Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank God, I will not be a party to the Agreement against our military

What is a SOFA, Status of Forces Agreement? According to Wikipedia, It is an agreement between a country and a foreign nation stationing military forces in that country. That is the agreement that currently is being negotiated between The United States and the Iraqi Government.

I am certainly not privy to the workings of our government or any other government, but as with everything that we have initiated in Iraq. Our military seems to be getting the Sh.. end of the stick again.

I recently was looking at the bottom of the screen on Fox a couple of days ago and noticed that a draft SOFA has been completed for our military remaining in Iraq. Now some people might think that this treaty is a great instrument, but I for one do not think it is the best interest of our forces being stationed there against their will in many instances.

The part that seems to stick in my craw is our military will be tried by an Iraqi Civilian Court for offenses committed outside a military base unless it is in the line of duty.

Good God people. We have been and are still in a war in that country. People get killed in a war and we always have "collateral damage. One does not just wrap it up as being a casualty of war. They hold grudges. All one has to do to see what grudges can amass between the Sunni and Shia. They are currently in the process of ridding the country of Christians. How much more of an example do we need to terminate this outrageous process.

A justice will not administer justice as we see it especially if his relatives or friends have been killed or maimed by our forces. Their laws are not the same nor justice the same as it is administered by our system. my nephew was in Saudi Arabia and hit a pedistrian while driving on a very narrow road. He was jailed and stayed there for over a year while justice worked.

I have heard horror stories which our State Department is fully aware of concerning middle eastern justice and Americans caught up in it. I say no to our Militry being made available to Middle East Justice. One such story is if you are taking a taxi and the driver hits a pedistrian, throw the money in the seat and run because it is your fault. If you hadn't hired the taxi it wouldn't have been there and the accident wouldn't have happened. I'm not saying that is the case in Iraq but I doubt if its Blackstones'definition of law.

I say NO! to any agreement whereby our military is subjected to a foreign nations laws when we are stationed there for their protection and where we have given our most precious possessions, our young men and women to die for their right to have their own courts and not killed at will by their own people....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's happening to Oil??

I was sitting watching the morgage crisis unfold and across the screen come a statement that gas is $3.00 average price nationally. Well, I guess as one of the guests on Fox stated about the bottom dropping out of the oil crisis, a few days ago. As long as this bailout is not signed the cost of oil will drop. I would say this is good news, but what do I know? I do know that this experiment with Social Engineeering is a failure unless we do reallocate our money to fix the problem. How can anyone in their right mind say buy it. you'll like it. Makes no difference if you can't afford it. Sam will make it right. The leaders are still saying look people are losing their home. We should give them money so they will not lose their home. This is still a no brainer. Why do we give money to a problem that will not right itself. If one cannot afford a morgage payment, which they know they can't who is helping whom??? Back to the Oil...Seems like the cost of gas will continue to go down. How will this downward spiril effect this crisis??? If at all. No one is saying..