Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MONEY,!!,,,What makes the world go round????!!

Hello Blog world. Ive been out of circulation for a couple of weeks, but I am back for a week or so.....
I have always heard this said that "money talks and BS walks". I have somewhat believed it, but not totally, until now. It seems that we have become a very legalistic society, that is everything is based on laws and the breaking of such needs a remedy. I am not sayiing that laws are being broken, What I am saying is that there ought to be a law for underminding democracy. In making these laws over the last 40 years, our much beloved, Supreme Court and left wing judges has changed the entire legal system, With the making of new laws, not interpreting the Constitution, which they were created to do. The majority of laws and changes are to the detriment of the public at large. I will rephrase that,,,It has caused the irrepretable damage to the nation as a whole. This has been a slow, but continuous grinding down of our individual and collective rights. Im not to good at explaining what has happened, but an editorial that was posted in the IBD, International Busness Digest Newsletter, on 24 September 2007 says it much better than I; when it come to making money talk to change laws and minds. you can find this post at It is titled "The Soros Threat to Democracy" This is an excellent read......

Friday, September 14, 2007

freedom of assembly???

I guess I am too use to the American Way.....visit blog...the "gates of Vienna" they have a rundaown on an organization who was not allowed to assemble on 9/11/07 to protest the Islamization of Europe. The police have arrested many people who assembled and others that didn't according to the post....The reason given by the Mayor of the city was that it might disturb some muslims.....Wow!!! getting bad, I guess

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

America my Home

We use to have a two party system or so it was known even though we had the green party, and the independents. Now, I'm not so sure. It seems the Democratic leadership is leading them down a path of no return. Before Petraeous made his report to the nation. Their " " people demonized an American hero. This is par for the course with this party. They do not like, nor have they liked the military establishment for many years. The American people better wake up and smell the coffee. The only reason they can breathe the breath of freedom, is because this establishment exists. The military has paid with their lives and reduction of their own individual freedoms to guarantee these thankless seditionist the right to express theirs.
Democrats, where are the Roosevelt's and JFK's among you. When is enough, enough??? When is treason, Treason????? Have we gone so far, that anything and everything is OK, except when it's politically incorrect, as in free speech??? This nation is morally, and spiritually bankrupt and we continue into the abyss.