Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More on Illegal Aliens

Well, Now the Appeals Court has chimed in on the side of the Illegals. It seems that once the illegals have come in they have to be evicted from the country and come back in to be considered illegal, or something to that effect. I can't understand the legal ramifications of this ruling. I do think it is time to rid our courts of bad judges or of decisions that go against common sense. If indeed, a law is bad. Im sure that there is another that fits the situation that makes it right. I do not see that happening. Judges are given latitude to make decisions and Im sure they can come up with something that is in the best interest of the United States when a justice deals with Illegal Aliens..What say you......


Paul Champagne said...

What say you?

Starting to sound like O'Reilly.

When Congress failed to enact a National Immigration Policy in the last session, all the hard decisions were left to the States. Individual States, cities and municipalities have been forced to impose their own legislation, and the different laws are all over the place. This has given our judiciary too much power in deciding our laws.

Either Congress needs to act, or we need to start enforcing the laws that are already on the books ... what is happening now is a disaster in the making.

Tapline said...

I am getting tired of trying to understand what is happening when dealing with this overwhelming problem, that is costing me big time. Talk about "taxation without representation." I don't feel I'm being represented in this mess.

Anonymous said...

Operation Gate Keeper

Here in the San Diego County there was an operation code-named Gate Keeper. It worked, the "illegals tide" shifted from our area on the western side of the county [where you see hundreds of border patrol personnel] to the area on the eastern side of the county [where you see NO border patrol personnel]. So, what we need is to keep the border areas protected, and we need to FINE the employers violating immigration laws [some employers are just looking for cheap labor, so they could care less about immigration reform].

Have a fine MAINE day!


Tapline said...

Thanks for the visit,,,Seems like they are doing OK in some areas and not so hot or nothing in others. I do not mind aliens with work papers. We have them from all over the world. Seems our big money people want engineers, but ours cost more money that someone hired from overseas,,,so....the are given work papers to work here in the states for a period of time. They and their family live here during the period of employment, then they return home. We had friends from Scotland who entered that way then back to Scotland. It is the same way with illegals they are hired by big business and agricultural conglomerates at below minimum wage to do the work, except it's all illegal, but big businesses are hiring our polititians to pass laws to cover the illegals. Medical coverage, and food allications. probably subsidized rents also, if not free rent.
Im sure we are paying for the influx of foreigners. (legalized by our government, whom they moved into the states from Southeast Asia and more recently the Somalians they moved enmass All over the United States, These are the ones who are causing such an uproar over their religious rights etc.....I see them at yard sales all summer. Absolutely, no assimilation. They do know the cost of items, though. I wonder how much they get from the government each month. Funds that I worked all my life to receive, they get just for being moved here by our greatful nation....I say if they don't want to assimilate, ship them back to where they came from and try the same antics....I
m sure they will be dealt with in short order.....I ramble.....stay well....