Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout!! and the Beat goes on.

And I ask you. What exactly is happening and what are the repercussions??? I have been watching the news all day from CNN, Fox and local news programs. I have heard, Wow! This is great we are finally making sense and listening to the people. Others are saying this is Crisis and no one is doing anything. Why don't they pass this bill. I heard one person saying this was great because it will make the cost of oil to plummet. It already dropped $10.00 and it will continue to drop as long as the bailout isn't signed. Once it is the cost will again skyrocket. Others are saying people have lost their 401K's . Many people have lost everything. All Democratic Representatives who voted for the bill are blaming the Republicans for its demise. I think they should be looking at their own house and see who voted for and who voted against. It was very visible that many Democrats voted against the bill.
The powers that be should be having hearings and get people who know what to do to at least have a voice in what should be done, if anything.
"There is more than one way to skin a cat" The average individual does not know what happened and how to get us out of it and I dare say many in congress are part of the unknowing.
Where this ends I don't know, but I do know the people who were aware and got us into this mess sure as heck shouldn't be part of the solution. How can they now stand up and point fingers elsewhere and wail "We should be signing this bailout So goes politics. I think what was done today, was in our best interest and should be hail as a victory for the taxpayer because to do so without hearings is irresponsible. Now perhaps we can sit down and look at who caused this and what is the best way to address it, with the right accountants to look at the problems and submit solutions, Now is the time to come together as Americans not Republican nor Democrat nor Independents,but Americans and work toward an acceptable solution to this crisis and initiate solutions and also safeguards against individuals who cannot afford housing and other assets to be disapproved for such. I'm not an economics major, but for years I have looked at the cost of real estate and say, "Wow! I cannot undrstatnd how these families can get financed for the soaring cost of these houses..I certainly can't. Evidently, they coudn't either.