Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo from Ice Storm in New England

This is a picture of the Ice Storm in New Hampshire last thursday night. My son gave me this image and put it up for me. I didn't know how...I'm quite limited when it comes to inputing images....
We lost power early Friday morning around 3:00AM and got it back around 5:00PM. Where this picture was taken, the people just got back their power this afternoon late. Power lines were down throughout the state, as well as the Maine coastline. I was lucky, Although, my basement flooded with about 2 inches of water because my emergency generator broke and I didn't have a spare. By the time I got it fixed, the power was back on. I tried to get a replacement, but most all the stores were closed and by the time I found a store, it was late afternoon and I just ordered a replacement generator to be delivered in the evening. On my return home, I stopped to pick up my repaired generator and brought it back for installation. Shortly thereafter, the power came back on, the phone which had also been out came on and the store called informing me my new generator was in.. I picked it up to be used as a spare in case..Now my son wants the one I had repaired..So goes a day in a life........

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More on issue of Shariah law in the US?

another great article in the Jewish World Review, by an outstanding journalist on Nov. 11, 2008...... titled "Will Obama stop government officials considering institutionalizing financial jihad? "
By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. at This is a good read.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's happening in the United States relative to Shariah Law??

A couple of articles written by Frank J Gaffney Jr. for the Jewish World Review were very interesting. What is happening between Islamic Banking, Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF) and the US Treasury Department. As I said interesting read....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Over!!! or is this the beginning...

The people spoke, I think anyway? It is reported that way anywey....Just what a person can believe is another story, altogether. Now the blame game. I can think of many avenues to place blame, but mostly to the American people who have become so complacent, they do not know what they have done, but they will, in very short order. I believe it was John Kennedy who stated "Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what can you do for your country" This is going to be tried in this administration Rather than having "a chicken in every po0t" You are going to be lucky if you have a chicken to put in a pot. This reminds me of the Show" YOu asked for it." Well, America you asked for it now we will see where all this retoric will take this nation first, In the name fairness and all: its only right to redistribute what you have worked for,and, don't talk to openly because it might hurt someones feelings and we can't have that and freedom of the press well lets not let that go too far, it could infringe on someone or something, so lets curb that. By the way they will be the first ones squaking, if they see it coming with all those blinders they have been wearing..Just saying and I do ramble.........

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank God, I will not be a party to the Agreement against our military

What is a SOFA, Status of Forces Agreement? According to Wikipedia, It is an agreement between a country and a foreign nation stationing military forces in that country. That is the agreement that currently is being negotiated between The United States and the Iraqi Government.

I am certainly not privy to the workings of our government or any other government, but as with everything that we have initiated in Iraq. Our military seems to be getting the Sh.. end of the stick again.

I recently was looking at the bottom of the screen on Fox a couple of days ago and noticed that a draft SOFA has been completed for our military remaining in Iraq. Now some people might think that this treaty is a great instrument, but I for one do not think it is the best interest of our forces being stationed there against their will in many instances.

The part that seems to stick in my craw is our military will be tried by an Iraqi Civilian Court for offenses committed outside a military base unless it is in the line of duty.

Good God people. We have been and are still in a war in that country. People get killed in a war and we always have "collateral damage. One does not just wrap it up as being a casualty of war. They hold grudges. All one has to do to see what grudges can amass between the Sunni and Shia. They are currently in the process of ridding the country of Christians. How much more of an example do we need to terminate this outrageous process.

A justice will not administer justice as we see it especially if his relatives or friends have been killed or maimed by our forces. Their laws are not the same nor justice the same as it is administered by our system. my nephew was in Saudi Arabia and hit a pedistrian while driving on a very narrow road. He was jailed and stayed there for over a year while justice worked.

I have heard horror stories which our State Department is fully aware of concerning middle eastern justice and Americans caught up in it. I say no to our Militry being made available to Middle East Justice. One such story is if you are taking a taxi and the driver hits a pedistrian, throw the money in the seat and run because it is your fault. If you hadn't hired the taxi it wouldn't have been there and the accident wouldn't have happened. I'm not saying that is the case in Iraq but I doubt if its Blackstones'definition of law.

