Wednesday, February 7, 2007

MORE consequences ???

There are more amendments being penned regarding what we should or should not do in Iraq; it makes your head spin. I am so disillusion. I had never looked at politics before I retired and am now sorry that I didn't. Everything is acceptable, as along as it fits a politician's agenda. What happened to America first, or whats in the best interest of America and the troops? It seems that since the United States Congress voted for the action in Iraq, we have split as a nation. Between deceptive reporting by the "Mass Media" and the Democrats we have been bombarded 24/7 with defeatism. This bashing has been continuous for 5 years now....It has produced fruit. The Republicans lost the senate and legislature.(thank the media). What has happened with "truth in reporting"? I'm not saying that all reporting is lies, but some is outright lies while others are half of what actually happens to fit a false impression.


bialystock3487 said...

While reading your post some of your lines really popped out at me. I don't really know much about the war stuff but I just wanted to make a comment about one of the classes that I am taking now that has just been really making me mad lately. So the lines that got me thinking were, "Everything is acceptable, as along as it fits a politician's agenda. What happened to America first..." So the class I'm taking is one of my education classes and basically we are talking about how to teach with diversity in the classroom. Today we were talking about conflicts and how a lot of conflicts could be caused just from misunderstandings of cultural norms. Such as when you are talking to someone in one culture looking someone in the eye may or may not offend them. Now as Americans we are supposed to learn all of these different cultures ways of living so we don't offend them when they are in the United States. Why do we have to change our ways to accomidate them? Why do we have to learn Spanish for all the Mexicans coming to the United States. We don't go to Mexico and expect them to learn English for us. We are also reading this book in this same class and it was bashing whites and how they have committed genocides and have been racist toward all minorities for hundreds of years. Then it talked about a white student wanting to rip her skin off because she was ashamed of her white culture. What is the deal with this? Show how "bad" whites are to others to bring minorities power up? Just all this stuff about diversity is kinda getting to me. I asked today in class if any other culture or countries were as aware of all the differences as we are in the US and she didn't know how to answer that. Her answer was that the 21st century is bringing change in this area all over the world but no one is close to perfecting it. What is the deal with this political correctness in this country? Points were taken off when I wrote "Christmas Parade" in one of my papers in this class instead of "Holiday Parade". What is this country coming to? We are putting down white American Culture just so we don't offend another culture in the US. I don't think this is right. What are your views on this subject?

RepublicanWarMonger said...

I wouldn't exactly thank the media for the Republican lose but probably thank the individuals who learned how to count votes this time around.

As for the mass media spilling all that crap I can only agree with you…damn that Fox Network.

Anonymous said...

First time commenting on a BLOG of any kind--so I'm just getting my feet wet here! Kudos for Americans who still believe in going to War to WIN! I'm tired of so many things concerning the turn of events in this country and yes, the world since 9/11.
Our President said we will fight a new kind of war (on terror), that it would take a long time, that the consequences of NOT taking the fight to the terrorists (and the Nations that support and harbor them)would be devastating to the US, and that we would see more unprovoked strikes on American soil.
It's been five and a half years since 9/11--has America forgotten already? Have our elected officials who voted to allow the start of the War in Iraq forgotten why they supported this effort? I remember hearing that as soon as body bags started coming back to the US that America would turn tail and demand to withdraw. Now that the Democrats smell victory in 2008 (the White House), the mantra has become: I did vote for it BUT if I had known then what I know now---! OR If I had been President then, I would not have---! As for politicians NOT aspiring the White House but to be re-elected to Congress in 2008 who are swayed by the anti-war protestors and rhetoric, they are suggesting withdrawal of our forces and definitely NO SURGE! I say listen to the silent majority who want to fight this battle across the pond and not here, continue to encourage and support the troops. With this support for the troops, we must speak out, open blogs, write letters to the editors, call and write your Congressional delegation, encourage candidates who are strong on National Security to run for office and GET INVOLVED in some way. Do notlet the anti-war, anti-Bush(at all costs) voice be the only one heard in America today!
Yesterday we read in my area about a soldier who was killed in Iraq. I am so sorry for his wife and young family (one on the way too), BUT he was there voluntarily for his SECOND tour of duty!! God Bless him and the United States of America!