Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Democrats are at it again.

Now they want the resignation of Gonzales the Attorney General. The reason being he fired 8 attorneys. Where does this end. Don't they do any work in Washington. This is not the work of the people who they are so concerned about. It is a non-issue. It is the prerogative of the executive Branch to hire and fire as they deem necessary or appropriate. Why don't they get busy and get some work done on Immigration Reform. Get rid of the illegals. Don't allow them any rights. They are not citizens of the United States. If they are looking at Guest Worker permits, I would heartily suggest that they contact Germany and their population of Turks. That came on Guest worker permits. Look at the backlog of Immigration now. How long will it take to process and track a Guest worker program.


Anonymous said...

Testing connectivity ..no message .. s/Ed

mindtrick said...

Almanya iyi bir ├Ârnek mi bilemiyorum. Ama illegalden iyidir en azindan.

Tapline said...

displaying my ignorance. I speak a small amount of Turkish. I do not read it. I can pick out a couple of words but, that's it. I did try to find a Turkish Blog, but couln'tfind one in English. If you would translate please..