I say NO! to any agreement whereby our military is subjected to a foreign nations laws when we are stationed there for their protection and where we have given our most precious possessions, our young men and women to die for their right to have their own courts and not killed at will by their own people....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's happening to Oil??

I was sitting watching the morgage crisis unfold and across the screen come a statement that gas is $3.00 average price nationally. Well, I guess as one of the guests on Fox stated about the bottom dropping out of the oil crisis, a few days ago. As long as this bailout is not signed the cost of oil will drop. I would say this is good news, but what do I know? I do know that this experiment with Social Engineeering is a failure unless we do reallocate our money to fix the problem. How can anyone in their right mind say buy it. you'll like it. Makes no difference if you can't afford it. Sam will make it right. The leaders are still saying look people are losing their home. We should give them money so they will not lose their home. This is still a no brainer. Why do we give money to a problem that will not right itself. If one cannot afford a morgage payment, which they know they can't who is helping whom??? Back to the Oil...Seems like the cost of gas will continue to go down. How will this downward spiril effect this crisis??? If at all. No one is saying..

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout!! and the Beat goes on.

And I ask you. What exactly is happening and what are the repercussions??? I have been watching the news all day from CNN, Fox and local news programs. I have heard, Wow! This is great we are finally making sense and listening to the people. Others are saying this is Crisis and no one is doing anything. Why don't they pass this bill. I heard one person saying this was great because it will make the cost of oil to plummet. It already dropped $10.00 and it will continue to drop as long as the bailout isn't signed. Once it is the cost will again skyrocket. Others are saying people have lost their 401K's . Many people have lost everything. All Democratic Representatives who voted for the bill are blaming the Republicans for its demise. I think they should be looking at their own house and see who voted for and who voted against. It was very visible that many Democrats voted against the bill.
The powers that be should be having hearings and get people who know what to do to at least have a voice in what should be done, if anything.
"There is more than one way to skin a cat" The average individual does not know what happened and how to get us out of it and I dare say many in congress are part of the unknowing.
Where this ends I don't know, but I do know the people who were aware and got us into this mess sure as heck shouldn't be part of the solution. How can they now stand up and point fingers elsewhere and wail "We should be signing this bailout So goes politics. I think what was done today, was in our best interest and should be hail as a victory for the taxpayer because to do so without hearings is irresponsible. Now perhaps we can sit down and look at who caused this and what is the best way to address it, with the right accountants to look at the problems and submit solutions, Now is the time to come together as Americans not Republican nor Democrat nor Independents,but Americans and work toward an acceptable solution to this crisis and initiate solutions and also safeguards against individuals who cannot afford housing and other assets to be disapproved for such. I'm not an economics major, but for years I have looked at the cost of real estate and say, "Wow! I cannot undrstatnd how these families can get financed for the soaring cost of these houses..I certainly can't. Evidently, they coudn't either.

Friday, August 8, 2008

And we are off again....

We will be leaving today to return to Maine. Most of my family left last night and are already fishing......we should be back in a couple of weeks, maybe three....stay well......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And The Walls came Tumbling Down

Today, I read an article printed in the Jewish World Review Titled: "Church/State wall beginning to crumble?" by Cris Leppek.
The article states that "on Jul 23, 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals, reversed a lower court decision...." As of that writing the State of Colorado had not appealed the decision, but who knows. Read the entire article, The wall of separation of church and state which has been so devastating to these United States for many years might finally have a crack in it. I have long maintained the Constitution speaks of freedom Of religion not From religion and there is no separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.... This is paraphrased because I do not have a copy of it handy.....anyway I think you get where I am coming from. The founders did not separate God from government, He was very much a part of it...If allowed to stand this could open many doors for our country. As it is written when God closes a door he usually opens another one, He was just a little longer opening this one, but what is time, but a twinkling of an eye to Him.....One thing that these institutions of higher learning should be looking at, is when the government gives something they always want something in return. What will they be asking for in return ?????stay well....

Friday, August 1, 2008

What will it take to initiate action by our elected representatives?????

