Friday, March 30, 2007

Nancy Pelosi and team are doing the Middle East

Against the advise of the US State Department, Nancy and party are touring the Middle East. She will be addressing Isreali political leaders. Spreading her wisdom on "cut and run" policy which she so blatantly advocates. I'm sure she will tell the Jews how she and the rest of the democratic party support them and the American Troops in Iraq. I don't see why she doesn't visit Iran while she is about it. They will welcome her with open arms. Turkey is not on her Itenirary, Huh! I wonder why.???....I understand Istanbul is beautiful this time of year. ...

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Miss Pelosi wanted to be so bold and go to the middle east. She is incharge of the "purse strings" not foreign policy. I believe one of my democratic friends put it best when he said to me "I think that one will come back and hurt the party and her" I couldn't agree more, I just hope we're right. Democrats never seem to have a plan other then "this plan doesn't work". Well if it doesn't work tell us how you would make it work. I am a Republican, my family Republicans but if Democrats actually had an idea worth voting for I might actually do it....probably not though.

Republicans need to stick to the Conservative values and get back to cutting spending when we get them back in office in '08.

-Rob (April's college buddy)