Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flag-folding Recitals, Puff !!! gone

With the wave of a pen the reading of the 13 folds on the American Flag to the Triangle shape that is given to the representatives of fallen hero's is no more, or only on special request, but cannot be performed by government workers or volunteers.
The reason being someONE objected to the 11th fold recitation.
According to an article carried by Scripps Howard News Service as written by Joe Vargo of "The Press-Enterprise" of Riverside California: " A single complaint lodged against the words of the 11th fold which clebrates Jewish War Veterans and glorifies the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, prompted the National Cemetery Administration to ban the entire recital at all 125 National Cemetaries.""----Mike Nacincik, a spokesman for the National Cemetery Administration, said the new policy, which was outlined in a Sept 27, memo is aimed at creating uniformed services throughout the military graveyard system." See for entire article Hat tip to "Dragon Lady's Den" for alerting the blogisphere to this outrage.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update on my remarks on the previous thread

Re: Kurdistan, I have taken the parts of the history of Kurdistan as recorded in
the "Wkipedia", the free encyhclopedia, "Kurdistan covers large areas of eastern Turkey, Northern Iraq, Northwestern Iran and small parts of
Syria and Armenia". To continue on quotes from Wkipedia, " In the 16th century, Kurdish inhabited areas were split between Safavid, Iran and the Ottoman Empire. This was formalized in 1639. Before WWI most Kurds lived within the bounderies aof the Ottoman Empire in the province of Kurdistan. After the collape of the Ottoman Empire the Allies agreed and planned to create several countries within its former bounderies. Originally Kurdistan, along with Armenia was to be one. According to the treaty of Sevres, however this treaty was never ratified. The reconquest of these areas by Karmel Ataturk, other pressing issues caused the allies to accept the renegotiated Treaty of Lausanne, accepting the modern border of the Republic of Turkey and leaving the Kurds without a selfruled region. Other Kurdish area were assigned to the new
British and French mandated states of Iraq and Syria under both treaties.
At the end of the first Gulf War, the allies established a safe haven in Nothern Iraq. Amid the withdrawal of all Iraqi troops from Kurdistan there emerged an atonomus entity with its own government and parliment in 1992."
I knew England had to be in there somewhere. And this is it in a nutshell....

Who is trusting Whom??

"Debka Files" has an excellent article concerning US diplomacy and missle defense. The article states and I'm paraphrasing, the U.S. has made concessions, with Russia, on the Europe based missile shield, In exchange for Russia's withdrawal of Nuclear aid to Iran and backing of sactions against them. The announcement, according to Debka was made in Prague by Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates when he proposed a delay in activating the shield. See "Debka Files" dated Wednesday, October 24, 2007 for complete article.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Big brother,uh,,,,Sister will watch out for you????

Not my kid you won't! I say that now, but if this is allowed to continue Government will not only be in our bedrooms, but in our beds also....This situation, in my own humble estimation, is not only illegal, but flies in the face of parental responsibility or the lack thereof and they should be held accountable, not the school. It seems in the City of Portland, Maine the local school committee , after a public hearing is allowing birth control pills to be administered to 11 year old students, of course with parental permission, (to use the Health care facility, not permission for the pill, or shot, or patch, just the facility).
A little history is in order. From what I understand, a middle school nurse had 5 students out of 134 that was sexually active, which was an intolerable situation. It was determined by "the watchers" or whomever, The school in its infinite wisdom should exercise a parental roll and prove "it takes a village to raise a child." (see URL http://www,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who would have thought!!!!

This blew me apart....God help this Nation.....They certainly won't help themselves. i just read a blog post from "Ace of Spades" concerning Wiretapping and the Soldiers kidnapped by insurgents or Al Quida In May of this year. Thinking to myself, self, what does wiretapping and easedropping have to do with the war and kidnapped soldiers??? Logical question, (so I thaught). Another article written in the New York Post,Titled "Wire Law failed lost GI" dated October 16,2007. also confirms this travesty of Justice... It was reported, and I'll paraphrase, While on lookout, 7 soldiers were attacked by Al Quida, of these 4 were killed outright and three were kidnapped. Immediately the machinery was put into action to rescue these three. They wanted to wiretap the terrorist cellphones, but because of the law they were forced to stop and set the wheels in motion for attorneys to get permission from the AG's office to allow this procedure. Setting up this process took 10 hours. A crucial 10 hours that possibly could have led to the rescue of these soldiers, Instead, one body was found later in the river and the other two never found, but it was reported they were executed and buried. Go to both sites to get a good read on this sickening affair. It is my understanding that the Senate or House or both are aware of this miscarriage of justice and still are going to continue this same wiretapping fiesco.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Turks for the Turks (correction)

In my last "Turks for the Turks" post. I think I stand corrected because I was informed that we have indeed voted for a similar resolution twice,,,,I apologize for the incorrect information .....Will be more careful next time, THis however does not negate the damage bringing up this resolution at this time.. Another way to lose the peace in Iraq??? interrupt the supply lines..Great strategy for Americas' enemies...What!!!!!I mean UH!!!!The United States House.....Wake up America.....again!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Turks are for the Turks

We have done it again. Alienating another nation. I know that Turkey delivered a message to Syria about the bombing in their country by the Israelis, the same day that it happened, but it probably was a planned event. Now the house committee has, in its infinite wisdom, against the administrations strenuous objections, completed a resolution at the time of WWI Turkey committed genocide against the Armenian population. This had been talked about since that time, I think, We did not condemn Turkey then, but now.....With much of our military supplies coming through Turkey to Iraq. That and Turkeys'economic ties with Northern Iraq. This could be disastrous.....Really, a lot of thought had to go into creating this mess..Just think of the ramifications!!!!!The Turkish US ambassador has been recalled to Turkey. We are waiting for the next shoe to drop...And believe me it will drop.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Exercises to Maintain Competence

According to "Debka Files",
The US government has two exercises running simultaneously, from Oct15 through the 20th. The first is called "Viglant Shield" conducted by North American Aerospace Defense Command. It is to test our ability to mobilize our resources. The Second exercise is called "Topoff 4". involving 15,000 participants. This includes federal agencies, Australian, Canadian, and the UK. It calls for the deployment of US Warplanes from Canada to Guam. This is an excellent read....
See "Debka Files" blog for complete posting

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oops! something was given to the media that, I think makes Presidnet Bush, er,,,,,Presidental,,

Seems like someone messed up and released information to the Italian press to embarass President Bush and the Italian PM. It backfired, Portraying President Bush as a man not wanting to go to war. Concerned about the loses of life and the money that it will take to go to war. "the rantings of a sandmonkey" blog has the whole post broken down into a good read