Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why??? such carnage

Now after the damage is done, people who perhaps could have stopped this mass murder look at the situation and ask why?? Why, I say was this person who it was said in 2005 was a danger to himself or others, released from an involintary emergency admission. He surely had an evaluation and was determined to not be a danger to himself or others. That's why. Otherwise he would not have been released.
Ask any mental health professional and he/she will tell you that the Mental Health System has really gone so far overboard in the protection of individual rights that they have overlooked both the safety of the individual and of others. The procedures involved to involintarily admit an individual to a mental health institution is set in law.
It starts with an evaluation of the individual by a certified counsellor then the condition is verified by at least another psychitrist swearing on an affidavit that the individual is a danger to himself or others. He/She can then be hospitalized. Then a petition is filed with the court with the petitioner, usually the councellor arriving at a hearing with his/her witnesses to prove the case. This hearing is held within 3 days of the initial hospitalization. The reason being to prove to a judge that indeed this individual is in need of hospitalization. If it is proved to the judges satisfaction than the individual is insitutionalized for 10 days. If the hearing does not satisfy the judge that the individual is indeed a danger to him/herself or others based on the evidence he/she is released immediately. If not he/she is hospitalized. Then, after 10 days another hearing is held to prove that the individual is or is not still a danger to him/herself or others. Now if with the medication coupled with the non-hostile, safe enviornment that the individual has been housed, stabilizes an individual at the hearing he presents that certainly he/she is no longer a danger to himself or others and he/she is released.
I'm sure states differ on their requirement for involintary admission to a mental health facility, but they probably are pretty much the same.
Remember when the states released all their patients from the state mental health insitutions?? They are still on the streets in all the major cities in all of the states. and laws were developed to Protect them?? If it can be shown, that they indeed pose a threat to themselves or others than help might be available, however you have to get them to the help to be evaluated.
The purpose of this rant is to let people know its not as easy as it presents to protect an individual who is incapable or unwilling to protect themselves. Certain procedures are written into Mental Health laws in every state just so you can't just lock up an individual who appears to be mentally impared. Its all a matter of law.

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