Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cultural Norms vs Political Correctness

Wow! Talk about getting it with both barrels. I just got a comment on one of my blog remarks: "Everything is acceptable, as long as it fits a political agenda." " What happened to America first?" The person who commented on my blog is taking a course (I'm assuming, an Education Major) in "Teaching Diversity in the Classroom".
Bialy, (that is part of the person's login) had points taken off the report he/she submitted to the professor because of its title The title contained the word Christmas Parade instead of Holiday Parade. This is, I'm sure not the first time a professor from a place of Higher Learning has taken liberties, to insert their own beliefs while deciding what is politically correct, or not. This is not custom and has nothing to do with such.I would say it has something to do with political agenda. My own personal opinion, such as it is, This is bull. I"m sure this student is not the first to title a Christmas Parade, If indeed that is what it was, a Christmas Parade, not a Holiday parade. It accurately described what kind of a parade this was. It wasn't a May Day Parade or a Halloween Parade, but a Christmas parade. This was a big problem a couple of years ago and this year, Christmas came back into vogue. IT always was Christmas, but the politically correct people decided Christmas was out because it COULD offend someone. Ordinary people came forward and made it known it was Christmas, so Christmas came back into the stores and parades. Educational Institutions will still maintain it is a holiday parade. They teach "Jeffersonian" separation of the church from the state. They want to bring nothing smelling of religeosity This interpretation was given by liberal Justices of our Constitution, to illiminate religion from the public sector. I believe the writings on this are found in the Federalist papers. (could be wrong, but I think so). President Jefferson was the first to put forth, separation of church and state, however throughout America's history religion was intertwined with the state. I believe it was Ronald Reagan who stated and I'm paraphrasing, If we reject being one nation under God, we will be one Nation gone under.
The Constitution states that we have freedom of religion, not from religion. That's my take on religion
Back to the questions raised by these comments, Todays' teacher will face a great variety of individuals from different cultures, and lifestyles, therefore a teacher should be aware of these challenges. It sounds as if you have taken a class that will make you think. It could be very stimulating, If that is the intent of your instructor. If however, it's their way or nothing, you will learn very little and it will frustrate you to no end. If free debate is allowed and encouraged. It'll be great. Given the reduced grade you've already received however, I think maybe debate is not part of this class, too bad. Give her what she wants and go forward.

To speak to the issue of foreign nationals being given preferential treatment or accommodations, I can only say, I think the federal government is making a huge mistake in not effectively addressing illegal immigration. This population should be made to speak English and assimilate. Until and unless this is done we could be in for a huge backlash. I spoke to a person in Texas today about this situation and she stated , Even the bread labeling there is written in both Spanish and English. And it only gets worse....
Bialy also spoke to a book the class was assigned to read and how anti-white it presented. It's close to the truth when it speaks to the slaughter of the Native Americans, probably many more died from disease brought by the white man from Europe. There were also indentured servants.
Arriving here as servants, not free men, they worked for the people who paid for their boat passage to America. This was anywhere from 5 to 7 years. You might say they bought their freedom. they still couldn't vote unless they owned land. Women also could not vote.
file://Negroes/ were brought here from Africa and sold as slaves. They were not free unless set free from the person who bought them. It is my understanding that the North was the first to see that this was wrong and set out to free them. The Underground Railroad was initiated in the North. This system rescued runaway slaves and help them navigate to the Northern states, where they would be safe. The South needed them to work on their plantations and were not about to give them up. Even after Revelutionary War and the Emancipation Proclamation under President Lincoln, Freeing the Slaves , the Black man in the South although freed by proclamation, was treated very badly. How badly, I can only speak to what I have heard and it was brutal. They had apparently no rights. The Klu Klux Klan was an organization that was nationwide. This organization was anti-Black, and anti-semite. They murdered, intimidated and assaulted Blacks for years. They have finally been brought to justice and many have been jailed.
My first brush with segration was while I was in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1954. I got on a bus to go to the next town and sit in the back, where there was an empy seat. The bus stopped and the driver directed me to the front of the bus. I had been sitting in the black section. I had to stand until I got to the next town, because there were no open seats in the White section. In the South, everything was segregated. Water fountains, schools, restrooms,restaurant stores,everything.

All during this period we,The WHITE people were still coming from Europe and kept pushing the Native Americans further west. This was called "Manifest Destiny" The settlers were killed and scalped by Native Americans. The soldiers went west to protect the settlers as the people moving west. After the Indian war, the army placed them in Reservations. Many still make their homes there. We were at war with them and the Army was full of hate There were instances of outright slaughter Many Indian Nations were chased into Canada and Mexico. In 1956 I was in San Bernadino, California and I met a woman and asked her if she would like a cocktail. She stated she couldn't go into the bar as she was an Indian and couldn't purchase alcohol. They also did not have freedom. On the reservation they pay no taxes and are a nation within a nation.they have their own laws, education and police force. In our drive westward, we gained much land, but I can't say that there was a campaign of genicide against the Indians or the Blacks.
We fought Spain for Florida,Texas thru California. We bought land from New Orleans to Canada from France. That was called the Louisiana Purchase and continued to press westward to California, We purchased Alaska from Russia and annexed Hawaii Enough said;

UPDATE: This could be the answer Baily is looking for. I was watching C-span this morning and the guest was Dinesh D'Souza author of the book,"The Enemy at Home". If I understood him correctly, He spoke of the "New Liberalism", now in vogue at America's Universities. The Old Liberalism is gone, that is the liberalism in and around the 60s' . These Old Liberals allowed for debate on issues, but the New Liberal looks at the world differently. He went on as to the reasons for both. I haven't read his book, but according to him He speaks to the whole problem there. You might want to check it out.

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bialystock3487 said...

I understand that the history of the United States is full of undermining the minorities. But isn't it human nature and something that we should learn from and move on, not constantly reminded of how are ancestor's were racist. Look at any culture no matter what ethnicity and you will see this. It is not a thing of the past either. Look at Darfur for instance. There is a genocide happening right now and it started in 2003. The minority is different then the majority and when humans are set in this stage of disequilibrium they will try to change it and make the minority more like them, it is human nature. Why in the US do we continually pick out what whites have done and don't look at it as a whole, race put aside, and see that it happens all over the world? I don't think at any time Whites should feel ashamed of their heritage. No other race should feel superior to another by putting down another race. It seems now, in the 21st century the races that white people have been putting down in America are rising up and making whites feel bad about what their ancestor did, not what they themselves did. Well, don't you think that any of these races may at one time have done the same thing in their native land to another minority? I bet that in most cases you can find a connection. Maybe I am totally off in my thinking... what is your view?