Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gettin a head start??

I don't quite know what or why this is happening, but my daughter who was working two jobs to make ends meet until her husband got Social Security Disability payments. It took over two years of trying with an incurable degenerative disease which effects the nerves in his hands and feet, similar to neuropathy. He has little to no feeling in his hands and feet and by trade he is an electician. It took three refusals and an attorney to finally get approved as disabled....Anyway that's not the reason for this post.
Last week, my daughter who has health insurance for the family through her employer.was informed that the insurance premium was being increased for next year. It will be increasing by $500.00 a month making the total payment of $1200.00 a month just to cover medical expenses for the three of them. With the raise in payments she will now bring home about 700.00.
This must have something to do with the scare in the insurance industry about the upcoming vote on National Health Care. Now I don't know if this insurance company is for the Socialized Medicine or not but it sure is making this family look at the possiblily of quiting a job to be eligible for medical assistance from the State. This is an increase of almost 50% and is an outrage. Her husband cannot get Medicare because he has not been disabled by their computation for 24 months. I will be checking with the state licensing bureau about the legality of such an increase, but it's probably within their charter.....I also heard of other companies doing similar increases. where is the logic in this move to increase premiums so drastically .....just saying.....

Gettin a head start??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

H1N1 not for me.....

Yesterday, I was checking on a medical procedure being completed on my lovely wife at my primary physicians office to be sure the paperwork was completed prior to her discharge. It was.....While there I thought I would check on whether or not they had the H1N1 vaccine.. They had some, but I was informed I could not have it because I was too old. I'm 74. It seems that only people who have medical problems from 25 through 64 are covered by order of the CDC and the State Health Officials, or so I was informed...(Even though I have a disease called COPD I do not qualify because I'm too old and if I do get it, I probably won't make it).....within this last week, I have been informed by a couple of people that the Newspapers have had articles stating that. They mis calculated, yes....if seniors get this disease it hits them very hard, but I guess we are expendable......I told a few of my friends about the experience and they couldn't believe it.....Believe it folks... I called state and they confirmed that indeed that is the way it is now but they are working to get it down just keep checking with my primary physician. I advised that if I got the disease it wouldn't do me much good to be checking with a doctor because it would probably be too late to care. I spoke to another friend and she jokingly said "Oh well, you've had a good life." followed up by "You've got to be kidding me?" evidently, they hadn't heard the news before this ....Of course we haven't heard of rationing healthcare anywhere?? have we????

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a Thought!!

Seems everything we hear about lately are the results of Opinion surveys by various sources. Although I haven't heard much about this subject,and I might be just a conspiracy nut!!! But,,,,,I was talking to a relative of mine a couple of days ago. She is a die hard Democrat from the old school and I mean Old School...She really thinks the Democratic Party hasn't changed since her high school days, FDR and Social Security etc.. She was really was beside herself because someone had sent her a survey addressed to a Republican, to complete and return, giving her opinion on current events,,,Healthcare etc.... She stated she did not know where it came from, but completed the survey answering the questions as she, a democrat felt following the democratic talking points government healthcare etc...and sent it back...She thought it was really a joke...I being the cautious one, question where this survey came from and being sent to a staunch Democrat,as though she was a Republican Me thinks that if many of these were sent to the wrong people it would really mess up any survey and for what purpose?????.......Just a thought.....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Whereare the H1N1 shots??

It has been many months since I have posted because I have been completely obsorbed with the changes we have been exposed to since "the one" has occupied the highest office in this land that I love.....My question to Health and Human Services Czar!! Where are the shots we were told would be readily available in October??? I mean we were going to have plenty,,,enough to sent overseas,,,REally,,,, Recently, I heard of medical emergencies in a couple of states. Locally, schools are beginning to close.....No serum available,,,,even for regular flu shots????? I have read that we in America only have one company making the serum and three others overseas.... "People are dying and the Health department can only estimate how many people have the disease.....ESTIMATE....Who is keeping track of this epidemic??????How many cases do we have?????Where are they?????The information I have received is Sneeze in your sleave and if you have flu like symptoms stay home. That's really great,,,how about hiring more companies to make the serum....... A preview of Government run healthcare?????God help us!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bring our Troops Home!!

Never in my lifetime would I ever have thought it possible they would initiate policies for our military that could and very possibly would kill our troops in harms way. It is my understanding that troops now must read "Miranda Rights" to the enemy upon capture. Have we lost our minds??? Bottom line, and I love the way politicians talk around this subject, they are so subjective. Policies of this magnatitude will kill our military before they know what hit them. Also I would hope the Department of Defense will be holding manditory classes for every recrut on what are the remifications of discharging a weapon even in your own defense on the battlefield and all the other legal ramifications of protecting America. Do they take an interpreter with on the battlefield?? Or perhaps a lawyer in one pocket and a civilian criminal law book in the other? UCMJ? what is that? Are we still using that? I'm sure we still have "Rules of Engagement", but we won't go there.

