Friday, June 15, 2007

Palestine shattered/Polititians assasinated in Lebanon

Hamas has taken over Gaza. After a fierce fight, where according to news sources prisoners were murdered after they were taken prisoner is over. Hamas came out the winner in this fight between factions of the Palestinian government. Abbas the president in The west Bank fired the Prime Minister who was Hamas and most of the Hamas polititians. Hopefully, he can make a strong enough West Bank to survive. Im sure the Hamas from Gaza will try incessantly to take ove the west bank also. They didn't do it alone. It is my understanding they got much help both in bodies and weapons and equipment from Syria and Iran who has set up shop with them in Gaza.

That coupled with the assasination of another top polititian in Lebanon. (I wonder if Syria was involved in this one also?) Another couple more killings and there will be a change in the government I think.....Syria can then set up their puppet with the help of their Friends again.... "Debka files" has a good write up on the takeover.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Global Warming HuMMMMMM!!!

Seems the Canucks have another name for it. the study was completed by someone other that Al Gore...If you want to see what is really happening without all the hype, see the go to the following Web site: REA/warming4.htm

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Will Israel do What must be done to Survive?

According to Daniel Pipes' article "Can the Israel Defense Force disrupt Iran's Nuclear Program" writing for the Jewish World Review, He States reasons why Israel could not depend on the US for Help with Iranian threats. See his complete article in Http://Jewish World Review

Blue Angels rebuffed!!

Seems as if people in San Francisco,California do not want the Blue Angles to be performing this summer. Seems fitting they have already done away with the junior ROTC's there. This is just another slap at the military. If I were the Secretary of the Navy I would remove the entire fleet to another location, say San Diago They at least appreciate what the military has done and continues to do for the individual American. I know they don't see it but, every time they spit in the military's face and yell absenities at them etc. The military fought for that right of freedom of speach. When another earthquake comes to destroy San Francisco, and it will, I hope they open the bridges so the military can get in to Help them out again.....

Immigration! Where does it end???

Seems like everywhere one reads about the present situation of immigration it leads to "something is rotten in Denmark"....I am talking about a stacked deck. The courts are hearing cases and passing judgement on illegals all over the country. Or it seems that way. Police can't do their jobs without being sued by Illegals who are being asked if they are legal citizens. Something is wrong with this picture. According to Michelle Malkin's blog

This happened in Mamaroneck New York. The police entered into a court approved settlement of paying over $500,000,oo in legal fees among other things. Read the entire story on her blog.

In other areas the police cannot ask if the person is legal or not. This is wrong and it is not racial profiling. When we have 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country and many committing crimes and having been stopped numerous time by law enforcement and not confronted about his citizenship status, this is wrong and not doing your job.

Only my opinion, but with the cards stacked in this direction and the President of the United States taking the stance that I am Not being American or other than an honorable one, I take issue with that type of statement and question where it's coming from.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Immigration fiasco

Well, for the time being Senate bill S 1348 is off the table. Not dead!! they say, but I think they speak with forked tongue. If it isn't dead it should be. Michelle spoke to the present situation and the whole illegals' right on target when she was a guest on O'Riely's this evening. Bill could hardly control her. She tried to correct him and his 'we can't Kick out 12,000,000 Illegals." She told him to stop saying that about breaking up families etc etc. He then asked her if her neighbor was an illegal, working and not causing any problems, whould she turn him in. She said if he was breaking the law, which he was if he was illegal then YES she would turn him in....and so it went. I'm with her.

Illegal is Illegal and the congress is always spouting "the rule of law", "the rule of law." Well, they're breaking the rule of law so let us enforce the laws presently on the books and get on with it.

States, cities, or towns who have passed amnesty laws or provided sanctuaries should be cut from receiving Federal funds and states that have passed laws giving Illegals free medical care should be divested of Medicaid funds also...Only my opinion.... which really doesn't amount to much...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Scooter Libby sentanced--

Scooter Libby was sentanced today. He received a 2 1/2 year sentance with a $250,000.oo fine. This is about an investigation by Mr. Fitzgerald on a crime that he knew the answer too. In other words it was a non-crime, if there is such a word. The longer I live the scareier this country becomes. This country is more worried about a non-crime than it is about ratical Islam. I do not understand why this case was allowed to continue (I would think it would be illegal) once the person who outed Ms. plume was discovered. This nation has lost its moral compass, or at least it seems that way to me...