Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Socialized medicine in the Stimulas Bill????

It appears that the man who didn't get the position of Health czar had written a book and advised in the book that to get started with Socialized Medicine, Everyone's Health Record should be recorded in a Federal Computer. This is only the beginning of what is contained in this package concerning your Health and your doctor. The best way to do it and get it passed was to slip the whole thing into a spending bill. That way it wouldn't be taken up and debated They have done it....The next step in Nationalization of your health. After listening to Glen Beck last night and to a guest he has on, I am very concerned over what has been done to every individual in this country. Nationalized Health Care??????There is indeed much to worry about especially if one is retire as myself. I have "thank God" health care as part of my retirement package, but this bill..I guess negates any and all of my medical, I don't know, but......It scares the He.. out of me and mine.....What I gather from all this mess is, they want to computorize everyones medical records. Not only do they want to record your health record, they will do the approving of any medical procedure.They also will determine whether or not the doctor is doing what he should be doing. I also have read , that we all get old so get use to it and suck it up.....They will determine what medical procedures are best for the individual. See Canada's Socialized Medicine or England This will give some indication as to what I am referring. It is my understanding England was used as a model.. I would advise everyone who is afraid of Socialized Medicine to contact their representative for the removal of anything to do with Healthcare located in the Bill...If this passes next the government will decide when to pull the plug on your life...... I contacted my Senators about the stimulis package, but to no avail....They voted the way they wanted.........I'll write them again about this item slipped into the package, but I doubt if I'll even get a reply......But Please contact your Reps and senators about this travesty.!!!!!


Jackie said...

Looks like I commented prematurely on the other post. I read it before I read this one. Anyway, same comment remains true.

Take care and keep posting.

Average American said...

Hey Tap, I e-mailed Shea-Porter and Hodes, but that is kind of like pissing in the wind for all the good it did. Gregg won't be voting on this bill, he already recused himself.