I have addressed this problem in the past and again,,,I ask when will our elected ones get the message that we need lower FUEL prices before we start seeing people freeze or surcumb to a disease because they can't afford to pay for the prescription to cure or maintain their health. One of our Maine Senators in her advertisement for reelection says we need to come together as a nation.... She offers no solution to our current crisis on energy.... I say get rid of all of them who do not answer to the will of the people. They certainly are all for changing and enacting new laws to appease certain groups who feather their nests,and to come together to force legislation on the states to pass laws they dont particularly agree with by threatening to withhold funds, ie....seatbelt manditory or we withhold highway funds. Speed limit 55 miles per hour.... I could go on indefinately, but you get the idea.
When it comes to drilling and using technology to extract oil from shales etc. Nothing can get through....This is crapola...
Now they are taking a recess,,,,for what????? The most significant problem facing Americans is high energy cost and that has not being addressed....If they go into recess, I call on the President to recall these "Servents of the People" to come back into session and attend to the peoples business. That is,to allow a vote on the energy bill. As it stands right now I pay almost half of my Social Security monthly check on a budget plan for fuel oil, so I won't freeze this winter. My niece says,"People will have to adjust." I say "adjust what?" We have to eat, take our medication and pay our outrageously high heating and gas bills. I have stated in the past and I will say it again. The Democrats of the past were all about helping the Poor of this nation. They have lost their way Now they only think of redistribution of wealth but giving themselves pay raises. The state of Maine has already said there is only so much they can do to help its residents this winter. It gets cold up here and our congress has lost their way...All of the people are not their problem, only certain groups are being heard and the response is against the majority. "When in the course of Human events, it becomes necessary......." and the beat goes on????? How far will the American people allow this to continue until they react.
I for one will reflect it in my vote and hope the majority of responsible citizens do the same. I ramble....stay well...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I will be out and about for about 3 weeks.

Well, it's back down East again. This time for a bout 3 weeks. The children will be coming up in shifts. Only one family for the 4th of July dinner we always host. That's one of my immediate family.. The extended family, what we have left will be there except for my sister and brother...Cousins,,,,nieces and nephews.....My Aunts and Uncles are all gone....Not to extended anymore....after third cousins...Ive lost contact. Also, I hope the land issue can be settled once and for all.....see you when I get back....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Were they Lies??

The los Angeles Times has an article by James Kirchick titled "Bush never Lied to us about Iraq." It was an outhstanding read and I suggest it be required reading by everyone who wants to know the truth and not retoric or lies see:,0,7766785.story?track=rss

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Law Making Branch of Government?

The United States of America has a NEW Law Making Branch of Government. I say new but it really isn't. The SCOTUS has taken on a new role. They now establish laws that apply to alien combatants outside our nation bringing them under the protection of our Constitution. That is really presumptous of them to give an enemy of the United States protection under our Constitution. 5 of the 9 justices have taken it upon themselves to create new laws to prove that the Constitution is a living document and hence can be added to or taken from as the case dictates., Does this really fall within their perview? They have taken from the president, his authority as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces and turned it over to the Courts in a time of war. (Stupid me!, this is not a war,people are being killed and The battlefield has become a Court of law) but, we are not at war. This, like Vietnam, is a police action, but are we not overstepping just a bit into the international arena? What is this Court thinking ??
Read the descent from Justices Scilia and Roberts, they certainly tell it like it is, and lay out some of the ramifications of their brothers latest action. God help our military!! the courts certainly will not.
Talk about having oversight, the foxes are in the chicken house, Not to worry, soon there will be no chickens left to raise red flags, only white ones and that won't be the chickens. It will be the foxes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Merida Initiative (update)

I wrote on this on Feburary 11,2008/// They've already allocated the money , Now it is 1.5 Billion dollars Congress has allocated to Mexico with no strings attached and no imput from us how they spend the money,,,,This is to help fight the war on Drugs. It seems they are killing police south of the border and Our loving representatives want to clean up Mexico, and the rest of Central America. As if not enough of our money is going south already. Now lets subsidize Mexico with no followup on the money....Of course everything will be OK, because they said so.....In watching the Legislature today I heard one decenting cry for not writing a blank check, If we indeed want to help keep it here. Another one said if ones neighbors house was on fire wouldn't we help... Again,,,I don't get it If we want Border security then secure our side of the border. Has anyone of these congesscritters gone to Mexico City lately,,,,You had better go with someone who knows the ropes, or you might not make it back. It is corruption......Everything is payola. A relative of mine went to Mexico City the car he was riding in was stopped by police. The driver gave the policeman about 50.00 dollars and when they got where they were going the driver said he had to pay 100.00 Dollars. and that's the way it went. Now send 1.5 Billion and see where it get us. Congress you want to spend that money do it on this side of the border....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A temporary withdrawal

