Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ms. Pelosi's trip with the other left leaners

I was really surprised by the reception Ms. Pelosi got from the Media on her return to the U.S. Some of the MSM really called a spade a spade. Finally, some streight forward news. Not all that transpired while she was there but, leastways it wasn't the usual biased reporting expected from them. Isreal was not too happy on her message carrying ability. Lebanon was enraged over the remark she made about the way to lebanon was through Damascus, Not too smart, if you ask me. Seeings that it is suspected that Syria had something to do with the assasination of their much loved leader. Then her speaking for the Citizens of the US. I'm sorry, she is not speaking for me. She was not elected as president she represents the San Francisco groupies not the President of the United States, who is the only person, or his representative, who is mandated to initiate foreign policy. Stay home Nancy, say what you want in this country, but remember, you are judged by your words and actions.

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