Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where is the Fairness Doctrine????

This really blows my mind. Just when we think it couldn't get worse. It smashes you streight in the face. First they tried the Fairness Doctrine,,,That didn't go over so good.....NOW!!! Look Whats coming down the pike.....Could this be happening in the Good old US of A..../?????? Well People,,,,,"Our Senators" are trying another route!!!!!
First off,Lets look at who these people are....These are the men and women who were duly elected to represent us, the people' of this once,United States of America, They take an oath, to uphold and defend United States Constitution." What in God's name is happening!! I don't know anymore. Two Senate Bills ,S773 and S778, sponsored by (D)Senator Rockefeller and co-sponsored by (R)Senator Snow,among others and introducted in the Senate The bills create a new department and head, under the Exectutive Branch of Government...The Cybersecurity Act of 2009, As I understand it,,,this bill will allow people to tap into any on-line internet communications without a warrant . I'm not that apted at gleaning the total ramifications of a bill, but......
See "American Thinker" blog for a complete post on this situation here: target_the_inte.html`