Monday, July 2, 2007

illegal Immigrats do not like " No to Amnesty"

I understand the Illegals do not like being turned down for amnesty?? In fact they are now threatening to disrupt the normal flow of economic activity in the US. That and any thing eles they can think of I guess. I do not understand the mindset of these Illegals..What don't they understand about breaking the law? I can understand the confusion they must be feeliing. We gave them everything, befor ewe started waking up to what was going on under our very noses. The congress is selling out their constituents without our even being aware of it. It even got to the point where name calling was done because we did not condone Illegal immigration. People we are a nation of laws. How many times have we heard this and this "The American People demand this or that." They are not representing the American people, they are representing the illegals. Well, maybe homeland security will do somethng about the threat to America being spewed currently.

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