Friday, February 23, 2007

they're at it again.

my God! Let the president command the military. What is the reason for this constant: President Bush can not do anything right as it relates to his policy in Iraq. He hasn't done anything right since the statue of Sadam fell in the Square in Baghdad. Why can't they get it. This is an Amerian Problem, Not POLITICAL. The Democrats started with their anti_Bush campaign and it continues to this day. He has bent over backwards to accommodate any and all criticism to the detriment our troops. ROE were changed, roles were changed, everything that was called to the administrations attention was addressed. This definitely included the MSM, until people started questioning their reporting in many cases as bias. As of late, they have started to clean up their act, a little late, but better late than never.
The latest was a "Surge of 21,500 Troops" advised by the President. Immediately , following the announcement, the Democrats who has called for an increase in troop levels for Iraq, Screamed "No Surge". What is he doing. etc etc. They have, tried to undermine the progress of the troops in Iraq by trying to pass a non-binding resolution to stop funding. It got through the House but, not the Senate. Senator Murtha wanted to draft a resolution to put restrictions on who could return to Iraq and how soon should they be asked to return. Now: Senator Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee want to repeal the resolution of 2002, allowing President Bush to use the Armed Forces against Iraq and enforce the U.N. Security Council Resolutions. In its stead he wants to put forth a resolution that would narrow the role the U.S. Military in Iraq. I feel this is so detrimental to the moral of the troops and the overall success of the mission. At least with Senator Biden's resolution, it can be vetoed by the President.

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