Friday, March 30, 2007

Antsy Nancy 's true colors are coming through

It seems that since the 15 British military were kidnapped by the Iranians in Iraqi waters last week, one of our congressmen drafted a bill that condemns the act and calls for their immediate release. Now for some reason Ms. Nancy will not allow the bill to come up on the floor for a vote. Leaseways, that was the way it was up until Thursday morning. I dont know if anything has changed. What has happened to my country. Why would anyone. twice removed from the presidency of the United States, fail to allow this bill voted on to offer our support for the British nation and servicemembers, and condemn Iran for their act of kidnapping and photographing their victims, having them issue statements, completeley diregarding the provisions of the Geneva Convention. Although this shouldn't surprise me, look what they did to us many years ago. They invaded an soverign US embassy and kept us citizens and military, guarding the embassy, prisoners for 444 days.
UPDATE: The house recessed without the bill even coming up for a vote.....Nice

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