Sunday, February 14, 2010

What happened to Confidentiality???

Is the handwriting is on the wall. Is Socialized medicine coming to your town soon? Is It only a matter of time? Maine is receiving in the form of a grant, $6,599,401.00 from the Federal Government as stated by Senator Collins Newsletter of Feb 12, 2010,
The newsletters from both Senator Snow and Senator Collins carries the announcement of the grant. Neither Senator express concern about the new system in their newletters. I don't know much about the installation of this new "Health Information Exchange system", but it doesn't sound like anything I can relate to...I have concerns about individual privacy and confidentiality. To me, the name of the new system in itself, does not instill confidence as it relates to privacy or confidentiality. For more information on this system one can contact the senators from Maine on the web and request a copy of their newletter dated Feb 12, 2010.