It is high time that we bring our troops home. We cannot protect them from ourselves and they cannot be placed in a situation where everything they do can lead to undetermined conclusions!!!!...If indeed this latest is true?? Bring them home. We can no longer be, the world policeman.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some things just do not feel right???

I am not a conspiracy nut, but for quite some time I have not had good feelings about what is happening in the field of Politics. It seems like our elected officials are not listening to their constituents for no apparent reason other than they will not even respond to quaries. The Federal Government has taken control of businesses and dictating policies Firing CEO's and dictaing salaries to employees of these companies....Many, many changes have been instituted and according to the Glen Beck program, I believe, 14 different czars have been created by the Exective Branch of Government. The most recent being an internet czar. His duties,,,,,I do not know, but I do know that a short time ago a bill was entered by a Democrat and Olympia Snow, Republican, I don't know its content, but the way things are happening I think I am becoming gunshy. The bill might be still in committee? Just saying????

Recently I read an article from Pravda Ru, A Russian Newspaper written in English, referring to America as being well on its way to "Marxism". I'm not saying I agree with everything that is contained in this article, but much seems to hit the Nail.........

Also most recently, I read a few articles on Michelle Malkin about Acorn. Michelle gives reference to another site that one might enjoy about this subject. It is posted on the "Capital Research Center", "Foundation Watch"site. The title is "Acorn: Who funds the Weather Underground's little brother?" by Matthew Vodum. This article is an eye opener, if it hasn't been removed!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The information just keeps rolling in!!!

I knew things were changing rapidly, but to what extent,,,,,I couldn't keep my mind from spinning then a friend sent me a copy of what appears to be a newpaper front page....It is listed as english pravda ru., now whether or not it is authentic,,,I don't know but ....It speaks to marxist America happening fast......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its been quite some time since I decided to write a post..... I am still not up to writing what I feel at this time about the whole political situation in this great country. I recently however got an E-Mail from a friend who left an address with some really interesting information about the fed. You also might find the site an interesting read. The title of the article is "Its worse at the Fed than I thought", by Michael Murphy it is located here. I have verified nothing located here but , I did read the post and watched the video...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where is the Fairness Doctrine????

This really blows my mind. Just when we think it couldn't get worse. It smashes you streight in the face. First they tried the Fairness Doctrine,,,That didn't go over so good.....NOW!!! Look Whats coming down the pike.....Could this be happening in the Good old US of A..../?????? Well People,,,,,"Our Senators" are trying another route!!!!!
First off,Lets look at who these people are....These are the men and women who were duly elected to represent us, the people' of this once,United States of America, They take an oath, to uphold and defend United States Constitution." What in God's name is happening!! I don't know anymore. Two Senate Bills ,S773 and S778, sponsored by (D)Senator Rockefeller and co-sponsored by (R)Senator Snow,among others and introducted in the Senate The bills create a new department and head, under the Exectutive Branch of Government...The Cybersecurity Act of 2009, As I understand it,,,this bill will allow people to tap into any on-line internet communications without a warrant . I'm not that apted at gleaning the total ramifications of a bill, but......
See "American Thinker" blog for a complete post on this situation here: target_the_inte.html`

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

STOP the bus, I need off !!

I thought well, they can't go much further without someone saying, enough! --- I guess we will be waiting quite some time!! --- When is someone going to challange the constitutionality of these questionable moves by the administration that confront us daily...and I mean daily....It really doesn't seem to matter , as it appears our rights are being ripped apart. People are only saying "It could help us out of our present situation", not looking further than their noses, that we could be losing our rights. Now the Government wants to taking over private businesses from individual citizens If it appears they can become insolvent, but, sigh, this is so they won't go bankrupt....Big Brother is here to help!!,,Now that's "Change" one can believe in. I don't think they have been given that authority yet, but Paulson got just about anything he wanted from Bush including Some questionable types of Financing for America.....Anyway..... Speaking of bankrupt.....who will be buying these distressed properties from AIG?????? poor people who need housing and can't afford to pay the going rate??????I don't think sooooooooo!!!! try big business, who will make a huge profit..I wonder if that information will be released to the general public...., Maybe Congress can tax them 90% on the profits.......just joshing!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When does it end or where??

Anne Bayefsky has written an excellent article in JWR, dated March 3, 2009, Titled "The Obama Administration caught Double Dealing on Israel" It is an article concerning our involvement with Durban II. An excellent read as is another Article written by Frank J Gaffney,in the same publication, Titled "S-U-B-M-I-S-S-I-O-N". I haven't read much about this in MSM nor TV?? What is your take on this ?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It is done!

