Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ameica Wins

The Senate has voted and defeated 56 to 34 a bill to undermine the Presidents Surge of the 21,500 troops in Iraq. A vote of no confidence, if you will. When the president advised the American people,that he was putting approximately 21,500 more troops into Iraq with 17,500 going to Baghdad and 4000 for Anwar. He also gave the reason for his decision. The reason being, the last buildup of troops that moved into an area and cleaned it up was successful. They did not remain in the area long after it was cleaned up.
Soon after they left the insurgents re-infiltrated and started operating again. This time the troops would stay in the area until the Iraq Police, or Iraqi troops could effectively Police or otherwise control the area. This Surge, as it is called is already underway. and accordiing to "Iraq the Model",a blog out of Baghdad. It is showing results with an 80% reduction in attacks in Baghdad. They are quoting Defense Ministry Officials. They are also reporting that families are returning to the Baghdad area.
I Titled this paragraph "America Wins". The reason I titled it so is because I see this war as an American War. It was voted on by both sides of Congress and I don't care how you cut it, It's our war. America's War and if we do not start turning off the TV or changing the channel when the defeatist start ranting about Bush and the murdering troops, killing Iraqi children. Our resolve will weaken and we will join the naysayers and defeatist demanding we cut and run. Then God help the Iraqi peoples, all of them. And You talk about genecide. It will be another "Killing Fields". I believe it was last week, I was reading where our troops found an Iraqi man in the river, who had been beheaded. The murderers had tied his 4 year old son to his leg. These radicals have no respect for human life. We must unite as a country,to fight these radicals.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent points being made here in support of the surge. These radicals are worse than ANIMALS!