I am leaving to open my camp and enjoy the sunshine overlooking Union River Bay for the weekend and possibly longer depending on circumstances. From this angle it seems that nothing will be changing politically for a time....I did read something about the North American Union raising its ugly head again and other rumors of impending doom and emergency meetings of the House of Representatives etc..., but I haven't checked it out. The net that does authentication of the inforrmation have been contacted by the person sending me the E-Mail and by the time I am back he should have an answer either true, false or no information.......I'll be checking in periodically.......

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who is watching out for our interest???

Thursday, I believe it was, someone asked Senator McCain about drilling in Alaska. His answer was not at all what one would expect from a man who is suppose to represent all America. Special Interest seem have put blinders on our Republican candidate. Who is he representing when he likened drilling in the Alaskan Wilderness to drilling in a National park ie: Yellowstone. To me it still wouldn't matter. We are like the lemmings heading for the precipice. It looks like none of our representatives are going to help us. I can remember during WWII, In the U.S. gas was rationed and in short supply, as was many other staples. Germany on the other hand, kept its war machine going with an artificial gas, much like the South African today. We cannot manufacture this product because of restrictions placed on the industry by our elected officials. It is a derivitive of coal, of which we have much, I heard a figure of something, like 200 Billion barrels. Glen Beck had a governor on his TV program the other night. The Governor stated there was one company who was manufacturing this product. Originally, there were 200 planned, but that plan went by the wayside. I believe the cost to put this product on the market was $50.00 a barrel. (not positive on the cost)
When are the citizens of this great nation going to demand representation from those sworn to do so? I can remember the term "coal oil", but that was where it ends. I'll look it up and do an update.....Just rambling and wondering when America is going to hold those accountable, to account????? One of the biggest problems is prices are increasing and I am on a fixed income, that is not increasing. McCain has his gas given to him in Washington, I wonder if he ever stops a normal gas station???????

Monday, April 28, 2008

Many questions, No answers ?????

I have been at a loss as to how to comment on this situation. It reminds me of a exercise we had in a training session once many years ago..... I can't remember the exact senario, but the trauma is the same. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a 5 year old child sleeping in your own bed with your brothers and sisters also asleep in their beds. It is the middle of the night; All of a sudden, you are startled out of your sleep by loud noises. strangers were taking you out of your bed, away from everything you knew. You are placed in a car and driven to a place where a woman was telling this stranger and others, you can no longer go home, your brother and sisters can't come with you because there is not enough room where you are going for everyone. You are then taken by this stranger to the house of another stranger and told this is your foster home and this is where your are going to be living for a while. In a home that you don't know, with a family you don't know. you have no idea where the rest of your family is, and when or if, you will ever see them again..You say, "What have I done?"..... now open your eyes.....This could be what a child experiences when he/she is taken from their home and ordered placed by the courts..You will note, I said "by the Courts" In most states Child and Family Services cannot remove a child from a home on their own. In many states,however, a policeman, if he feels the child is in eminent danger can put the child under protective custody,to be followed up by a Courts Order. But in general the child is ordered placed by a Courts order after a hearing.
The removal of a child from its home, should never be taken lightly. I cannot speak to the Child Welfare Laws from the State of Texas, but the evidence given to a judge must have been overwhelming to order the removal of 400 plus children on grounds of all of them being abused. We will not know what transpires at the court because these are juvenile proceedings closed to the public. In most States, juvenile abuse/neglect cases are proven by a proponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt.....I ramble....stay well...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

