Monday, March 5, 2007

Public Schools rule.

I wasn't going to write today because I didn't have that much going on, until I read JWR . There I read an article written by Jeff Jacoby. It was titled" Public Schools have right to teach charges whatever they deem appropriate---Parents be damned"
According to Jeff Joccby the ruling was handed down by US District Judge Mark Wolf on a case he dismissed involving two sets of parents against the Lexington, Massachusetts School.

I was totally taken back by the far reaching effect this could have on parents ability to have a say in what is being taught their kids in public schools. It seems by this ruling, we don't have a constitutional right to do so. Schools can teach whatever they like without even contacting you for input.
I have said in the past and I continue to say. Watch out for the Courts. We cannot be a country where anything goes, where morals and values are not taught nor valued. That is where we are heading very fast and we are allowing this to happen. Get rid of these judges who will not allow this nation to be one under God. And enforce the Judeo-Christian ethics, which this nation was founded on. The educators are molding young minds and as parents, I feel, we should have some say in what is being spoon feed to our children. Reagan said something about a nation going under. I'm paraphrasing now...But to goes something like this. A Nation who is not under God will soon be a Nation gone under. I fear we are nearing this point. Diversity be damned and the same with multiculturalism. Lets get back to basics, and assimilate. There's too much separatism. Lets come together as a Nation once more.

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