Is this the end of the America we know and love? from what I have read and heard about this whole mess this is what I think has happened, the Health Care package that was slipped into this Stimulus package will be law as soon as it reaches the president and is signed. How will this one item affect your individual life and I am talking all Americans (unless the elite Americans have been exempted) I challange all Americans to read the portions of this bill containing the infringements on and removal of your individual rights and freedom of choice as it relates to one of your most cherished freedoms Your individual HEALTH CARE . BUT.... For the WELFARE of the MASSES this is good..... Think about it........"HOW IRONIC" Everyone spouts about infrigement on, Our Civil Rights,,,Individual rights,,,,,Rights for this and rights for that,,,,ENTITLEMENTS We have a right to have the government take care of us.....
I'll say this about that.....One of our most individual rights; The right to direct the care of one's own body!!,Gone with the stroke of a pen. No more second opinions,,,Big Brother will take care of that..... and we watched it happen and saw the glee on their faces as they slid into the abyss voting to deprive the individual,,,which includes the their children and their grandchildren, of their right to have a say over their own bodies..........

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Hampshire has it right?

As I was traveling in New Hampshire a couple of days ago, I was listening to the radio and heard a commentator talking to a State Representative who had submitted a Continuing Resolution to the New Hampshire House concerning the States rights and the Constitution. Seems this Resolution details what the state should do if the Federal Government should try to overstep their bounds more than they already have. Not that it is anything binding, but,,,,, It seems that there are about 20 states that have already done something similar ? If anyone is interested the resolution is located here: Have a good read.....

Socialized medicine in the Stimulas Bill????

It appears that the man who didn't get the position of Health czar had written a book and advised in the book that to get started with Socialized Medicine, Everyone's Health Record should be recorded in a Federal Computer. This is only the beginning of what is contained in this package concerning your Health and your doctor. The best way to do it and get it passed was to slip the whole thing into a spending bill. That way it wouldn't be taken up and debated They have done it....The next step in Nationalization of your health. After listening to Glen Beck last night and to a guest he has on, I am very concerned over what has been done to every individual in this country. Nationalized Health Care??????There is indeed much to worry about especially if one is retire as myself. I have "thank God" health care as part of my retirement package, but this bill..I guess negates any and all of my medical, I don't know, but......It scares the He.. out of me and mine.....What I gather from all this mess is, they want to computorize everyones medical records. Not only do they want to record your health record, they will do the approving of any medical procedure.They also will determine whether or not the doctor is doing what he should be doing. I also have read , that we all get old so get use to it and suck it up.....They will determine what medical procedures are best for the individual. See Canada's Socialized Medicine or England This will give some indication as to what I am referring. It is my understanding England was used as a model.. I would advise everyone who is afraid of Socialized Medicine to contact their representative for the removal of anything to do with Healthcare located in the Bill...If this passes next the government will decide when to pull the plug on your life...... I contacted my Senators about the stimulis package, but to no avail....They voted the way they wanted.........I'll write them again about this item slipped into the package, but I doubt if I'll even get a reply......But Please contact your Reps and senators about this travesty.!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

And I'm still Wondering ?

I believe it was either the late last spring or fall a representative of the United States Census Bureau came by and introduced herself to me advising who she was and that she had a survey she would like to go over with me. I answered the questions to the best of my ability. We met again and more questions were asked and questions to confirm what had been answered before was still relevant. Before leaving she said we had to meet once more and would I be available during the summer. I advised I was leaving for camp in the spring and would be back and forth throughout the summer......While at camp I received another call from the Census Taker to confirm what had transpired before and updated as needed. I believe a supervisor called to confirm that I had been contacted and how long I had talked to the first census taker etc..etc...

A couple of days ago, I received another call from the Census Bureau, This Taker asked me to confirm some of the information I had been asked previously and then started asking questions concerning my employment or unemployment,...If I was working or wanted work,,,Did I have a disability to prevent me from income and where it came from Social Security Income, Interest payments, Veteran Administration Disability payments, Heath Insurance, IRA's or other assets and other personal information...Needless to say by this time,because my wife had all this information readily available for income tax time, that I could answer these questions. I finally asked if they did not have access to this information elsewhere, (knowing they were a government agency.) She said no, nor do they release information to anyone else and I then said why they needed all this information, I don't remember what she said other than I could complete it on line If I was not comfortable doing it on the phone. because of the questions I was fairly sure I was talking to a government employee so I continued, but toward the end of the survey I was really uncomfortable because I felt they were infriging on my right to privacy. I didn't mind the first round of questions, but this was reallly the nitty gritty and I was not comfortable. I don't mind if they say is your income between 50,000 to 75,000 or whatever, but to ask weekly amount, monthly amount or yearly amount is a little to cut and dried for me. Well, I got concerned after giving all this information over the phone and called telephone information with the telephone number. They said they could not give me the information because it was an 877 number and that was a toll free number....What that means I don't know, so I went on line and sure enough the Census Bureau gets all this information and much much more. Accoriding to on line information we are obligated to give the information they request. What kind of 1984 country do we live in???? Then, on the Fox news, the only network to cover it was.....The Census Bureau has now been transferred to the Exectutive Branch of government, away from the Congress....I just scratch my head and wonder, Income,,,,Health Insurance,,,, What has this to do with how many in your household and their ages...... Now.... The Light shines on Marble Head.......