America or Americanistan

The democrats have been quite silent lately, that is until the General and the ambassador were called on the carpet to explain their actions as it relates to Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, and the public perception of what has transpired in these regions. These men's perview is Iraq, Crocker being the Ambassador to Iraq and Petreus, the General in charge of the multinational forces in Iraq. They were asked questions, such as should we attack Iran. The status of Al Quida in Pakistan and similar question outside their area of responsibility. Smart those Socialist.!! As everyone knows they, the Socialist, support the troops, Well, if they support the troops, I don't think we need any more enemies, Of course Pelosi would not see the Pro-troop, Veterans who are traveling the country now. But, she supports the troops by passing bills to benefit the veterans when they come back. Yea, right, She just won't talk to them, but she will pass bills to help them. (What a joke). If it wasn't so pathetic it would be comical. This party crap is going much too far to the detriment of the United, I say again United States. We are no longer United as a nation. They have done an outstanding job of National Separation. The Socialist uh Democrats want Uncle to enter into all aspects of your individual lives. They are continuing to spout the same retoric as Osama Bin laden. In his last, he advised that this war would bankrupt America and the Socialist are propagating his propaganda through their verbal displays current being acted out at the hearings in Washington.
I think what bothers me the most is, they believe this crap they continue to spew. The young votes also are buying into this, because they have been so left wing indoctrinated by their public school propaganderist, they can no longer think for themselves. Individual thought is a word of the past. One cannot go against the masses. We use to call this Communism, and fought wars to prevent its' spread, but now, this concept is taking over this nation without firing a shot....."We will bury you from within" and they did...Many who are religous have not been reached in this manner, so they re-invent Christianity, with a twist of Marxism. You have seen the results of this spreading virus!!!I ramble ......Wow! this sounds depressing!!....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Liberation Theology

This is an interesting read that I saw while scanning a comment on Michelle's blog yesterday.. The subject was "Liberation Theology". according to the post it came by way of Hot Air and The thesis was written in the 1980s, by the Pope when he was a Cardinal. The article was titled "Liberation Theology by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger". I had the link copied and got involved with something else then lost it. I'll go back to see if I can copy it again. I think I'll just search it....Got it...For some reason I can't copy and paste,but just searched the title, that's how I got it back.....Anyway, It seems quite ironic given the present situation in Chicago.....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update: post removal.

Mr. Brooks, a blogger informed me the information printed by the BBC and posted on Dr. Spencers blog was not totally correct, I therefore, decided, rather than pass misguided or incorrect information to terminate the post. I apoligize for any inconvenience it might have caused.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A New State of Palestine????

On March 5 2008, eight young men were murdered at Yeshivat Haravin in Jerulalem by a Palestinian gunman at point blank range, spraying the students with automatic fire. So, I understand. Why???? I do not know. I do know we are giving millions of US taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority, Whose residents were dancing in the streets over this massacre and whose leader has declared this murderer, a martyr. Way to Go US for the monitary support. Maybe they can buy more rockets in Iran to lobe into Israel killing more innocent civilians...(Sak on) OH!!!they won't do that they want to recognize Israel and become a state living peacefully along side their Israele brothers.(sak off). I was reading a comment on "Iraq The Model" today and one of the comments compared what was happening in Gaza to the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorah. Lot Asking the angel of the Lord, if I can find but 10 good, God fearing people will you spare the ciies and their inhabitants???? and .......They were destroyed.......... Not even 10...Seems to describe what was happening ....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where is Turkey heading???

A couple of days ago I read an post on "PajamasMedia" blog Written by a Mr. Eugenides titled "Turkey votes to lift Ban on Headscarf". It has caused an uproar so I hear, among the people. I do not know when this restriction was placed in the Constitution or made law, but I can only imagine that it was a part of the process that followed what Attiturk was trying to accomplish throughout his nation with the outlawing of the Fez, the vail and multiple marriages. Could be wrong, but...He also made a secular nation with religion being removed from government. Now unless the military exerts its pressure to defend the constitution and keep the country secular,???I was really disappointed at the murder of the two publishers recently, where the victims were multilated. This added to the present course leads me to feel this is the start of a long decline after years of progress to enter the modern world, but if that is what the majority of Turks want, It is their country, and they have to live with the results.....I ramble....stay well...

