Friday, March 30, 2007

Nancy Pelosi and team are doing the Middle East

Against the advise of the US State Department, Nancy and party are touring the Middle East. She will be addressing Isreali political leaders. Spreading her wisdom on "cut and run" policy which she so blatantly advocates. I'm sure she will tell the Jews how she and the rest of the democratic party support them and the American Troops in Iraq. I don't see why she doesn't visit Iran while she is about it. They will welcome her with open arms. Turkey is not on her Itenirary, Huh! I wonder why.???....I understand Istanbul is beautiful this time of year. ...

Antsy Nancy 's true colors are coming through

It seems that since the 15 British military were kidnapped by the Iranians in Iraqi waters last week, one of our congressmen drafted a bill that condemns the act and calls for their immediate release. Now for some reason Ms. Nancy will not allow the bill to come up on the floor for a vote. Leaseways, that was the way it was up until Thursday morning. I dont know if anything has changed. What has happened to my country. Why would anyone. twice removed from the presidency of the United States, fail to allow this bill voted on to offer our support for the British nation and servicemembers, and condemn Iran for their act of kidnapping and photographing their victims, having them issue statements, completeley diregarding the provisions of the Geneva Convention. Although this shouldn't surprise me, look what they did to us many years ago. They invaded an soverign US embassy and kept us citizens and military, guarding the embassy, prisoners for 444 days.
UPDATE: The house recessed without the bill even coming up for a vote.....Nice

Saudi Arabia speaks out.

Ir is my understanding that Saudi Arabia has stated tht America was illegally occuping Iraq. That's great coming from an alli. I guess that's what we call them. Iraq immediately issued a statement saying we were there at their invitation and I believe the United Nations security council advised that we were there under their direction or something to that effect. I get the impression that we are saying or doing something the Saudi's don't like. That's really sad, after the way our VP was treated by them on his last visit...We should really be more respectful or heads will roll...

The Secretary of State in the M.E.

What's happening with the Palistanian Peace Plan...The PPP so to speak. Why are the sworn enemies of Isreal making decision concerning their welfare without their input and We aquiesce. Maybe they are being thrown under the bus again. How many times must the Isrealis be humiliated and degraded in the name of PEace. Every time they have agreed to a plan. they loose....Now they're giving up what...Jerusalum? Back to the 67 borders?? How much is that going to cost the US....Now I understand the Saudi's are saying they and a committee will decide what Isreal will accept. This should be unacceptable to the US. I hope the diplomates will see this is not an acceptable arrangement. One must remember, arrafat ok'd the murder of US diplomates in Africa in the 1970's and the powers that be in the US knew it but kept it quiet because it would make bad relation with the US. Then we made him our best friend. Of course he threw us under the bus many times, agreeing to terms of a truce then changing his mind....You know the PLO affiliated with the hyjacking of an airliner and the subsequent murder of the navy man shot in the head and dumped out the door onto the runway, for nothing!!!!! In Beirut or somewhere over there. I beieve that was in the 1970's also. anyway, I ramble. point is I hope a constructive arrangement can be made.

funding for the War

Well, they've done it again. The Dems have voted for a troop withdrawal with time lines, President Bush as vowed to veto this bill, but it remains to be seen. I was reading a comment on one of the blogs that said paraphrasing, now is the time for Bush to call for a committee to look into the senate and who is doing what to subvert the war effort. Calling for sworn testimony. There certainly are many people who are unhappy with the present leadership. Both from the Presidency and the Congress. Where this ends up no one knows. One thing is certain someone will look into what made two members change their vote fro no to yes in less than two weeks. Me thinks, something is amiss......both from the same state......Nebraska,,,,I believe.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Democrats are at it again.

Now they want the resignation of Gonzales the Attorney General. The reason being he fired 8 attorneys. Where does this end. Don't they do any work in Washington. This is not the work of the people who they are so concerned about. It is a non-issue. It is the prerogative of the executive Branch to hire and fire as they deem necessary or appropriate. Why don't they get busy and get some work done on Immigration Reform. Get rid of the illegals. Don't allow them any rights. They are not citizens of the United States. If they are looking at Guest Worker permits, I would heartily suggest that they contact Germany and their population of Turks. That came on Guest worker permits. Look at the backlog of Immigration now. How long will it take to process and track a Guest worker program.

Monday, March 12, 2007

State Politics, but!

One of Maine's State Representatives is sponsoring a Bill LD 779. This bill removes the Clergy as Signatories on Marriage Licenses. The purpose of this bill is to remove the clergy from fully performing the complete ceremony of matrimony. Unless I am misinformed, Over 90% of the American Nation is Christian . The sanctity of Marriage is a vow between God and Man performed and certified by Clergy. Why the change? If this is passed, the couple would have to go to a lawyer, judge or a Public Notary for signatures before the State of Maine would recognize it as a legitimate marriage. What is the procedure for marriage in the Soviet Union???
This is in Maine now. Which state is next. Watch out America, another step at trying to remove God from American life.
Wake up people. We have excellent examples of what happens to countries where God is being removed from the public arena. Ask yourself! Why is this even being considered?
President Ronald Reagan made this statement that really fits the situation:

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under".

