Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's another broken promise or contract??

Although, I don't know any particulars...I have heard politicians voice concern about the attack on Tri-Care for the military. Many years ago as part of their recrutment advertising, Military recruters stressed the value of chosing the military as a career.
It was stated continually that if you chose the path of a military career after 20 years of active service one could retire with full medical for himself/herselfand his spouse, for the remainder of their lives. That benefit and a portion of their pay based on the years of service past 20 years and full access to post/base exchanges and commisaries..... It was excellent for many years, with unrestrained access to medical facilities on the nearest base and their facilities. If one lived within 50 miles from a base that is, if one was further away they had a backup plan known as Champus which paid up to 80% of a medical bill at any medical facility who accepted Champus payment. Then came the BRAC commissions to close military bases throughout the United States Some health services near these bases were contracted to civilian agencies, and payment was made to for both you and your spouse. This was called Tricare. Congress had decided that the retired people would now pay for this promised FREE benefit package for their militay service. If one was under 65 years of age, payment was made to the government to have these services. I don't have the amount paid for this service, but After 65 years, one had to pick up medicare, but he could not use medicare, it must be subscribed to in order to continue Tri-care. The same applied to his spouse. The payment previouly paid was waived...(or not collected by the government)..Now if one was lucky enough to be near a militay base and was accepted by that hospital or dispensary as a patient, they could use that facility. ..... I don't know if they still had to apply for medicare in order to have access?or even if that option is still open to them??
Now as I stated before, I'm hearing bad rumors about the military being targeted by the Congress critters again. Any charge is a slap in the face to all militay and their families) All through this New Health Care Bill, What's new with these masters...... I don't know why I am surprised they started deluting military benefits years ago and will continue long after I'm gone...All the while spouting how they support the militay....YEAAA Real Support..........