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Merida Initiative

In going through my blog readings today, I came across a post by Michelle Malkin entitled "The White House wants a 1.4 Billion Stimulus/National Security Package...for Mexico. I along with all who read it was really taken back by the whole notion of our country giving Mexico aid to help secure their southern border,,,,,I said, Their southern border. In phase I $550 million has already been appropriated, according to the post...You have to read the whole thing to get what the significance of the post really does and it has been agreed to by our administration. The title of the initiative is "the Merida Initiative". Now will someone start to look southward to see what is transpiring. We can't build a wall, but we can help Mexico improve their security situation....By the way has anyone looked at the graft and paybacks in Mexico lately.Hummmmm where will that funding go........Lots of luck....It's good to know someone is watching our backs, while our southern border is being penerated daily by Mexico's army and illegals. We are helping Mexico secure their border...And I said it couldn't get worse,,,,and it did......stay well.....

Friday, February 8, 2008

123 Meme

I was tagged by Otto at American Interest on 123 Meme. The rules: Pick up the nearest book containing at least 123 pages. Turn to page 123. Find the 5th sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag 5 other people. goes. I had to go to the stairway to find a book and the first one I picked up was"The World's Famous Orations", "Vol V Great Britain III," "Man made rich by the Poverty of Christ", by Spurgeon. Page 123, 5th sentence

"They loved to serve him, and it is not all fiction that when there was war in
heaven, and when God cast out the devil and his legions, then the elect angels showed their love to him, being valiant in fight and strong in power. He wanted not our love to make him happy: he was rich enough in love without us."
"What! was it true that he whose crown was all bedlight with stars would lay that crown aside?"

I tag the following:

I think this is the last one of these things I do. It takes much time......

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sheeeeeeesh, its a secret camp.....

Again!?? In reading my daily news on News.....I read an article....
"AP confirms Secret Camp inside GITMO" It is an article written by Andrew Selsky AP. This is indeed an interesting article. I guess what confuses me is the wording, secret camp.???.....

Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is happening in Gaza??

I do not quite understand what I do not understand about the Pais. Are they not capable of running their own country? Can't they make bread. Can't they farm? They destroyed all the green houses and whatever else they could ruin that was jewish, On the Land that was taken by Israel during the 67 war from Egypt and that a couple of years ago was given to the pals. Which, by their actions proves they cannot govern.
Now they are in Egypt and,Who by the way doesn't want them and are trying to undo what they allowed to happen by trying to push them back into the Gaza Strip. They have detained some Pals with weapons, Thousands have made it through the breach blasted open by Hamas militants (Terrorists) Egypt has finally seen the error of their ways and has come (according to some reports)to the realization that they made a mistake and that the terrorists might be coupling with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt...Wow, great deduction......We will know soon enough. But....But.....Bush wants an independent state of Palistine??? How, who will or can run it? For a outstanding post on the breach and the aftermath see the Blog"the Rantings of a Sandmonkey" He has an excellent post on the entire situation....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

McCain's "National Director of Hispanic Outreach"

I have been reading continuously on everyones blogs and am completely overloaded with information. Some good points, some not so good. I went to "Michelle Malkins Blog" and read post concerning McCain's National Director of Hispanic Outreach, Dr. Juan Hernandez. It seems he holds duel Citizen, Mexican and American. He has said in the past when referring to Hispanics, according to the post, "all gererations will think Mexico First." "I want them all to think Mexico first." Nice....I thought Mc Cain learned from what he said about What the American people wanted. Well,,,He didn't learn, as far as I am concerned. He is still for open borders and a superhighway from Texas to Canada .......For a good read go to Michelle's Blog and read the entire post. It is telling....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So much for Conservatism !

Fred Thompson has withdrawn frome the Presidential Race.....I had a feeling this was going to be the case, as I have read a little here and a little there about what his campaign workers were not doing, and that they should be doing and weren't. Then to top it off I got a request to do some telephone canvassing the day of the primary in SC. I got the message loud and clear, but I wouldn't allow myself to come out and say so... I did complete a survey on Hulett, I believe that's how you spell it.....Anyway, It was a survey if Thompson should throw in the towel and be placed on the McCain ticket would I vote for him.. The ansere is a big NO. Unless the has been leading us down the garden path. I can not see his values comparable with McCain's. A person can compromise on most anything, except his morals and values. That is my take......back tracking maybe if Romney would take him in and drop his Universal Health Plan, I could be listening.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are we in for a Recession?????