UPDATE: Yesterday 3/13/07 , a decision was made not to introduce this bill. The reason given me was there was much opposition. We must stay vigilant.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Verdict is in??

Well, the verdict is in Guilty on 4 counts and not guilty on the 5th. I don't get all that I know about this entire situation. It is my understanding that before the investigation got started the Federal Prosecutor, Fitzgerald knew who outed Valerie Plume. Now that is what the investigation was suppose to find out. Why was it continued If he know it was Armatage that outed her to begin with, he turned himself in. Certainly the FBI knew it and probably the CIA also. Why was the investigation allowed to continue? The law wasn't broken to begin with and the prosecutor knew that also, Valerie wasn't a covert operative and hadn't been for years. This man's political life is ruined. why? Is this justice or more appropriately what is the justice?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Public Schools rule.

I wasn't going to write today because I didn't have that much going on, until I read JWR . There I read an article written by Jeff Jacoby. It was titled" Public Schools have right to teach charges whatever they deem appropriate---Parents be damned"
According to Jeff Joccby the ruling was handed down by US District Judge Mark Wolf on a case he dismissed involving two sets of parents against the Lexington, Massachusetts School.

I was totally taken back by the far reaching effect this could have on parents ability to have a say in what is being taught their kids in public schools. It seems by this ruling, we don't have a constitutional right to do so. Schools can teach whatever they like without even contacting you for input.
I have said in the past and I continue to say. Watch out for the Courts. We cannot be a country where anything goes, where morals and values are not taught nor valued. That is where we are heading very fast and we are allowing this to happen. Get rid of these judges who will not allow this nation to be one under God. And enforce the Judeo-Christian ethics, which this nation was founded on. The educators are molding young minds and as parents, I feel, we should have some say in what is being spoon feed to our children. Reagan said something about a nation going under. I'm paraphrasing now...But to goes something like this. A Nation who is not under God will soon be a Nation gone under. I fear we are nearing this point. Diversity be damned and the same with multiculturalism. Lets get back to basics, and assimilate. There's too much separatism. Lets come together as a Nation once more.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Social Security Totalization agreement

I never heard of this agreement and I haven't looked it up yet, maybe someone out there could clue me in????
anyway, my sister from Texas called me today and said have you contacted your rep over this SS mess. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. She said it was a bill presently in Congress that had to do with an agreement concerning illegal aliens and their getting Social Security benefits for their work. Even though they are illegal the government is entering into an agreement that they can retain all the benefits they paid into SS working illegally, I don't get it . I don't get the entire Illegal immigration thing. I think the whole thing is being mishandled by our Representatives and Senators. I don't know where they are coming from. If a person enters this country illegally, they are illegal PERIOD. That is the current law. We have been hoodwinked by our reps. Laws have been passed concerning the rights of these aliens. They are illegal,,,,illegal....they should have no legal rights in this country. Now if the lawmakers want to change the law, then by all means change the law, but do not break the present laws to suit your purposes. when caught. send them back over the border. Someone says well, get a guest worker program. That fine if its administered properly, However ask Germany about their guest worker program with Turkey. I think that went a little out of control, Not sure , but think so... Can we effectively administer a guest worker program. I doubt it. Then the situation will be the same as it is now.
My son in law said, "u know if they let them come in under a guest worker program they have to pay them the minimum wage." Then we will see how many are hired. Not the same folks.
anyway, back to the new law. Ill have to look it up. As of now I can't speak to it because I don't know what its about...

Nothing to add

I don't know what happened. I lose my blogs periodically, I really don't knoow if anyone out there is reading or interested in what I hav to say. I don't have much to say today. The Surge in Iraq seems to be going pretty smoothly, but I kinda don't trust the powers that be especially, when the PM says he is going to oust some polititians and take them to court for collusion and if they like others in the ME take money for doing anything for someone else. This custom probably doesn't set too well with our troops. Even though its been going on for quite some time. I don't know whats it's called, but I remember when I was in Ankara, Turkey years ago. I had a car and it kind of hit a horse and wagon. Well, needless to say it totaled my car. I had to pay the government for them to keep my car. otherwise I would have had to ship a totaled car back to the States. anyway each person that I went through to get a signature or stamp. They loved stamps. I had to pay not for the stamps or signature but for the person to do it. I went through many cigarettes ,gifts for the people helping me to get the government to keep my car. I finally did it after days of negotiations.,,,,,but that was how they worked....I couldn't fight it. I imagine it hadn't changed much. they didn't get paid much and this is how they made anything out of their jobs..