Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Immigration! Where does it end???

Seems like everywhere one reads about the present situation of immigration it leads to "something is rotten in Denmark"....I am talking about a stacked deck. The courts are hearing cases and passing judgement on illegals all over the country. Or it seems that way. Police can't do their jobs without being sued by Illegals who are being asked if they are legal citizens. Something is wrong with this picture. According to Michelle Malkin's blog

This happened in Mamaroneck New York. The police entered into a court approved settlement of paying over $500,000,oo in legal fees among other things. Read the entire story on her blog.

In other areas the police cannot ask if the person is legal or not. This is wrong and it is not racial profiling. When we have 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country and many committing crimes and having been stopped numerous time by law enforcement and not confronted about his citizenship status, this is wrong and not doing your job.

Only my opinion, but with the cards stacked in this direction and the President of the United States taking the stance that I am Not being American or other than an honorable one, I take issue with that type of statement and question where it's coming from.


Paul Champagne said...

Common sense must prevail at some point. When someone is caught in a civil or criminal act, a background check must be done that looks for wants, warrants and immigration status. This is supposed to be a nation of laws ... when will we start acting like one.

Tapline said...

This New York case is about people on the street, or street people they were being stopped and questioned about their legal status, I believe, To Me I dont think we should have a problem with that. We are at war, I realize some of these Justices do not believe it , but...Someday it will come home to roost. And it will be sooner that later, My point in this posting is that if the polititians and the judges are against us. Who can be for us....????

Paul Champagne said...

Haven't we figured it out yet? No one is looking out for us. It's time to clean house in DC.