I was reading about a month ago when all the indicators were positive and the media was spouting gloom and doom. I read one article at that time, that if we have a recession one can blame the media.. Well,maybe it is here?? It looks like the administration is trying to do its part in reducing the effects of one. Isn't it when everyone starts worring about it and stops spending, That was what I have been told, so if the general population is told over and over, day after day that we are going into a recession, we get scared, even though employment is about 5% which is the lower end of normal 5=6%,This is a normal unemployment rate, anyway, the message has sunk in and that is where we are today. Home sales have declined, the government stepped in. I dont know how that has affected the housing market, but....The president has developed a stimulus package as a temporary measure to stimulate the economy. It will range from between 100 to 150 Billion. It will come in the form of an income tax rebate to those paying taxes, although the democrats want to include those not making enough to pay any taxes to be included in the rebate,which is not part of the president's package, so they'll compromise somewhere. It is also to include tax breaks for businesses. Let us hope it does what it did in 01.......And the media sees some "light at the end of the tunnel" I ramble.........

The Thinkers Award

I confirmed with DD2 and indeed, I have been chosen along with 6 others for this sward. Thank You DD2...It took me long enough to get it up and finally, my daugher came by and did it for me......stay well.....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

When isLand taken in Conquest considered Occupied?

That is the question one must consider when reading a blog posting on "Powerline" blog. The article in question,was titled "An Odd and unhelpful Thing" and written by Peter Weber a former Duputy Assistant to the President and Director of Stratic Initiatives. It reinforces what I have either blogs or commented about for quite some time and that is when land is taken in conquest, isn't that considered spoils of war and kept by the invading force???? If indeed that is the case why is land previously won in a war against Israel now considered occupied lands and not land that was won by Israel in a war that they won? 90% of which has already been ceeded back to the countries that went to war against Israel. It seems that Our president made a statement concering occupied lands while in Israel, which, according to Peter Weber was Odd and unhelpful. My question about this whole occupation thing is, Why do we and the rest of the world consider this occupied territory??? Do we consider Texas as occupied? JuST Asking!!!Go to Powerline for a complete read.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to sit back and contemplate ?

Its over in New Hampshire and I was surprised. I had no idea who would come in where. On Tuesday, I went to my COPD therapy class and found out I was in a hive of Democrats. That didn't set too well, because I am not one to sit by and not comment at what I see politically. After I found out they were all democrats, I had second thoughts and just listened. Not much meat there...The only comment I made was something about nothing of substance there. later on I listened to what Obama had to say and, it had NO! NO Substance....He said nothing. Of course Hillary had her close encounter with emotion, Well Almost. At least she made sense with her soundbites, but whose going to pay for all this Health Care?? and other give away projects. Sounds good, but..... So enough ranting.....New Hampshire has spoken and Senator Clinton was the Democrats choice and Senator John McCain was the choice of the Republicans. Fred is still in there. He came in at 1% of the vote, but He's still fighting and currently working in South Carolina. He did an outstanding interview on Fox, but I felt a strain in the air, not with Fred, but with some of the questions, could be wrong, but,,,,,
As I was pondering over the primaries, and the media coverage of the events, Something kept bothering me.....They reported on many of the news sites about Mitt's money and how he will be able to spend much more on advertising than some of the other candidates, possibly, using his own money, I thought Well, it didn't help him in New Hampshire, but Wow! the name of the game is exposure, exposure, exposure....Hopefully, the people will smell the coffee.....I ramble....stay well.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Against my better judgement!

I was going to take the week off, so I sit down to watch the news and what did I find?? Nothing about Fred again.....They did have Ron Paul on and Huck all over the media along with Hillary, Hillary,,Obama,,,,Romney and once McCain, but no Fred. Then I went over to "Dragon Lady's Den" Blog and found a great Video of Fred. He makes more sense in 10 minutes than the rest of those political hacks. I had to say it....Pay a visit to Gayle and listen to a real person speak about the issues and things that matter. Not to just the current generation, but to generations not yet born. I ramble.....