Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iraq Undermined again!!!!

It couldn't get worse and it did. the blog "HOT AIR" has a write-up on what Bryan calls "Slow Bleed". Go there for a good read... Rep John P Murtha, according to Bryan's writing, is saying that he will attach an amendment to the military spending bill, due next month, that will "limit or sharply reduce" the troops eligible to deploy by placing pre-deployment requirements on them. Limiting the time frame between deployments for the units,etc etc,,,,and the beat goes on. Perhaps if there were laws on sedition still on the books it would curtail the vial verbiage that is being spewed today by those who should be backing the troops, instead of building stumbling blocks. and trying to irradicate America's resolve to win this conflict in Iraq. Although the president has not spoken against this behavior. I feel it should be condemned by the entire Senate. Instead we have some Republicans applauding and joining with the Democrats and other Republicans making up their own bills of the anti-Bush Surge and defeatism. Not even giving the presidents change of Direction, which the Democrats have been yelling about, a chance to work. Then we have a would-be Democratic Commander in Chief in 08 saying that 3000 lives were wasted . Obama, Wow! that's bad, but typical.
I read today, Syria has turned over to the French 11 Al Qaida operatives, 2 caught at the border, trying to get into Iraq. (The borders have been closed. Al Sadr is in Iran. Seems it might be getting hot for him in Iraq. The "Rules of Engagement" have finally changed for the betterment of our troops. I'm sure they will still have to make up a report every time they fire their weapon, but the rules make it easier to shoot at a targets previously off limits.( Maybe that has changed also.) I wish our polititians were as behind our involvement in Iraq as the Iraq brothers at the blog "Iraq the Model".

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