Friday, March 30, 2007

The Secretary of State in the M.E.

What's happening with the Palistanian Peace Plan...The PPP so to speak. Why are the sworn enemies of Isreal making decision concerning their welfare without their input and We aquiesce. Maybe they are being thrown under the bus again. How many times must the Isrealis be humiliated and degraded in the name of PEace. Every time they have agreed to a plan. they loose....Now they're giving up what...Jerusalum? Back to the 67 borders?? How much is that going to cost the US....Now I understand the Saudi's are saying they and a committee will decide what Isreal will accept. This should be unacceptable to the US. I hope the diplomates will see this is not an acceptable arrangement. One must remember, arrafat ok'd the murder of US diplomates in Africa in the 1970's and the powers that be in the US knew it but kept it quiet because it would make bad relation with the US. Then we made him our best friend. Of course he threw us under the bus many times, agreeing to terms of a truce then changing his mind....You know the PLO affiliated with the hyjacking of an airliner and the subsequent murder of the navy man shot in the head and dumped out the door onto the runway, for nothing!!!!! In Beirut or somewhere over there. I beieve that was in the 1970's also. anyway, I ramble. point is I hope a constructive arrangement can be made.

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