Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some things just do not feel right???

I am not a conspiracy nut, but for quite some time I have not had good feelings about what is happening in the field of Politics. It seems like our elected officials are not listening to their constituents for no apparent reason other than they will not even respond to quaries. The Federal Government has taken control of businesses and dictating policies Firing CEO's and dictaing salaries to employees of these companies....Many, many changes have been instituted and according to the Glen Beck program, I believe, 14 different czars have been created by the Exective Branch of Government. The most recent being an internet czar. His duties,,,,,I do not know, but I do know that a short time ago a bill was entered by a Democrat and Olympia Snow, Republican, I don't know its content, but the way things are happening I think I am becoming gunshy. The bill might be still in committee? Just saying????

Recently I read an article from Pravda Ru, A Russian Newspaper written in English, referring to America as being well on its way to "Marxism". I'm not saying I agree with everything that is contained in this article, but much seems to hit the Nail.........

Also most recently, I read a few articles on Michelle Malkin about Acorn. Michelle gives reference to another site that one might enjoy about this subject. It is posted on the "Capital Research Center", "Foundation Watch"site. The title is "Acorn: Who funds the Weather Underground's little brother?" by Matthew Vodum. This article is an eye opener, if it hasn't been removed!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The information just keeps rolling in!!!

I knew things were changing rapidly, but to what extent,,,,,I couldn't keep my mind from spinning then a friend sent me a copy of what appears to be a newpaper front page....It is listed as english pravda ru., now whether or not it is authentic,,,I don't know but ....It speaks to marxist America happening fast......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its been quite some time since I decided to write a post..... I am still not up to writing what I feel at this time about the whole political situation in this great country. I recently however got an E-Mail from a friend who left an address with some really interesting information about the fed. You also might find the site an interesting read. The title of the article is "Its worse at the Fed than I thought", by Michael Murphy it is located here. I have verified nothing located here but , I did read the post and watched the video...