Monday, April 19, 2010

Here we go again!!!Carbon tax???

I guess It's been long enough and the SCANDAL of "Global Warming" has died down enough. From what I have been reading, a study has been completed on the Global Warming scandal by an "independent panel" I for one do not believe the science is settled. our senators are busy,busy, in trying to double or perhaps triple our heating oil, gas and electric bills.
The only thing I can say about this mess is evidently much, much money is being injected into getting to get this mess,,,Climate change and Carbon Taxes and Carbon Credits etc: passed. All in the name of Clean Air or clear air or whatever....... First it was the Cap and Tax and now the new one, Tax and Dividend legislation. One being touted by 3 senators, and the other by two other senators. The latter is reported in "the Hill" Titled "New analysis touts Cantwell-Collins Climate Bill" by Ben German, dated 4-12-10. You be the judge...Maybe, if more controlled analysis was done on these subjects with indisputable evidence of what was actually happening and it was man made, perhaps more people would be accepting the studies????
One thing is certain....If this legislation is passed all charges placed on businesses will be passed on to me the consumer and I don't care how you sugar coat it congress, it will paralize the economy and people will be chosing between heat and food..