That didn't set too well, because I am not one to sit by and not comment at what I see politically. After I found out they were all democrats, I had second thoughts and just listened. Not much meat there...The only comment I made was something about nothing of substance there. later on I listened to what Obama had to say and, it had NO! NO Substance....He said nothing. Of course Hillary had her close encounter with emotion, Well Almost. At least she made sense with her soundbites, but whose going to pay for all this Health Care?? and other give away projects. Sounds good, but..... So enough ranting.....New Hampshire has spoken and Senator Clinton was the Democrats choice and Senator John McCain was the choice of the Republicans. Fred is still in there. He came in at 1% of the vote, but He's still fighting and currently working in South Carolina. He did an outstanding interview on Fox, but I felt a strain in the air, not with Fred, but with some of the questions, could be wrong, but,,,,,
As I was pondering over the primaries, and the media coverage of the events, Something kept bothering me.....They reported on many of the news sites about Mitt's money and how he will be able to spend much more on advertising than some of the other candidates, possibly, using his own money, I thought Well, it didn't help him in New Hampshire, but Wow! the name of the game is exposure, exposure, exposure....Hopefully, the people will smell the coffee.....I ramble....stay well.....


Anonymous said...


Good post. Both parties are making a MISTAKE with their front runners. McCain and Clinton, please give me a break! I guess the parties are using the TURN game. It is McCain's turn. It is Clinton's turn. If this is what we have left in November, then a large number of independent voters including cfs will vote for NOTA. Have a fine MAINE weekend.


In_spired said...

It's bad enough to be in COPD therapy but to find yourself in a hive of Democrats is a double whammy! I pray that the severity of COPD is minimal. Take care, Tapline.

The primaries are interesting to say the surprise after another. The money issue has bothered us too. Money and ads, money and ads...what determines our government leadership. Such a shame....

crabby old man said...

This election is a comedy that may turn in to a tragedy. I still think Fred's the man we need, I never ever considered myself a Republican are Democrat. But the last 20 years I had to change my way of thinking because 99% of the democrats give the rest of them a bad name.

Tapline said...

cfs. I'm trying to watch the GOP debates and read my comments, at the same time. It's getting redundant.....Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I agree, I'm getting tired,but It's for a good cause. Voting for noone is not a good way to go because it will put someone in that shouldn't be there. Not that it won't happen anyway, but you won't have been a party to a no vote. Maybe, the candidate won't cover all the things you want done, but I'm sure they hit some priorities you have. ....stay well......

Inspired, Thanks for the comments. We will see how this all irons out. Fred looks pretty good so far tonight....stay well....

Crabby, I'm still with you Go Fred!!! I do not like McCain's take on torture, tree hugging, and amnesty....stay well..

Gayle said...

"...a "hive" of Democrats? YIKES! I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut and probably would have been attacked.

"Democrates = Nothing of Substance" would make a great bumper sticker! Of course I would be afraid to leave my car unprotected. LOL!

If they actually do smell the coffee, Tap, it will probably be Starbucks. How can anyone say our economy is broken (like many in the MSM do) when people can afford to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee? Americans have become so spoiled. They cry over prices at the gas pump but won't let us build refineries. They spend money like water on the latest technology and groan over the price of gas. It grieves me that we have become such a nation of whiners.


Gayle said...

Oops! I meant to let you know that I've got a great video up on my Fractured Friday post today. I hope you get to stop by and watch it because it's a doozy! :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Its too early to call anything in the current primaries. Super Tuesday (Feb. 5) will be the real test. Things even change come convention time.

So far there are only front runners on both sides of the fence at one winner apiece.Nothing has been won yet. The past two events are mere skirmishes.

It is when the going gets really rough and tough that real leaders emerge and win! No one should give up when the fighting has just began. Stay cool and keep pitching.
--Durano, done!

Tapline said...

Gayle, 'Thanks for stopping by. I'll be by to view your site later. stay well......

American Interests said...

So there wasn't much of substance in your presence at the COPD therapy class right? You probably did well to listen up otherwise, wasted breath...stay well tap!

Anonymous said...

TL in ref to the GOP Debate

I did not watch the latest GOP debate on Fox but I understand that Fred Thompson was the winner, that he did a good job debating the other candidates. Let see if he can hang in there at least until after Super Duper Tuesday 02/05/2008.

And in ref to the GOP this is the way I see it right now:

GONE - Sam Brownback
GONE - Tom Tancredo
ALMOST GONE - Duncan Hunter
ALMOST GONE - Alan Keyes
IN TROUBLE - Fred Thompson
IN TROUBLE - Rudy Giuliani
NOW SECOND - Mike Huckabee
NOW THIRD - Mitt Romney

What I want to see is from those in trouble to make an upward move with the exception of Rudy, I want Rudy to move to the GONE column. Oh by the way cfs can NOT vote for any of the GOP candidates on 02/05/2008 because the GOP is not allowing the real independent [non affiliated] voters to vote in the GOP primary here in the state of California.

Have a fine MAINE weekend.