Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Reads like a little racism to me

Today, I was reading an article on comcast news, written by an AP writer, Patrick Condon . He reports Vineland, Minn. An 11 year old, native American of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe was arrested at school and locked up overnight. The following morning he was taken to court where charges were dropped and he was allowed to go home. The reason given for the arrest was that he had disregarded a subpoena to appear as a witness against a minor, 13years old, who had assaulted him. They needed him as a witness in order to press charges against the other youngster.
The last I knew it was against Federal law to lock up a minor who was not a delinquent and even then there are strict federal guidelines that a law enforcement officer must follow in order to detain any juvenile, IE: out of sight and sound of any adult locked up etc....\
Now!!! Native Americans juveniles fall under a different set of rules and laws than other juveniles. Don't they have their own separate nations within our nation???. I know we have blurred the separation somewhat since the Feds like to be involved in everything, but are we not still abiding by some treaties, even thought we broke many. I think that when a Native American juvenile is arrested a member of his tribe must be contacted. Could be wrong and if I am I stand corrected.
Well, they have lawyers, tribal ones I assume, working on it along with the ACLU. Looks like a law suit?? Go to Comcast news today and read the entire article.

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