Friday, June 15, 2007

Palestine shattered/Polititians assasinated in Lebanon

Hamas has taken over Gaza. After a fierce fight, where according to news sources prisoners were murdered after they were taken prisoner is over. Hamas came out the winner in this fight between factions of the Palestinian government. Abbas the president in The west Bank fired the Prime Minister who was Hamas and most of the Hamas polititians. Hopefully, he can make a strong enough West Bank to survive. Im sure the Hamas from Gaza will try incessantly to take ove the west bank also. They didn't do it alone. It is my understanding they got much help both in bodies and weapons and equipment from Syria and Iran who has set up shop with them in Gaza.

That coupled with the assasination of another top polititian in Lebanon. (I wonder if Syria was involved in this one also?) Another couple more killings and there will be a change in the government I think.....Syria can then set up their puppet with the help of their Friends again.... "Debka files" has a good write up on the takeover.


Paul Champagne said...

Was Syrian involved in the Assasination of an anti-Syria politician in Lebanon? Of course they were. Eventually Assad will get his due.

Tapline said...

I haven't heard whether or not they have admitted being involved in an assasination, but on the first one they were. Iran is the big gambler here and I don't know how much more the world community will tolerate their arrogance and fueling their surrigate wars...I only hope its soon, before the Hamas decides they are going to start attacking in the West
Bank! i just heard on Fox news that Foreign aid has been released by the US to Abbas's new government in the West Bank. Thats good news. At least humanitarian aid will start to be distributed in the West Bank. Without Hamas!!