Thursday, February 1, 2007

Surge of the Troops or Much Ado About Nothing?

Well, it seems we are having much to do about nothing as it relates to a troop SURGE. Nothing is going to happen, but a reshuffeling of the troops already scheduled to rotate and others that are already there, being extended. The schedule, I am told, is already completed, written up and posted on-line through a gov or DOD web site. Nothing to get upset about, not like the Democratic Congress and some wayward Republicans (who seem to have left the party to start their own). The only problem is I don't know what to call them. I certainly know who won't get my vote in '08, nothing like supporting your President and Commander in Chief, in a time of WAR.

It is my understanding, the president reported a change in plans. These changes call for additional troops and, at long last, he acknowledged the presence of Iranian troops, and changed the Rules of Engagement to allow our troops to shoot or capture whichever Iranian troops. This, after some were captured in Northern Iraq which, I believe, we still have in custody. We also captured, at the same time, many valuable documents and other materials. I assume publication of this material is the reason Iran was finally being acknowledged and spoken to in the President's plan.

I was listening to C-Span last night and heard those wayward Republicans. Between Senator Collins and Senator Warner, it was a toss up, who was worse. Quoting, General Abizaid (sp) about not wanting an increase in troops. Think about it! This is the General who, I assume, along with his boss, has just been replaced, and I don't wonder why. They established the ROE's, catch and release program!!! Think before you shoot. Restricted from entering and shooting at mosques. (Those miniretes are great homes for snipers.) Also, embedding with the media, while they file false reports of attrocities, and an overall trashing of our troops. Sanitize an area of insurgents, or foreigners, then leave, allowing it to fall back into their hands after we left. These leaders really know what they are doing?!?

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