Monday, February 12, 2007

Diversity instead of Unity

The nature of the beast is to constantly throw stones at America. I won't say it is strictly White America, although, It sometimes feels that way. It started many years ago. I'm talking, 40 or so Years ago. Liberal was a good word. It was a way of living that was a live and let live world. That world has gone. the way of the old liberal. Slowly, Slowly we as a Nation have changed. It was so subtle most did not see the changes. I was living in Europe in the mid 60s'and returned to the United States for a visit. Anti-military, Anti-establishment, Anti-Everything was just starting at the Universities and Colleges. At that Time I remember saying to my better half....Wow, don't they arrest people for anti American propaganda? I guess not...... Anyway that was my introduction to hate -America crowd, from America.
As time progressed so did the Anti-Americanism. The Vietnamese conflict was the war then. The news media, as it is now was anti-war and the people were like sheep. They listened to the bad bad news of the war being fought in their living rooms for the first time. It was in almost real time. Nothing was good news from the war front. The nation turned with all of this negativism, we had actually won the war, but with all the anti-war rhetoric the Communist listened and said "All we have to do is wait". "America is defeated at home." They did and we lost. The Anti-Military crowd was awful to the returning servicemen and women. They spit on them at airports and kicked the ROTC offices off campus. The new liberals started rearing their heads. We were starting to become a service economy, that is our raw materials were being shipped overseas and the product made there and shipped back into the states for sale. Services were in, Social Workers Health Care workers, Doctors Lawyers, these were the up and coming vocations. Religion was out, anything that related to religion was removed from the public arena. "Separation of Church and State" That was the law of the land. No more manger scenes in public square. There were law suits abound over religious articles being in the public and must be moved and they were moved. All Religion was removed from the Schools. No school Prayer no reading of the bible. "The disassembling of One Nation under God."
The removal of Religion from public life was ordered by the Supreme Court of the United States and condoned by all of the individual States.
In the late 50s' the federal government had to make sure that desegregation of the public schools was followed by all and they passed laws to that effect. They made young children travel up to 10 miles away from their homes to allow for integration of the schools. They passed laws that told employees that they must hire a certain percentage of minorities. If you were a landlord, you had to rent to minorities, whether or not you wanted, it was the law.
These laws were forced on the total population by our government. Are you starting to get the picture.
Now don't get me wrong, I did not condone segregation, in fact, I didn't know it existed. That is, until I went to Mississippi in 1954 and was told to get up from my seat in the back of the bus. That was where Negroes sat. I had to stand until I got to the next town, because there were no seats in the front of the bus. So....It was my first touch of segregation. I don't know but this law is probably still in effect. It was made to equalize the workforce. I think it was for minorities because women were included in this requirement. There were few women in upper management positions except for the social sciences. This has now changed or is changing.
Next came the politically correct. All of a sudden, it wasn't OK to say he did such and such. It would have to be He/She did such and such. Prior to politically correct the unknown gender when writing was masculine, he. The politically correct crowd stated this was not correct it had to be he/she if the person wasn't known. As an employer, you could not appear to be to familiar with your employee and definitely could not say anything that might be construed as sexual or overly familiar. An employer could be sued for sexual harassment and many were.

Negroes were not be be address as Negroes. They were Blacks. Indians were Native American, and so it went thoughout the races. Years ago, Italians went to Italian areas when they came to this country. They worked learned English and some retained their Italian, some didn't. Some children were forced by their parents to speak English. This same senerio was played over many times in many places throughout the United States. The Irish, the French, the Portugese, Spanish, Germans, Chinese, Japanese, and many others They each had their little communities, learned English, while in many instances retaining some of their nations of birth customs. they still more or less interacted with the other american populations.

Then there was a switch. Now Multiculturalism was in. and the foreigners have now decided they do not want to become like Americans. They do not want to learn English. They want to retain there own culture. They fly the flag of their homeland. They speak against american values and culture. The government is condoning these actions and will not listen to the citizenery.

While all this is materializing, the Colleges and Universities are molding young minds into thinking we, the white man is responsible for all the ills of mankind and had done it for generations. Well, fine This might have been the case in years past. We know that history, and that is what it is. History. No one is making excuses for our ancestors behavior, good or bad. Laws were also different back through history. They too have been changed. Get over it. Things have changed. Some for the good , Others, I'll have to think about it. Are we perfect HUH! almost....

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