Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Democrats trying again

"If at first you don't succeed" The Democrats are again trying to undermine the war effort. Although as of this time they are only talking, it seems they will try to micro-manage or make the president micro-manage in that if there are material shortages he would have to sign a waiver or something to that effect. This would allow troops to deploy without proper equipment or material. It seems to me that the whole trouble with this material shortage and other shortfalls with the military was caused by a "Peace Dividend" Does anyone remember that. Closing all the military bases, the BRAC Commission' Cutting military troop strength enormously. Doing more with less . Everyone got Cut if they had anything to do with Defense. I don't think it happened on a Republican watch. I remember Reagan building up the military where we had a viable fighting force. Then the Berlin wall coming down. After which, Lets talk about implementing social programs, They decimated the defense establishment and now want to blame this administration for any shortfall. Wow.

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