Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well !! Now what ?? Which Party Affiliation??

Now the GOP Conservatives are not what they set out to be. To me anyway !. They have veared away to joint the democrats in their zeal to ruin America, as we know it. This has been happening little by little for years. The language,,,Everything you pick up is written in both Spanish and English. The Congress will not vote that English is our National language. Immigration is a big joke !!! Police are not allowed to enforce the current laws. Standard operating procedures are that they cannot ask if they are citizens of this country and worse yet they cannot arrest them if they are. At the Border they catch and release, although they say now it isn't quite that easy. They are allowed to take a child tax credit for children in mexico. They are and have been sending American Dollars to Mexico to their families for years. They are stealing Social Security Numbers and using them to get jobs along with false Identifications. and It ends with the Congress ignoring "rule of law".
Instead of enforcing our current laws they pass another law making illegal Immigrants, LEGAL. 12,000,000 of them, and this number is a government estimate. )Others have estimates as high as 20,000,000 - 300,000,000. I can not imagine what they are thinking. We know now that they are getting everything for nothing as far as the government is concerned. Social Security will be bankrupt in a very short time. Our Welfare system bad as it is will be stretched beyond recognition. And all because The Congress didn't like the current laws so.....they say we will change them. It isn't as simple as that...They wanted the votes that this illilerate population could give them. These Mexicans cannot read English nor can they speak it. That's why in Texas you must be able to speak Spanish in order to get a Teaching job. The polulation is over 50% Mexican (illigal at that).
Big Business wants cheap labor??? When this Bill becomes law These illegals become legal. They will want and the government will insist that they be paid at least minimum wage and be covered by workmans comp etc...etc Then of course unemployment insurance will also be a part of it. and it just keeps going up including our pay for these expanded programs, such as English instruction, free legal representation, low cost housing, Food Stamps, and Welfare payments. This is but a short list of the services they will be ENTITLED to.

I think we need a third party. A party of the people because it seems that the current ones are not listening TO THE PEOPLE

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