Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Beginning of the End of the War in Iraq???

Yesterday, I was reading an article in "Debka Files". They report that in the VP's last trip to the middle east he told the Iraqi Parliment to get it together because we wouldn't be there indefinately. He also went to Saudi Arabia and outfitted them with F-16s or/and F15's with the lastest equipment to twart any attempt that Iran might have after our withdrawal to take over the area. This was against Isreals strong objection. With the last, Debka reports that the present administration has not listened to Isreal for quite some time. This makes Saudi Arabia second to Isreal in Air superiority. Iran has quite a few aircraft, but they are older ill equiped American aircraft, about 600 of them. Read the entire article on "Debka Files"
America, watch your back and Arab double speak,,,,To me, it sounds like a future blood bath for the region.
It is obvious Washington is on the outs with Isreal, but looking at history, I think the Isrealites have given and given and given thru many administrations since Carter when he threw them under the bus with the Isrealites giving the oil wells back to Egypt. Of course we gave them money, but that went to both parties on that treaty. BE VERY CAREFUL AMERICA, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ISREAL !!! I am not a religous person, but I do believe these are "God's Chosen People", even though they accepted him not.

It seems such a tragedy, after giving so much, our young mens' lives, our time, our talent and our treasures to give birth to a new Nation, that we are now picking up our ball and coming home. God pity them and God help us...


Paul Champagne said...

Most of Irans F-16's are grounded because of lack of spare parts. I would be more concerned if we were selling the FA-18's to Saudi Arabia. You are absolutely correct when you warn the US against turning its' back on Israel. Israel has been our only friend in the region since its' inception ... you never turn on friends, whether in your personal life or in politics.

MyUtopia said...

Interesting post!

Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim said...


Good on ya Man. Like your blog and profile. Like your occupation, I hope you are successful at it. Your recital of the story of Abram/Abraham was very good.

Regarding your post, It aint over till it's over. The "Fat Lady" Aint even warmed up. William Lind is pessimistic and his latest comment on D-N-I (Defense in the National Interest) is typical of his pessimism. He is a conservative who thinks "the Iraq Adventure" is a bad idea. I disagree with him on that issue. Lind's tactical recommendations are very good and his criticism of the higher echelon of USA Military is spot on.

This Surge will last until President Bush is replaced in 2008. I pray his successor is a good one. Fred Thompson/Newt Gingrich is not a bad combo. Neither is Guliani/Gingrich. I pray for Conservative majorities in Congress. I pray for more Libratarians in elected posts and appointed posts. I pray for a Marxist Socialst Meltdown.

Salaam eleikum fellow fisherman.

Tapline said...

Paul; Thanks for your imput. I have been posting for quite some time but have not have the visits I had antisipated, but better late than never. by the way we arrested someone for selling spare arts to Iran for their fighters. They got a stiff sentance, because it is against the law to sell them parts....

My utopia: Thanks for your visit. Some remarks would have been helpful, so next time???

Murz: Thanks for your answers. I didn't quite know how to respond to your blog, so I just started rambling. I do that quite a lot again thanks for your imput