Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bring our Troops Home!!

Never in my lifetime would I ever have thought it possible they would initiate policies for our military that could and very possibly would kill our troops in harms way. It is my understanding that troops now must read "Miranda Rights" to the enemy upon capture. Have we lost our minds??? Bottom line, and I love the way politicians talk around this subject, they are so subjective. Policies of this magnatitude will kill our military before they know what hit them. Also I would hope the Department of Defense will be holding manditory classes for every recrut on what are the remifications of discharging a weapon even in your own defense on the battlefield and all the other legal ramifications of protecting America. Do they take an interpreter with on the battlefield?? Or perhaps a lawyer in one pocket and a civilian criminal law book in the other? UCMJ? what is that? Are we still using that? I'm sure we still have "Rules of Engagement", but we won't go there.

It is high time that we bring our troops home. We cannot protect them from ourselves and they cannot be placed in a situation where everything they do can lead to undetermined conclusions!!!!...If indeed this latest is true?? Bring them home. We can no longer be, the world policeman.