Thursday, February 15, 2007

It is San Francisco,,,,Again

I hope they never have a situation where the military must be called in to help ie; a natural disaster. First they kicked out the junior ROTC programs from the School System. Now, someone, I do not know who, has donated 4000 comic books Titled: "Addicted to War" to The San Francisco school system for their High School. According to Fox News,
the reason given is to promote discussion.??? Where does this anti-military indoctrination to our most vulnerable youth stop? How much more of this anti- Americanism, must this nation endure until someone with enough courage to stop this insanity. The Military, who this city and its inhabitants are totally against, will say they are fighting for the rights of them to say and do what they are doing. I'm sorry but with the rights that the military are fighting to protect, comes the right to act responsibly. They have not acted responsibly. I hope that San Francisco gets no Federal educational grants or federal dollars for schools. I do not want to help nor contribute financially to the degradation or destruction of this country.

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Alison K said...

Great topic. Wouldn't it be nice if there were comic books handed out about "Captain Civic" or "Rebecca Responsibility"...or wouldn't this considered propaganda? hmmmmm.