Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congress!! when are you going to reign in the EPA

The enviornmental Protection Agency are really flexing their muscles as it relates to our economy. They have issued regulations that will, If what I read is correct, mean the loss of Thousands of jobs. This is outrageous, especially, in this period of massive unemployment, which is still listed as 9.6. I don't see how they can maintain this figure with thousands being added to the roles monthly, but that aside, Congress must act to neutralize the EPA's power . The Congress must act to stop this insanity The EPA is attacking the Coal industry and recently started on the Cement industry. From what I have read in the Blogisphere Their new regulations will cause mine closures and cause cement manufacturing to be outsourced to China. I will quote what I read somewhere concerning these actions and that is "It's like saying," you can't pee in this side of the pool". Congress act now !

Federal takeover of all US waters

It is my understanding that the Federal Government has taken over all waters in the United States including the Great Lakes, inland lakes and coastal waters. Does this mean total control of the fishing industry as well??? where are states rights or are they no longer valid????
I drafted a letter to one of my Senators concerning manditory registration this year and requirement to get a federal fishing license in order to fish in Coastal waters effective next year. I questioned what happened to State controlled waters and as of now I have received no reply.
If I am wrong in my observations someone please someone correct me????!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I hope I'm wrong!!!

I just heard a mention of Republicans and the Obumba Healthcare fiesco. Now, and my hearing isn't the greatest these days, I thought I heard one of the top Rebublicans in Washington talking about not voting to abolish the Healthcare bill. If this is correct they are as we have seen in the past the same as the ones that shoved this mess down our throats anyway. After all this time and all the talk. Now the Republicians are only going to nibble at the sides of the Massive mess and try to make it palitable ??? Wow, the leapard does not change its spots. They still don't get it.....What the heck have we been yelling about all this time???REpeal the Bill,,,,Repeal the Bill,,,,The cost to the individual has not been computed and I wouldn't believe it if it had!!!!I say make them sign a pledge....No new taxes....REpeal Obamacare.....Give the states back their rights......and all the other rights that have been taken away or abridged by this administration and the Congress....To the Congress of the United States....Stop taking or allow to be taken by the current administration our individual rights and stomping on the Constitution. Defund all programs not approved by the people.....have hearings on the czars and the last one who is working for Gietner and the one...., who doesn't even get funded through the congress, but the Fed..... No oversight on any of them...How legal is that????