Friday, October 30, 2009

Whereare the H1N1 shots??

It has been many months since I have posted because I have been completely obsorbed with the changes we have been exposed to since "the one" has occupied the highest office in this land that I love.....My question to Health and Human Services Czar!! Where are the shots we were told would be readily available in October??? I mean we were going to have plenty,,,enough to sent overseas,,,REally,,,, Recently, I heard of medical emergencies in a couple of states. Locally, schools are beginning to close.....No serum available,,,,even for regular flu shots????? I have read that we in America only have one company making the serum and three others overseas.... "People are dying and the Health department can only estimate how many people have the disease.....ESTIMATE....Who is keeping track of this epidemic??????How many cases do we have?????Where are they?????The information I have received is Sneeze in your sleave and if you have flu like symptoms stay home. That's really great,,,how about hiring more companies to make the serum....... A preview of Government run healthcare?????God help us!!